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Launching a startup is a huge task all on its own. While it can be a challenge to factor SEO into the mix, it’s an incredibly important consideration.

In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday video below, he shares a comprehensive plan to kick off your new SEO audit and grab a piece of that organic search pie from the get-go.

How to Kickstart an SEO Audit for Your Startup

How to Back Up Your Social Media Content


Do you have valuable social media posts you don’t want to lose? Want to learn how to back up your social media profiles? Downloading your social media profiles, content, and contacts will ensure you always have what you need to keep your business running, no matter what platform or features come and go.

In this article, you’ll discover how to download copies of your social media content and profiles.

A comprehensive guide to SSL certificates


A full range of SSL products are available on the market today that cater to various domain and security needs. Though many webmasters are exploring the possibilities, hoping a move to SSL will boost their search rankings, it can be overwhelming to try to compare these options, let alone fully understand what you’re paying for.

Many SSL providers offer a wealth of add-ons, which makes comparing providers relatively difficult. This guide will help answer several common questions so that you can find the certificate that best suits your needs:

What type of SSL certificate should I purchase?
Should I use a free certificate or purchase one from a vendor?
Which certificate is best for securing a sub-domain? Multiple domains?
How much warranty coverage do I need?
How do I troubleshoot common installation problems?

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