Security Apps Your Business Should Be Using This Year

Now that you and almost all of your team have smartphones, have you thought about which apps are useful to you and your business? Chances are you are already using a few simple ones, but there’s a lot of potential for helping business productivity, and even business security, by using apps which your team can utilize while they’re on the move. As with any business, protecting your data and systems is key, so we’ve drawn up a list of five security apps that your business should be looking at using right now. They could well save you time and money further down the line.

Mimecast mobile app

Email can be a point of vulnerability for any business of any size. Whether it’s phishing, malware, data leaks or the inefficient handling of spam, using a unified system such as Mimecast Email Security will give you the peace of mind you need. Not only does it protect against inbound and outbound email threats, it will also continue to work through other system outages, and all of your employees will be able to securely view their email on their mobile devices using the Mimecast mobile app.

Hotspot Shield VPN

When you or your employees work on any public WiFi, you’re opening up your business to a serious security threat. Malicious hackers can track and snoop on your information and potentially steal data and important information. To prevent that, use Hotspot Shield, which secures mobile WiFi connections with encryption. It can also help you unblock sites that the public WiFi might have blocked, like YouTube, so you can still check out that most recent business tutorial (or Katy Perry video!) on the move.

My Secret Folder

If you and your employees use your iPhones for work (and let’s face it, that’s pretty much all of us these days), there could be files that you wouldn’t want someone else to see if your phone were lost or stolen. Store them securely and secretly, with My Secret Folder, which places them in an encrypted ‘safe’ on your phone, with several ‘locks’ that only you or your employee will know the ‘key’ to. Our favourite feature is the one that kicks in if your iPhone is ever stolen; within minutes it will email you a picture and location of the thief!


Box is the perfect way of securely storing important files, pictures and documents in the cloud, so all of your employees can access them on their smartphones. Indeed, no list of must-have work apps is complete without Box. Box lets you store files in the cloud, share documents with co-workers, and even edit files with other apps installed on your device. Box is also way ahead of the competition when it comes to securing work files.


Worried that you or your employees will forget an important password? Everything requires a password these days and, although it’s tempting to use the same one for everything, that defeats the purpose. Instead, use LastPass. It stores your passwords, and will automatically generate secure ones too.

So there’s our rundown of five top security apps your business should be looking at using today. By ensuring your business is secure on your network of smartphones and devices, you’ll be giving yourself peace of mind and possibly preventing a genuine business disaster.

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