Content Isn’t Enough For A Succesful Blog

A blog needs great content. It needs a writer or writers that are truly enthusiastic about the subject matter they’re covering, content that’s relevant to an audience and good structure. But the content itself isn’t all that matters. To go along with it, you need to treat the blog like it’s a business. All the parts need to work together.

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Bring them in

A blog needs readers, of course. You might like to think content will stand up on its own merits, but using a few tricks of the internet trade besides will help. A combination of search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising will help you get a lot more visibility on search engines, for instance. But there are ways to make your posts more organically attractive, as well. The snazzy title is one of the most effective, for one. You don’t need to write clickbait, but learning something from clickbait titles will help.

Stand out

When people click on your site, what are they greeted with? Your content, of course, but also the whole package it’s all wrapped up in. It’s not difficult to create a site nowadays, with plenty of templates on offer and drag-and-drop builders to make design a lot easier. Just make sure you’re using designs and layouts that, while not breaking conventions so as to make navigation difficult, don’t ape too closely on your contemporaries. Find your own brand image.

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Get them involved

A blog is a form of communication when you come down to it. The most long-lived forms of communication are those that allow a bit of back-and-forth. For you, this means you need to engage your community. Share your content through social media, to begin with. Build followers. Then when you get a reply on social media or a comment on your blog, stop and reply to it. Even if there’s little to say, just show your appreciation that someone took the time to voice their opinion on your content. Fail to do so and your community will shrink before it had a chance to grow.

Find some friends

Readers aren’t the only members of a community. Bloggers have a community all their own. One blogger’s readers will jump to another with a fitting recommendation. Get those recommendations by following other bloggers and getting involved in their communities. Share content with them personally or by guest posting.

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Have a work ethic

A blog needs to have content. But good content isn’t enough. It needs a stream of good content. To that end, you need to treat it less like a hobby and a little more like a job. Create a proper work schedule and a content pipeline. Organize your approach to how you brainstorm ideas, find news worth sharing, and how you research, produce, and disseminate your content.

A great website and design, some good branding, strategies to bring readers in and keep them. The blog needs a lot more than great content so make sure the rest of it stands up to the challenge.


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