Google Keep, FeedBlitz RSS Plugin, BuzzBundle V2, Speedlink 12:2013

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. It seems that the saga about Google Reader continues on and rumors has it that Feedburner will be next to being shut down. Do you think this will happen?

Anyway, with all the fuzz about Google reader and the possibility of FeedBurner following the same path, RSS alternatives have started to get more attention. More recently, FeedBlitz has announced an update of their WordPress RSS Plugin. Here’s the pitch…

FeedBlitz’s FeedSmart RSS plugin for WordPress has just been updated – and it’s one heck of a release! The plugin gives power bloggers, podcasters and media sites complete control over RSS feed redirection, enabling finer control over RSS serving, monetization strategies, switching away from FeedBurner, and more.

Testing it out on another site and will soon provide a verdict. Although, I am pretty sure that this one will rock as Andy Bailey of CommentLuv has worked extensively on the FeedBlitz plugin and is responsible for this update. Way to go Andy.

Continuing on the Google arena, this week they announced the launch of the Google Keep product, supposedly an alternative to Evernote. It has just been days since its release and already some are saying that it won’t last a year (Reader sequel?). Anyway, I am testing it out and so far still not sure what to make of it.

Google Keep

How about you? Have you tested it out yet? What are your thoughts?

Finally, for those of you who have read my review about BuzzBundle, you should know that a new and revamped version has just been released. BuzzBundle is the social media management tool that allows you to manage multiple social personas and sites in one handy app. Good thing is that you can always download and try it for free 🙂

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That’s it! Enjoy, have a great weekend!


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4 thoughts on “Google Keep, FeedBlitz RSS Plugin, BuzzBundle V2, Speedlink 12:2013

  • I think that shutting down the Feedburner will be the most idiotic thing Google could do. First, the Google reader and now Feedburner. Is Google having some financial issues, because I think there was actually no need for them to quit Reader. It had millions of users and was among the best RSS readers out there.

    • Can’t agree with you more. If they shut down FeedBurner, it can be a real problem for many on third party services that uses that feed as a source. Looks like they are not even worried about it. It appears that there was a problem again with the FeedBurner count recently..

      • I think the problem is that Google Reader and Feedburner both cost a lot of money to run and I don’t think there is much scope to get revenue from them.

        I am sad to see Google Reader go (I have over 200 blogs in my Reader!) and I hope Feedburner isn’t next but after what they did last year I think it might be following Reader out of the door.

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