Speedlink V22/2011, ChromeBook, Voice Search, Blogging, Social Web

Hi everyone! Another week has gone by, and as it so seems, Google’s first attempt to enter the gadget arena has been marked by the announcement of their ChromeBook which is set to “challenge” Apple’s iPad. Well that remains to be seen…

Another noteworthy news, again from Mr. G, relates to the official launch of Voice Search, Instant Pages, etc., as part of their “knocking down the barriers” pitch. Clearly, the mobile arena has gotten a lot of attention and will continue that way, as it is rumored that FaceBook for iPad is also underway. One thing that I am curious about, how “mobile” are you? I mean, how much time do you actually spend (exclude voice calls) using your mobile for say, browsing the net, Tweeting, etc.?

Anyway, in no particular order:


SEO/Online Business

Social Web

WordPress Junkies Top Of The Week

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Why do Amazon.com pages tend to rank well for product queries?

That’s it!. Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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17 thoughts on “Speedlink V22/2011, ChromeBook, Voice Search, Blogging, Social Web

  • Intereesting vid!

    Thanks for sharing, and for the link love of course 🙂

    How’s your ramadama going?
    I played with mine too much and I think my ding dong fell off.
    My mother did warn me though

    • Hi Alex. Dude, you are a blast, ahaha. I’m doing so, so too.. it still did not fell off, but if I stay longer with my butt glued to my seat trying to rank DD higher, I might end up with a swamp a**, myself 🙂

      You are welcome with the link.. article is fantastic

      • LMAO!

    • OK, I have to ask, what’s a ramadama? And don’t you know by now, you should always listen to mama! Hope your ding dong is replaceable. LOL

      Seriously though, thanks for the link luv DiTesco… much appreciated. 🙂

      And thanks for posting the video. I’m subscribed to his channel, but I seem to only watch them on your site. Funny how that is.

      Ciao my dear. 🙂

      • Haha, replaceable no, recoverable yes, haha.

        Hi Michele. Seriously? You don’t know what ramadama is? LOL.. that’s probably why I have not seen you two cents over there yet 🙂 Well, if you really want to know, I can tell you but the I have to … oopps, can’t do that partner 🙂 Just kidding, here is the link that reveals the secret of ramadama dingdong. Let me know what you think..

        Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. And BTW, I don’t think it is worthwhile visiting webmaster central for the vids, just watch them here, much obliged 🙂

  • OMG! what a pleasure to find one of my articles in your weekly speedlinks again!
    thanks diTesco << finally got it right lol^^ and really nice collection 😀

    • Hi Faissal. Don’t mention it, the pleasure was mine 🙂 And yeah, you finally got that right, lol

  • Hi DiTesco, this week’s speedlink is super! Thanks for including my contest post from Blog Engage.

    I love that you include a video from Matt each week. People have such strange ways of searching the internet. What I mean by that is – if you need a book and you know the title, why even bother with Google. I’d go right to Amazon in the first place – no that’s a lie – I’d go to my local free library website first and see if I can get the book there first – then I would go to Amazon. 🙂 So maybe it’s me who’s strange….LOL

    • Hi Ileane. I hear you on the searching bit. If that makes you strange, then, that makes the two of us 🙂 Don’t get me wrong though as I do use Google and Amazon, for that matter, a lot.. but you are right, why bother searching if you know where to start first to possibly get it for free 🙂

  • Great list…. I’ve been on vacation so could come here for a while but now I’m back.

  • Hey Ditesco,

    Excellent list as always. The Clouflare post got my attention too this week, coz that was so timely.

    Just like Ileane, I too used to think how you manage to search and get these vids of Matt. Any secrets?


    • Hi Jane. No secrets, lol. Have you heard of Google Reader? Just have webmaster centrals blog and video channels feeds under my radar 🙂 Or you can always set up an alert.. All the best

  • I think Google is loosing ground in an attempt to attract the users from every platform. I believe that Google is afraid of the increasing power of social networks and now they are also trying to make such atmosphere of Google which can divert users from facebook to Google. They introduced the new feature where you can search images by giving an image in query. This image search engine is collapsed one as it is showing the strange result.

    • You got a point there about Google trying to “rack in” FaceBook users, to further increase their reach. I really find it to be very difficult for them to “win” over FaceBook on Social Networking, but what I like is that there is a “cold war” between them, that only benefits us users. The future is wide open and I have not (yet) discarded the “if you can’t beat em, join em” scenario. We’ll see.

      • Haha!!! I don’t have such a political mind so I completely ignored the factor for the user it doesn’t matter whether facebook is doing more business or Google. We should be happy actually because more competition means more good services will reach the users

  • OMG!!! Google put voice search in search engine I recently saw that option in search bar.But it’s not working as Google expectation I recently read article on it.Google team working for making it more powerful and add more efficient algorithm for voice recolonization.

    • Hi Zarah. Voice search only works works with Chrome for now, so make sure that is the browser you are using.

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