Hummingbird Flight, Penguin 2.1, Nofollow Internal Links, Open Education, Speedlink 40:2013

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great and productive week. By now you all have probably heard of Google’s new algorithm called Hummingbird. This new algorithm, which started to takes its flight, is literally making news all over the place, as SEOs have started to provide their insights about it. It is believed that the new search algorithm will be more precise and provide faster query results. Also, and for the SEO industry’s delight, the algorithm is said to be based on semantic search, focusing on user intent rather than individual search terms (keyword based). If you want to know more about the Hummingbird, here’s an article about it on SearchEngineLand. More below.

Interesting enough is that while Hummingbird has just been officially revealed, Matt yesterday already mentioned that Penguin 2.1, has been rolled out.


Yep, another one. And it has been like this for the month or so. Actually, the “turbulence” in rankings as tracked by Algoroo, has been all but stable for the past month. Also, you may want to check out an article from CrazyEgg about “SEO in the Age of Penguin 2.0 and Hummingbird“, and why you’re doing it wrong.

search turbulence algoroo

And, another from Matt. This time, he answers a question about whether or not internal links should have “nofollow”. Hmm, the answer is quite interesting. Watch and let me know what you think?

What do you think of all these changes? Does this discourage you to keep up with the SEO trends?

Finally, and one important initiative from the EC, Open Education Europa has just been launched. Here’s what they have to say…

The European Commission launched Open Education Europa in September 2013 as part of the Opening Up Education initiative to provide a single gateway to European OER. Find Open Courses, MOOCs and Open Educational Resources from all over Europe! Share you best practices with your colleagues and peers!

As usual, in no particular order:

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More cool stuff!

Amazing Slow Motion Video of the Hummingbird

(Real one this time, lol)

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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8 thoughts on “Hummingbird Flight, Penguin 2.1, Nofollow Internal Links, Open Education, Speedlink 40:2013

  • SEO is longer as important as online marketing as a complete communication channel, which is being reflected time and time again by Google. If you have a good brand, a good product and know how to market your company you’re in. If you have none, and you’re still trying to build links, you’re out.

  • This update is great news to anyone that has a niche website and writes across that subject instead of focusing on keywords. I have noticed that people are entering longer queries. It will be death to people who focused solely on keyword density. Also people who have generic white label sites will be hit.

  • Im always tryning to make my week productive! Nice info share here about flyining thing called hummingbird 😉 I dont feel the diffrience and my ranks dont drop down so i believe that its not so bad.. seo nowadays ill be much harder cause updates that google serve 😉 hope You have the same!

  • This update is nice news to anyone that encompasses a niche web site and writes across that subject rather than specializing in keywords.This is long run method.If you have got a decent complete, a decent product and knowledge to promote your company you’re in.

  • SEO is getting harder. we need to just optimize our valuable informative title for user prospective. again we can say “short anchor text is totally die it is replace by co citation”, we need to use descriptive anchor text which shows user behavior,

  • So focus on building quality content for your users and share that content via social networks. It seems the algorithm has become smarter, but the main point remains the same.

  • Hi DiTesco,
    Google is going to be annoyed. So many algorithm – Hummingbird, Panda, penguin! I have seen hummingbird affects badly on small blogs. I have few daily visitors to my new blog; that also has disappeared from last month.
    Thank for sharing.

  • SEO is a very important product to market on the internet, thank you for your article, so I can add insight

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