On-Topic Links For SEO, Yoast SEO Plugin Vulnerable, Youtube at 360, Speedlink 11:2015

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week! How much does the context of a link really matter? One of the questions and topics that you see discussed quite a bit in the SEO world is whether on-topic links matter more than off-topic links.

Are On-Topic Links Important (or more powerful) for SEO?

“By on topic, people generally mean they come from sites and pages that are on the same or very similar subject matter to the site or page that I’m trying to get the link to. In the video below, Rand looks at on- and off-topic links to uncover what packs the greatest SEO punch and shares what you should be looking for when building a high-quality link.”

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Vulnerable


One of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins has got a pretty big bug. If you are using it (big chance that you are) and have not updated the plugin to its recent release yet, then I suggest you update it now! If you are using the latest version of WordPress, there is also a great chance that the “force upadte” has automatically kicked in and in this case there is nothing else to do. Nonetheless, just check it out.

Yoast has announced the fix and provides some explanations as to what the vulnerability is all about, among other things. Here´s an excerpt of the annoucement.

We fixed a CSRF issue that allowed blind SQL injection. The one sentence explanation for the not so technical: by having a logged-in author, editor or admin visit a malformed URL a malicious hacker could change your database. While this does not allow mass hacking of installs using this hole, it does allow direct targeting of a user on a website. This is a serious issue, which is why we immediately set to work to fix it when we were notified of the issue.

Youtube in 360 Degrees

It has been a while that rumors about 360-degree videos coming to YouTube was imminent. Some days ago, YouTUbe began to actually put them live for everyone to see. While I don’t particularly enjot watching 360-degree type videos, I have to admit that on Android, watching it is quite cool! BTW, you can only experience how cool it is, on an Android device. If you use Chrome, you can still play a bit with it by using your mouse to drag the point of view around. What do you think?

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