Thesis Skin With Built In Control Panel?

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful new year and to kick start 2011, I am going to share with you about Hesham’s new service, launched later last year. The service, which he calls Thesis Awesome (aff link) is nothing more than pre-designed themes (skins or child themes), specifically tailored for Thesis users. There are already 5 skins available, including the latest skin which is to create landing pages. Having in mind online business entrepreneurs, Hesham added to his collection the Blogskin child theme.

First, a short story…

I decided to use Thesis Framework last year when I finally made the decision to move from blogger to WordPress. I opted for the theme primarily due to its SEO optimized functionality and price to quality ratio. While the Thesis framework is really excellent “under the hood”, it lacks greater design functionality and control for non coders like me. You can do almost anything you want with Thesis, provided you know what you are doing. Since I am not that tech savvy, I had to look for alternatives.

Hesham to the rescue. He helped me design my theme from scratch and now I can also do pretty much anything with it. While this is so, it still requires something that I really do not enjoy very much, coding. I would prefer if there was a way to do this in a more simple fashion, so I can concentrate and focus on my most important tasks. Problem solved…

Enter BlogSkin from Thesis Awesome. A Thesis skin that has a built in control panel, which enables any user to tweak and control the design of your website with only one tool required, your mouse :). OK, maybe 1% keyboard, and that is for simple text entry. So here is one fact. Thesis + BlogSkin = Thesis Awesome. Sleek design, tons of functionality, great control, customized widget areas for just about anything, including advertisement banners and more. These are just added features to that of what comes “out of the box” with Thesis. Combined, it is a WordPress theme powerhouse. Of course you can always hire a designer, but in my opinion it is most likely that it would cost a lost more.

thesis color skins

If you already know me a “tad”, you should know that I only recommend something that I believe is worthwhile and preferably I have used. For obvious reasons, this Thesis product skin is not free, but it contains all the vitamins to what makes it a great investment. That said, here is a short video of what you can do with the new BlogSkin by ThesisAwesome. Please excuse the “flaws”. My film director, editor, screencast manager and all those big boys were all out on holidays, so I had to do this myself :).


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18 thoughts on “Thesis Skin With Built In Control Panel?

  • Hi Ditesco just sunday blogwalking as usual i thi i have purchase a copy of the latest skin looks good putting my own mark on it before showcasing it good looking stuff taking thesis to the next level

  • Also, Try, Alex from blogussion released it on the first and i expect those two to be competing with each other in the way of what themes they release.

    • Ya, Kolakube was released on the New Year day, I am pretty much sure there will be a huge competition between Hesham’s Thesis Awesome and Alex’s Kolakube in the Thesis Theme Market. Although I already knew about Thesis Awesome, I had not know about the Blog Skin, it seems it is a new release. It is pretty much cool looking. Hesham Certainly has some great designing capability

      • just heard about Kolakube, in your idea which is best of these?

        • Hi Rahul. In my view there are some differences between them. First is really a personal choice (design wise) and then second, the functionality they offer. I am not saying that Alex’s skins are not good (i do not have much experience with him), but my experience with Hesham has proven that a “great support” is sometimes the deal breaker. Hesham is always there and I do not have any complaints. At the end of the day, both are great looking skins and the final decision will probably be more personal than anything else. Good competition will always benefit us users.

      • HI Shiva. Ageed, Hesham has good design capabilities and he has shown that with several of his websites. The competition between Hesham and Alex will eventually be great for us users as I think that they will both “pump” additional efforts to make their skins top notch. We’ll see how it goes.

    • HI Peter. Yeah, I already knew about Kolakube but thanks for bring that up. Competition between them will most likely be “fierce” and will benefit us Thesis users. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Well early I had no idea about the skin. However after reading this blog post now I have understood many things. Themes are very important whether you have a website or a blog.

    This post will really help us to make our websites much better. Thanks!

    • Hi there. Welcome to my blog. I’m also glad that this post helped somewhat in you understanding better some things relating to the skin. Good themes are indeed important as this is normally the first thing that a user appreciates. Thanks for dropping by

  • That is very cool! Thesis is the single best purchase I’ve made in my blogging journey. I love it. I’ve looked at these skins before but haven’t purchased any yet. Your review, though, brought me one step closer. Thanks man! Post retweeted.

    • HI Tristan. Good to see you here. I’m with you as far as Thesis is concerned. I love it and as more “people” get to do what they are doing to make my life easier for Thesis, the more it gets better. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  • DiTesco – Great review. I have actually used Thesis before and I loved how it has helped me make some of my sites clean and professional without much trouble. However, I really like these skins and the built in control panel sounds like a great addition as well. I will definitely give Thesis Awesome a try very soon, thanks for the recommendation.

    • Hi Kerry. Visited your website and it looks nice and clean. I’m curious as why you have decided to change your theme from Thesis to the current one. Maybe it had to do with the fact that it is not as user friendly as it is suppose to be. This skin will solve that problem for you and if there is anything I can help you with, please feel free to let me know. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Thank you so much for the video DiTesco ,

    This is the first video ever… Awesome 🙂

    • Hi Hesham. You are welcome. The video is OK but I am thinking of doing another one, this time with all of my production staff 🙂 Hope this helps.

      • That would be cool, put it in high production 🙂

        Looking forward to see it!

  • Awesome share. So this is free, right? If I would like to customize the theme will they guide me through it? 🙂

    • No Lucy. This blog skin is so good that it does not make sense to have it for free. You get free support and help from Hesham, but you have to buy the skin first. Its totally worth it if you are running Thesis.

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