Generating Traffic Via Paid And Organic Search

Everyone these days are whooping and hollering about social media and the different traffic networks available for public use. I’ve been doing the blogging thing for nearly five years and have finally drawn the traffic generation secrets that I use into a  narrow set of tools. To even call it a set of tools for traffic generation is a misnomer. Traffic generation to your web properties is a really hit or miss concept. Mainly missing until you find what works, for a small smidgeon of time is the key to success.
Traffic Seen As Light Lines

Generating Traffic From Plugins

Some use certain traffic generating plugins and php-code driven tools of Google Analytics and others like myself use the SEO tools of tracking clicks and shortened link clicks via the use of a twitter box for each article on my site. It’s really good to use a combination of a variety of tools to track your traffic generation. Comparing Google Analytics with an extension for clicks will give you something to make a comparison with. This simple use of Google Analytics has been a really easy to understand system for me.

Paid Traffic Model With Facebook And StumbleUpon

The next ideal is to see what organic search results have brought wayward traffic from. Delving into the search terms and objects after getting to you site could serve you well in your paid search campaigns as well. After using Facebook for some really sharp targeted pages from my blog, I could tell just what segment of traffic my “clickers” came from. This kind of traffic helped me to gain some really valuable insight as to what demographics are looking for the products that were listed.

Using Facebook and even StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery services will help you to generate the traffic you need for even your most expensive products.  Facebook has become a bit expensive and a bit cumbersome because of its popularity. What I used to get for a mere $.25 is now going for $1.27 per click. This number is generated from the search and demographic algorithm. But of course if the return on investment is lower for the clicks that you receive then there is a shiny upside for this type of traffic generation.

Final Thoughts On Traffic Generation

Many of the internet’s traffic generating types are getting into the video space. But me, I’m an ugly bird and the video avenue has nothing for me. I’ll stick to the non image for traffic generation to my pages and product listings. Stay tuned for what I have learned from the use of the new StumbleUpon Paid Discovery system. It should be a good traffic tool as long as it keeps it’s narrow niche driven traffic generation algorithm.

What has been your winner when it comes to organic or even paid search for traffic generation? Whether I’m hitting or missing on the subject, please let me know by using the comments box below.

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Tony Greene aka "tonyknuckles"; is a entrepeneur, freelancer, and blogger. He writes for and several others that he uses to help maintain his lavish lifestyle as an older medical school student embarking on a new journey in life. You can follow him on twitter – @tonyknuckles

29 thoughts on “Generating Traffic Via Paid And Organic Search

  • Do you remember the Bob Dylan video where some guy just stood there with cards of lyrics and Dylan sang in the background….you could find some guy. 😉

    • I don’t think i can see anyone in the middle of this traffic storm..Thanks for reminding me of the Dylan piece.

      • I’m not sure what that means, I was just referring to the point you made of not wanting to step in-front of a camera. lol

  • Stumbleupon had long since dropped from my memory. But I do hear people getting a lot of traffic from it. To which I used to say, ‘so what’, what good is random untargeted traffic – but apparently I’m wrong. Stumbleupon traffic seems to convert pretty well (I’m told). So I’d be very interested to hear more, and their Paid Discovery service?

    • Paid Discovery is just a new term they’ve derived for their old service called StumbleUpon Ads. The new revision of the Ad service allows you as the purchaser to really niche target your ads based on not only random traffic but also key demographics.

      Brand new user interface is more intuitive as well. Google it, you’ll get a better understanding.

  • Hi Tony,

    I never tried Facebook & StumbleUpon paid discovery service as yet. I’m only using the basic ways to generate traffic that’s it. But I know these paid services are going to have big impact in coming days. Competition is increasing and you always can’t rely on basic SEO techniques, you have to do something additional and exceptional so that you can make difference from others.

    • I dabbled with with Facebook ad network for several pages of my site. where I knew the demographic, I searched for where the larger followings were and used Facebook’s algorithm to tell me how much a click would cost or pay for impressions.
      As I drilled down the demographic the cost of a click would be a much cheaper to pay for especially if those chap clicks gave me aff commissions of $34-$53 per sale.

  • Hi,

    As far As I guess paid traffic for blogs or new business is not good, natural traffic for them is good upto 6 months atleast.

    And they can simply use tool and plugins to improve it as you discussed.


    • Tru, first..Just getting that first six months of eyeballs on your sites is best fed organically. But after you have gained that audience you then have to worry about keeping and peaking their interest to stay.

  • I’ve not paid for traffic nor do i have any experience on that.. I focus on building natural organic traffic from search engines..

    my funda… content is most important SEO tool!

    • The natural organic tools that best helped me out were the initial releases of WordPress SEO. I stayed away from trying to figure out the SEO game for along time until the newer plugins became much more user-friendly.

  • Hello Tony,

    Tracking your clicks and getting to know the demographics and sources that bring you the traffic that clicks is a great way to get laser target traffic and when you find what is the source then you can invest money, because you know that it will be worth it, so that 1.25$ won’t be such a big sum when you know that facebook brought you for free sales of 1250$.

    • True Alex, and as long as we can keep track of the niche target that resulted in that high return on investment, why not continue going to the well for even more.

  • Yeah, you’re really right in your post. StumbleUpon could drive a huge traffic. I’ve seen many bloggers who have used SU as their primary source of traffic! Maybe this gonna be the time for me to get use of it.

    I don’t know with video but I will try one later. Thanks for sharing your insightful entry.

    • Thank you for getting back into the SU niche. Most of us have been using the StumbleUpon techniques of trying to grab that large swath of traffic in a small burst. But with what I was talking of is to use the SU network to point a particular category toward your site and “pay” or even get thousands of hits of residual traffic.

  • If you have plan to purchase traffic, I suggest that you should purchase from StumbleUpon more than give a try with Facebook.

    • Dave, I found that out the hard way with Facebook. I used to cost compare what aff product was purchased in comparison to what click costs were. On Facebook the positive margins weren’t as good as
      StumbleUpon Ad, which is now Paid Discovery.

  • Very interesting post. I’m always trying new ways to get traffic too. I think I might be getting the hang of it now. Might look into SU to see what it involves. Thanks.

    • The main idea for newer sites,i have learned is to use the free services of an entrecard and then add it to other sites after building up some following

  • Hi Tony,

    Interesting Post. I don’t have any experience with paid traffic generation tools. Will going to take a look into SU.

    Thanks for sharing this great post. Just voted it on Blokube :).

    Have a powerful day.


    • Thanks for the Blokube boost Dev. See ya around. When I get over to the Blokube will ad you to my network as well.

  • Hello Tony,

    Right now I am focusing on SEO and getting content on my site.

    I am also interested in getting more out of Stumble Upon so I’m looking forward to your insights.

    • Don’t forget to also use the Facebook Ads service too. Especially if you have plenty of content that can lead to LIKEs and of course the targeted niche traffic.

  • Hey Tony,

    Thanks for sharing your insights on organic and paid traffic generation sources.

    I have used SU (ppv) before and did generate a bit of traffic. Now, I’m focusing on organic traffic and I’m seeing great results without spending a dime.

    Good luck with the contest, Tony :).


    • Mavis, I think the whole internet traffic thing has really started turn over on to itself with using what you say is “organic” search.

      Unfortunately, trying to turn that organic traffic into conversions, leads, or even subscribers is the difficult part.

  • As a SEO expert I can say that it is impossible to optimize a website for all perspective keywords. Also, it may take a lot of time before you obtain high rankigns for very competitive key phrases. That’s why it makes sense to combine free SEO optimization and paid Pay-per-Click advertising solutions in a single whole.

    • For me, it’s difficult to take a title like “sxpert” likely. Especially since alot of what you work on here in the internet for results can change at the drop of dime.

      I stick to my 75-25 mix of organic with paid traffic and trudge along without the titles.

  • Organic way is the best for traffic , Even i like facebook and Digg for the organic traffic.

    • But Paid Discovery works a whole lot better and it can also give you thousands of residual views as well.

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