DiTesco’s Weekly Echo #13

ditesco_weekly_echoHello everyone. Hope you had a great week and it’s time again for another weekly echo.

If you are new here, every week, I post a weekly roundup on just about anything I found interesting, fun and informative.

As usual, and in no particular order:
Extreme Johns $150 Christmas Giveaway: ExtremeJohn’s way of saying thanks to his massive 10.000 comment milestone. What a better way to celebrate this than hosting a simple contest, where all you need to do is ReTweet and comment:)

Who is Going to Win more than $1200 from our Contest?: Hesham is hosting a contest for FamousBloggers which as of today has already reached a whopping $1.200 worth of prizes. This is not your ordinary contest, so if you want to see how to get your hands on some awesome prizes, you will have to check it out.

Ethics in Blogging: There is no question about it. You as a blogger either know what blogging Ethics means or you do not. If you are thinking of having a slight chance of being trusted, this is a must read. Holly provides some examples of what has been going on recently, regarding some bloggers approach on MMO, etc.

How to Earn Extra Money This Christmas: Simple, but effective tips on how to make some extra cash during this season. They are not your everyday tips about affiliate networks and such..

Why I No Longer Link To The Likes Of ProBlogger And John Chow : I believe that this is pretty much self-explanatory, but if you are really wondering why Sire has written this awesome post, I will not give any hint at all, but rather respectfully ask you to head over there and read it for yourself:) This is a killer post.

Firefox Plugins to Increase Blogging Productivity (Series 2) – SEO: The second part of this awesome mini-series. FireFox plugins that will not only help you improve your blogging productivity, but will also help you in your SEO efforts.

15 Cool Things Webmasters Can Do With Alexa: Here are some useful and fun ways of using Alexa. I’m sure all of you are familiar with Alexa already..

12 Bloggers that Share Link Juice: ExtremeJohn has exceeded himself this week so what’s good to share is good to share, right?

a little bit of Poetry: Strong Rope

and finally, if you have Kids, you might want to check out the upcoming tour of “A Puppy, Not a Guppy” which will start on December 9.

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That’s a wrap. Have a great week ahead.


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