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So you built a website and gets load of traffic. Yet, you keep wondering why you are not converting all those traffic into leads, or sales. You keep asking and asking, and still can’t figure it out?

The big question is, what your visitors are doing when they arrive on your website? Hopefully the very first thing they would do is to read your latest article and preferably leave a comment. So let’s say just for the sake of argument that they did read your latest article and left you a comment, what next? Did they leave, or did they “clicked” on something else? Would it not be helpful to know what they are actually “clicking” while they are on your site and visualize how your visitors navigate on a given website page? I think yes, and that would be a real valuable information.

User behavior can be very tricky and it is likely that they vary from website to website, as websites have different structures. One question that I always had was, where and what do my actual visitors do after they finish what their original intention was. Questions like, do they click on my “most” popular post, navigation bar, ads, etc., or what interest them more, has been in the back of mind.

user behavior

Those questions remained really unanswered, until I figured out a way to “track” and see what most of my visitors do when they are on my website. Everyone with a website needs a website traffic conversion tool so that they can keep tabs on visitors to their site. When you consider that thousands of websites are being added daily to the Internet, you need to make sure that your website is like a shining beacon that stands out and attracts customers in like moths to a light.

Be Constantly Aware of Audience Behaviour

A website analytics tool which assists site owners and businesses to increase web traffic among the millions of websites on the Internet is Ptengine. It provides real time heat mapping and analytics tracking. Website analytics is important because it measures, analyses and also reports on what activities are happening on a website and what needs to be done to optimize it. It provides data on who is visiting your website, what they did there and how long they stayed on your website.

With web analytics you’ll even know which pages of your website are the most popular and which keywords people used to search for your site. The bottom line is that analytics tools are critical for your website simply because it gives you huge amounts of data about your website surrounding the goal you have for it.

HeatmapWith Ptengine, their Heatmap and analytics platform allows businesses to analyze visitor behavior across all devices. You don’t have to wait around for reports or even hire analysts because they place their Heatmap and analytics platform in your hands allowing your business to stay competitive.

We live in a massively competitive world, and if you don’t take every step to remain competitive, your business will simply land in the Internet graveyard. It is critical for a businesses to be a success online and web analytics has become a must-have tool. This is the very reason why more than more than 10,000 customers make use of Ptengine since its welcome release in 2014. It is critical to have a really dynamic web site if you want it to stand out from the millions of other websites. What kind of user interaction are you looking for? You will surely want your clients to be placing orders for your products but are they?

Just some of the benefits of Ptengine include:

Heatmap features – this is important because you’ll be able to see exactly where visitors are clicking and which part of the website receives the most clicks. With Attention Heatmaps for instance you will be able to collect data and then highlight parts of the website pages which enjoy the most attention and which areas need to revamp. Scrolling Heatmaps will help you identify and also optimize the fold of the page and provide information on how far visitors scroll down on a single page. Studies show that any visitor’s viewing time decreases when they go below the fold. They spend far more time focusing on the content above the fold. This indicates content above the fold is more important.

Ptengine is easy to use, even for those who aren’t technology geeks. There are so many amazing features and you only need one code to activate all features. Unlike other heat mapping technologies, Ptengine provides dual location analytic data for multiple devices. .

Time on Page Metrics – you’ll know how long your visitors are spending on each different web page. Keeping an Eye on Your Website

Armed with vital data from Ptengine about the goings on on your website you can then start tweaking your site’s design, content and layout to increase the number of visitors to your site. You’ll also have critical data at your fingertips to alter and adapt your site to get the desired responses you need.

Free Trial or Not?

So, if you are skeptical with all that I am saying here, I totally understand. To make things easier for you, why just not give them a try? For 30 days, you get full access to all of their features. After that, you can continue using Ptengine for free for as long as you want. If you dont`t find any other reason (and there are plenty) to upgrade to a better plan, you still get to keep your account with minimally reduced but working features. Below is a small comparison.

  • 1,200,000 Page Views per month (25K)
  • Unlimited Heatmaps (2 heatmaps)
  • Unlimited Page Groups (5 page groups)
  • 1,200,000 Events (25K)
  • 3 month data retention
  • 1 Profile
  • 1 Domain 1 user
  • Realtime analysis
  • Filter
  • Conversions funnel
  • and more…

As you can see, there is really nothing to loose to give PTEngine a try. And if you are using WordPress, even better, installing PTEngine is a breeze with their free plugin. Watch the video below to see how easy it is:

Now, here´s something you may really like.

PTEngine Giveaway

Ptengine   Plans

The fine folks over at PTEngine decided to offer three lucky visitors of the chance of winning 1x platinum, 1x gold and 1x silver for one full year each. That’s a total value of over $2.600,00! Cool!

To participate, just follow the rules below. Good luck!

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