10 Must Have Tips and Tricks For Your Facebook Business Page

The social trendsetter Facebook multiplies their users by thousands every day. The vast base of users at Facebook makes it the largest crowd puller and any company is ready to join the bandwagon as Facebook gives them the platform to boost their brand and products at the same time engage with the possible prospects.

Creating a Facebook business page is quite convenient for any company, to display their products and services online to a huge base of customer. However, setting up a business page with many Facebook ‘likes’ and a huge fan base both are difficult to achieve.

facebook businessIf a click on the wall or info does not fascinate the visitor, there are chances to leave the page. As soon a visitor likes your page they will get regular feeds and updates on the latest thing you publish, that is advantageous for you. With the introduction of the new timeline in the business pages, both good and bad changes took place. So, how will you drive in the likes for your Facebook page?

This post will cover some of the tips and tricks to give your Facebook business page a boost. The post is going to focus on the ‘need to know’ changes essential for your Facebook pages.

1 Eye-Catching Cover Image Creating Opportunities

Get amazing branding opportunities visually inspiring and connecting your fans. Create several timelines covers so that you can refresh your timeline number of times for visitors and thus keep them inspired!

When it comes to Facebook cover image, let see what you can do:

  • Use the brand images, logos, photos and other visual marks
  • Use visually appealing graphics, colors and images
  • Use simple language to connect with your fans
  • Use PNG files of size 851×315 pixels

What you cannot do:

  • Do not use info like “50% Discount” or “Downloads available at www.aabbccddee.com”
  • Do not share the web address, emails, contact mails or other info, which one may find in your About Us page
  • Do not use calls to action buttons like “Get It now” or “Tell others”

Cover image should be inspirational and should not blatant self-promotion, and do have legal copyright to all your images.

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2 Default Landing Tabs Takes a Permanent See Off

Default landing tabs are no longer there on Facebook, then what you will do:

  • Increase the use and space of the cover image
  • Use the unique URL of apps to help people directly connect to the page outside the Facebook as well as posts, status updates within Facebook
  • Increase the use of top apps shown below the cover photo
  • Use the app calls to action and thus engage your fans

3 Create Easy Sharing Pages

It is good to customize the page web address to make your Business Page shareable in your networking sphere, website or business cards. You can only change it after you become sure that you are careful and have chances of long-term actions. You can change the URL from – https://www.facebook.com/174544526395 (default URL) into https://www.facebook.com/username (custom URL). Change your Page URL address everywhere on the web so that you do not get broken links.

4 Facebook Paid Ads

Facebook-Ads.jpgFacbook Ades keep your audience engaged for a longer time. You can start with a small budget. You can send it to multiple pages of your website. Direct your visitors to the landing pages, sales pages, video etc. Experiment with multiple ads, to gain result better than other does.

5 Add Trendy Apps

Apps are now the modern tabs. No, you cannot set them as the default-landing tab for new visitors to your Facebook Page, but still you can leverage them.

  • Just below the cover image, four apps will always stay visible
  • You can use at least 14 apps on your timeline
  • Have custom thumbnails for your apps
  • Set unique app URL to drive traffic to the specific app

6 Insert bit.ly to Track and Measure Results

In order to measure the demographics, sign up with Bit.ly. It will allow you to shorten long or affiliate links. This free tool helps to measure the links and the number of clicks.

7 Set the Milestones

Milestones can be set for the current or past events that take place in your company. This is no doubt a great way to highlight key events like opening of the new store, ribbon cuttings, launch of new products/services, new partnership, achievements in business etc. the milestone images should be within 843×403 pixels. How do you set the milestone image?

  • Click milestone in the sharing bar at the top of your page
  • Insert headline, date, location and details
  • Add a photo
  • Click save button

8 Let No Fans Miss Your Page Updates

Even if someone likes your Business Page, it does not mean all can see your posts. Depending on that, less than 16% of the fans will see your content. This is due to the Facebook algorithm Edgerank, which controls the amount of content your fans can see in their newsfeed. If you want more people to see your posts, then engage your customers or fans in content like comment and share to increase the Edgerank. You can also pay to promote your posts.

9 Arrange Contests

You will find a number of brands runs successful contest on Facebook this results in generating thousands of Facebook likes. Make sure that your contests follow the Facebook promotion guidelines. Use a Facebook app to create a fan-gate so that those who like your page can take part in the contest. Apps have custom URL. Thus, you can run your contest via Facebook Ad and thus increase your likes.  Make sure that the Facebook app is clickable by the mobile users as most of the customers are now on their Smartphone.

10 Facebook Insights

Use the Facebook insights to navigate the metrics on your Page performance. You can browse things like Reach (how many users are seeing your posts) and New Likes (when you got new followers and why). This helps to grasps the trend that keeps driving down your likes and engagement so that you can adjust your post in the correct order.

Are you ready to jump into the action and join the bandwagon like others? If you have started to implement changes in the Facebook Timeline do consider these ten tips to fuel more inspiration in your visitors.

infographic by: cloudtactix.com

Pritha Dasgupta

Pritha Dasgupta is an online marketing consultant. She offers valuable insight on social media, online marketing and the future of online business. She believes in the catchphrase “Content and context is the king.” While not working she spends time reading books and playing with her daughter.

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