6 Reasons Every Blogger Should Be Guest Posting

guest postingWe have all read many tips on how to promote our blog. We ask questions at the end of each of our posts. Yet, the response we get sometimes, is a frustrating sound of silence. So, what else can we do to gain more exposure for our blogs, specially if we are just starting our journey? Guest posting is one of the most powerful ways to achieve that.

Why should we Guest Post?

Increase Your Chances: While some bloggers will not be that willing to give your blog a link (yet), chances are, that the blog owner will be willing to offer you a guest blogging spot. Why? Because, not only can you provide new content and a different perspective on any related matter, but you will also provide the blog owner a small break from writing:). Be advised though, that not every blogger will allow you to write a guest post. Nevertheless, and applying the rule of 80% – 20%, if you ask 10, you might get a couple to say yes.

Reaching Out For A Fellow Blogger: Giving a fellow blogger the chance to take a break from writing, is in a form, helping them. That is definitely one way to improve your credibility in the blogosphere, as helping a fellow blogger is a chance that you should never turn down (when you have the time), provided it is for a good reason. This way, you are building a relationship that might just pay off in the long run. If it does pay-off or not, you are still building a relationship that could foster newer relationships, in the future.

Increase traffic and exposure: When you write a guest post for a blog, it will most likely increase traffic to your blog at least for the first couple of days, after your guest post has been published. Apart from the benefit of increased traffic, even if it is just a few (every bit counts), you are tapping in a new audience. If the blog you are guest posting for has a fairly good amount of visitors, it is likely that you will gain some new visitors as well. Let us say for a while, that it is even possible that the readers of the other blog won’t follow the link to your blog. One thing that they will do notice is the name of your blog, and your name. So, the next time you write a guest post for another blog that those same visitors read, they might notice you again. Soon, they might just decide to find out what your blog is all about, and within the process like your blog, bookmark it and maybe even subscribe to your RSS feed. Remember, the more exposure, the better (as long as it is positive).

Good for SEO: Yes. Why not? Guest posting gives you the benefit of leaving a bio at the end of each post and maybe some other links, should the blog owner agree with that. These links back to your blog and needless to say that one of the most important elements for a good SEO is link popularity. Another benefit is, if you have a relatively new blog, you can get indexed faster as described here by Caleb on his guest post Secrets For Quickly Getting Your Site Indexed

Guest Post reciprocation: One good thing that can happen when you guest post for a blog, is when the blog owner agrees to write one for you in return. Do not, however, expect this to happen. It obviously will not hurt, if you make the offer. Should they agree to write a guest post for you, then be grateful! Who knows, you might even get lucky and have a bigger blog link to that guest post from their blog.

No other type of publicity can beat guest posting: Sure you can pay for your ads. You can buy links, do traffic and link exchanges, and even get it Stumbled a lot. Getting traffic from a bookmarking site like Stumble Upon is good, but most of the time, the visitors can be the wrong audience and will just leave stay for a fraction of their time. Ads or links are generally ignored and can cost you money. Your guest post on the other hand, highlights the best arguments for people to visit your blog. It helps you, the blog owner and ultimately the readers, because they get to read good content and gather varied opinions. Everybody wins!

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Now that you know better the benefits of guest posting, why not give it a try and guest post for iBlogzone. Anyone can submit a guest post for publication on this blog. As long as the post is relevant to the topics of iBlogzone.com, I will accept and publish it here. If you are interested, please share with us your experience and learn more. You can either send the post directly or send your queries and we’ll take it from there. Thank you in advance.

Have you been a guest blogger? How did you find the experience? Have you had guest bloggers on your blog? Can you think of any other reason why every blogger should be guest posting?


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