Best And Simple Practices Available For Your SEO Strategy [infographic]

Shaping Your SEO Strategy In-Tune With Google’s Latest Algorithms

If you want to ensure that you stay in Google’s good graces, you need to try and form your SEO strategy in line of its latest Algorithm updates. If you rely on search engines for traffic generation, not aligning your SEO strategy might be causing your site to rank well. Whether you thrive and succeed or you fall into oblivion in the search world, is correlated to following Google’s Algorithmic changes or not. This infographic below, courtesy of , details how you can form your strategy by understanding the purpose of these updates by Google.

If you are quick enough to make changes to your strategy aligned with these updates, then definitely you can push the envelope to achieve better results.  One big reason behind each of the updates is to make you understand that the purpose of any content is to satisfy a user’s query. Using best practices for each of the different site elements would ensure that you won’t have to worry too much about these updates. This infographic gives a brief insight on the best practices available for SEO strategy with respect to these individual Google updates and avoid penalties.

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