Predictive Dynamic Content – The fuel that drives Transactional Emails! #Infographic

If you’re an avid online shopper, every third email in your inbox could possibly be a transactional email. Transactional emails grab a major share of ‘email conversation by retailers’ and has become business critical for the growth of customer base as well.

Transactional emails are sent as a response to some kind of action triggered by customers or subscribers. With the advent of marketing automation, these emails are triggered automatically, opening doors to personalization in transactional emails as well.

Transactional Emails paired with dynamic content backed by predictive analytics can do wonders to your email campaigns. You only set it up once, but each recipient gets content that is personally relevant. The wide array of transactional emails such as order confirmation & receipts, shipping confirmation, order status, etc., provide ample opportunities to push promotional content to the subscribers.

As these emails are read with utmost attention; knowing that the information holds value they also open boundless opportunities for increased conversions aided by dynamic content in transactional emails. Some benefits associated with employing relevance techniques in transactional emails are as follows:

  1. Dynamism through live social feeds in welcome emails fetches 75% higher click rates.
  2. Predictive product recommendations sees a 41% increase in unique clicks.
  3. You have the reader’s full attention and there is not a place more lucrative to promote as compared to transactional emails.

The infographic and guide talks about it all starting from how transactional emails can be used to enhance email effectiveness and the whats and how to do’s of doing it in the best manner supported by amazing stats in plenty!

click on infographic for a larger version

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