Why is Responsive Website Design A Big Deal In 2015 and How It Can Boost Your Rankings

Google has been rolling out some really stringent updates like Panda and Penguin. This time Google is back with one more update – Mobile Friendly which basically aims to improve site rankings of the websites which are responsive.

The algorithm will affect all the websites which have mobile usabililty issues and hence, it is now imperative for businesses to move to a responsive website. Google has officially announced too that responsive design pattern is their favored pattern as it is easier for the Googlebots to crawl such sites.

Moreover, to provide a detailed overview about the algorithm and how to safeguard your WordPress websites (accounting for about 60% of the market share), Monks have come up with this infographic. The infographic provides informative stats on why is there a need to develop responsive websites, steps for safeguarding WordPress sites, Akamai survey that talks about 81% of sites that are non-responsive and so much more.

Know more about the infographic here.

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Responsive Design Infographic


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One thought on “Why is Responsive Website Design A Big Deal In 2015 and How It Can Boost Your Rankings

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Extremely useful and informative infographics. Sums up a lot in a
    single place and in a simple way. Google has given a deadline of April
    21 and if Akamai is right, 80%+ non-responsive sites is a behemoth
    number of sites!

    What is intriguing is that only 11% of the top 100 are mobile friendly
    (lesser percentage than the top 1000 or top 10000)!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a good day!

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