SpeedLink V11/2011, Social Media, Online Business, SEO And Blogging

Yet another week has gone by and its time for my weekly round up. This week was particularly special, as it marks the official launch of WordPress Junkies (WPJ), a project of which I am proud to be a part of. As of today, the feedback we received is more than expected and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those that have supported us.

Anyway, in as usual, in no particular order:

Making Money Onlne/Blogging

  • The Evergreen SEO, Acquire Offer And Analyze Linking
  • How to Keep Your Blog Hacker Proof?
  • 7 Ways I Make Money Online
  • The Walmart Guide to Increasing the Average Time Spent on Site

Social Media

Online Business/Marketing/SEO

WordPress/Web Development

  • Installing the Facebook Fan Box Cache Plugin in WordPress
  • 3 ways to maintain password security while working with a web developer

When I change domains, how long should I leave the redirects in place?

That’s it for this week. Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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21 thoughts on “SpeedLink V11/2011, Social Media, Online Business, SEO And Blogging

  • Thanks for including my article on keeping your password safe in your weekly round-up! Looks as though I might need to subscribe, there’s a few links in there that interest me.


    • Hi Wayne. You are welcome. This was really a great article and one that I had put to use this weekend. Had to provide my credentials to a web developer, although he was a freind.. Thanks.

  • Hey man! Thanks for including a link to my Keyword Ranking article. 🙂

    • You are welcome Daniel. Keep writing good stuff like that and I will keep showcasing it here 🙂

  • Just stopped by great list it is cool. WordPress junkies sound like a mad project, I am in.

    • Hi Tracy. Yeah, Junkies is indeed a “mad” project and we are looking for “addicts” to join us, lol.

  • Hi DiTesco! SpeedLink is such a fun and useful series. We can get in, get the good stuff and get it over with. Thanks for including one of my posts this week. I’m going to check out Daniel’s keyword post first then come back for me.

    Best wishes for WordPress Junkies!

    • Hi Ileane. Glad you like my SpeedLink series. Daniel’s posts is indeed a must read.. you have a sharp eye 😉

  • I wish I had seen that vid a couple months ago, but it will surely help me out again later on, thanks man. 🙂

    • Hi Dennis. I knew that “somebody” would have found that vid useful 🙂 Thanks for coming by. All the best

  • I’m glad you posted the redirects link – thanks mate.

    I was just wondering a few things in relation to it and this video prompted me to check out others from Mr Cutts.

    Thanks for the linklove too btw 😉

    • Hi Alex. Yeah, I posted it because I was also curious about some things and this provided some insights. All of Matts video on Webmaster Central are great and I tend to at least find a good per week to share t here. Glad you liked it. All the best

  • Great links shared bro! Haha I need to click on the post titled- The money is in the content, the list is useless. Really? 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi Samuel. By the time I finish writing this response, I am sure you have already clicked on the article, read it, and now getting ready to roll and make those big $$, lol. Thanks for stopping by

  • Hi Ditesco,
    What is the idea behind WordPressJunkies.Net?
    Please consider to add a brief summaries of URLs in this serial of round ups.

    • Hi Nazim. You mean to say that I was not clear enough as to WordPress Junkies objectives, LOL. Anyway, if you want to know more about the Social Site, please read the about us and the FAQ area. Hopefully it will provide you with more information about the idea behind the project, haha. Thanks for stopping by

  • Many thanks for including one of my blogs posts in your list, it’s very much appreciated 😉

  • Thanks for sharing your top post links man, they’re insightful and a great resource. Hope others will see the benefit of a roundup post.

  • Hi DiTesco…
    Those are great links contain many great information… But…., I would like to thank you for the seven links in Online Business/Marketing/SEO… The links are very useful… And what I like more is that “the money is the content and the list is useless”…, even it is different with what I want to say…
    Yup…, as I am working hard for better ranking in Google Search…, not just list of backlinks I got…, but updating content daily is needed as much as I need backlinks…
    “Seven free ways to drive traffic to your website” and “you think your keywords are ranking well, but are they really?” are very great too… Really very informative posting…

  • DiTesco,

    I’ve been following up on your post and you have provided very helpful info. Some of those were new insight to me and I went to thank you for that. It will be interesting to see how social media will integrate further into the search engine algorithm.

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