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Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week! This week, one of the topics that was in the spotlight was definitely the news surrounding Google´s rewritten Quality Ratings Guideline. This guideline is suppose to be the resource that a team of quality raters (or search quality evaluators) uses to rate websites for the big G. Needless to say that this is quite a good read, specially if you are in to SEO. Anyway, while some quality rating guidelines in the past were made public by Google, this one apparently, Google does not want it to be out there for everyone to see.

The General Guidelines primarily cover Page Quality (PQ) rating and Block Utility (BU) rating; however, the concepts are also important for many other types of rating tasks. You can find more about it here, and you can also see the full guide here (still there as of this writing).

Does SEO Boil Down to Site Crawlability and Content Quality?

This week, Rand of Moz.com released a video talking about the art and science of SEO and offers insights into how very broad the field really is.

“We all know that keywords and links alone no longer cut it as a holistic SEO strategy. But there’s still plenty outside our field who try to “boil SEO down” to a naively simplistic practice – one that isn’t representative of what SEOs need to do to succeed.”

Twitter Releases (finally) Analytics for Regular Tweets

tweet activity analytics

Twitter announced recently that they are rolling out a new tool for your arsenal:

“Starting today, you’ll have a new tool in your arsenal: we’re rolling out an enhanced Tweet activity dashboard to provide measurable insights into how your organic Tweets perform.”

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

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  • Well, I wasn’t aware that Twitter has launched its analytics. Thats certainly an useful tool which has been awaited by many marketers.

  • Very informative article Francisco. I hadn’t seen the announcement about Twitter analytics. That should be extremely helpful.

    I look forward to reading these roundups and I always find the links you provide to be a great help when I’m looking for content to learn from and share.

    As always, thanks for including the link to my post too.

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