5 Ways In Which Hosting Your Website On Cloud Can Help You In SEO

Search engines have changed the way people look for information about brands and products. It has also changed the way people arrive at buying decisions. In such a scenario, the visibility of that brand and product is of prime essence. Now, when we say visibility, we mean visible for relevant searches. For any search engine to take its users to its most relevant match is the ultimate mission. But let us not forget, the digital world also has some hidden hazards when it comes to search. This is why choosing a good hosting solution that can not only secure but also help in optimizing the search for your website becomes critical.

Cloud hosting is one such solution that most business have adopted as a tool or as a digital strategy when it comes to hosting their website. It has allowed businesses to feel secure and focus on the performance of their websites rather than getting drowsed with other issues. Hosting your business on cloud has some amazing advantages and this article aims to shed light on those key characteristics that will help you stand in the competitive landscape. So, without further ado, lets us dive into what those benefits are:

  1. Boosts Page Load Time

Any website that takes lesser time to load its pages has a better search ranking than other websites. Because for a search engine this is a key parameter in defining how well a website is performing when users are searching for it. If you are going to build a website, there is an advantage of choosing cloud hosting as a service to do so because cloud hosting fastens the time taken for your website to load. This is possible because cloud uses CDN (Content Delivery Network) that routes the web traffic through a network of global systems to optimize the traffic in a bid to increase the page load time. Hence, the load time of the page is quick. In a nutshell, cloud hosting has a positive effect on your SEO.

  1. Protects from Bots

Cloud hosting ensures that your website is protected from malicious bots. These bots, in the form of automated scripts can have a negative impact on your website which in turn affects the SEO ranking. These applications launch attacks on search engines and duplicate your web content as well. Deploying cloud hosting takes care of these bots. That is because, cloud hosting provides protection against link spamming bots. It prevents hackers from taking control over the website and stealing, disrupting or breaking the functionalities of your website. This is one of the key elements of cloud hosting when we speak of bettering your website’s search engine ranking.

  1. Is Location Agnostic

There was a time when businesses wanted their websites to be hosted from a particular location because they thought hosting locally would improve their search optimization. Today, more or less, most business have come to realize with cloud hosting that this is not necessary. You can host your website from anywhere literally and it will have no effect on your search ranking. This is because websites that are hosted on cloud do not have geographically located footprints. So, even if your website is a .com, .in, .au or .uk cloud hosting will serve your location automatically without any hassles.

  1. Leverages Mobile Users

Today, most users are accessing websites from mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, they use cloud based services to browse through websites, shop online and make purchase decisions as well. When it comes to SEO, leveraging on these mobile habits becomes imperative. This is because of local optimization that allows you to attract local customers. Since cloud hosting ups the page load time, local users that are looking for information through their phones will get quick results that match their search. In this way, hosting your website on the cloud has an added advantage when it comes to user who are not necessarily bound to their desktops but are also on the move.

  1. Capitalizes Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud hosting provides its users with sophisticated infrastructure and tools that give higher quality and performance. In addition to this, businesses that deploy cloud hosting can avail dashboards, tools and management consoles to take full control of managing their websites. These advanced tools and consoles help websites in optimizing their search. With these tools, website owners and businesses can create unique and effective strategies for SEO by getting their hands on web logs and user-based activities. In addition to this, they can study these logs and activities, make necessary changes in their strategies and identify how effective their strategies are.


It would be safe to assume that cloud hosting is not just a way or means of hosting your new website, but it is a tool that can be used to up your SEO game. The points we discussed above are not really time consuming either. Once you deploy cloud to host your website, rest is taken care of by monitoring and having a good SEO plan. We hope that with this article you would know how you can make the most out of cloud hosting. After all it’s all about getting eyes on your website.


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