Top 50 Affiliate Networks by Website Magazine

top 50 affiliatesBeing a subscriber to WebSite Magazine has its advantages. I have received recently an email from them that features 50 of the top affiliate networks on the Internet.

In this list, they have intentionally left aside two popular programs in the sphere of affiliate marketing. Google Affiliate Network and Amazon (Associates) are programs that very few can match and while this is so, it doesn’t mean that they are right for you. What is really important is the trustworthiness of the network (whether they pay, and pay on time) and the number and quality of merchants and their offers.

While there are other choices out there that may make their through this list, Website Magazine has included only pure-play, first tier affiliate networks — those that cater to both merchants and publishers.

Research for this report comes courtesy of, the Web’s largest provider of website popularity metrics and detailed website information on more than one million Internet destinations.

Top 50 Affiliate Networks:

Network 1 – 25 Network 26 – 50
1. 26.
2. 27.
3. 28.
4. 29.
5. 30.
6. 31.
7. 32.
8. 33.
9. 34.
10. 35.
11. 36.
12. 37.
13. 38.
14. 39.
15. 40.
16. 41.
17. 42.
18. 43.
19. 44.
20. 45.
21. 46.
22. 47.
23. 48.
24. 49.
25. 50.

While this list gives you the possibility to narrow done your choices of Affiliate Networks, it is always recommended to do your own research to find out more about each program. Better safe than sorry:)

If there are other networks you wish to suggest, please leave them here. If you had any experience making money online with any of these affiliate networks, your views and opinions matters and will be great appreciated.


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  • Affiliate networks are always searching for persons who can prove that they know what they are undertaking in terms of affiliate marketing. It’s in their benefit to get people onboard who can make money for them, not persons that might join their affiliate network, exists for a short while go missing.

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