SoLoMo Marketing – Is it the Right Time to go for it?

There’s this latest buzzword getting thrown all around by advertising and marketing squads. SoLoMo, which represents Social-Local-Mobile, refers to the particular incorporation of public, location-based and also mobile advertising and marketing resources into new purchasing programs. Almost everyone is familiar with the common SoLoMo programs like Foursquare and also Groupon. Social-Local-Mobile search depends upon a Smartphone owner’s actual location which can give the user continuous info regarding their interests and hangouts. These specifics can be compiled primarily from public gossip.

SoLoMo Marketing


The majority of music experts is already using SoLoMo type searches for their concerts. These include public social networking resources like Facebook or maybe websites like MySpace, Twitter updates and messages, and also Google+, which lets unbiased performing artists, supervisors, entrepreneurs and others to communicate with music lovers. Actual live music firms already depend upon public social networking websites to make available essential qualitative specifics from their followers.


Music experts are tracking their fans’ real time places according to the particular Geo-location of these fans’ cell phones & aiming essential offers and announcements related to that info. Fans utilize mobile phone programs like Marquee in order to instantly notify performing artists and concert halls of their locales. This kind of marketing helps concert organizers keep their fans in a certain area informed about upcoming programs. It also gives artists an opportunity to reward faithful fans.

For this reason, music lovers have grown familiar with discount rates and supplies tailored to suit them. Responsive cell advertising and marketing programs make it easy to keep track of and to stock up the fans’ performance history. This helps greatly when it comes to routing tours or promoting events.


Fans have always craved for these kinds of highly-personalized mobiles particularly after the launch of Geo-fencing technological innovation; the particular cell method can provide people with details of their most-liked activities. In this sense, highly-targeted SoLoMo techniques shape easily the social communities that form around performing artists and areas. These kinds of techniques link the space between the social-chatter and the digital globe with the tangibility of the real world.

Song lovers wish to be recognized as part of this specific collection by their fellow fans and also get engaged by the group’s leaders– in this case the particular artists, promoter or maybe the venue. Mobile allows performing artists to identify their fans’ faithfulness via public social networking and strengthens these ties along with giving concrete rewards. These kinds of rewards are generally acquired in the digital sphere and provided inside the real world.

Must Haves inside a SoMoLo Approach

Consumer Awareness – Creating an effective SoMoLo strategy needs one to become an authority in purchaser search behavior. Awareness about consumer behavior will help you to create your target actions which will lead to increased relevance and leads will be converted in a more efficient manner. Shopping is the key action regarding cell clients. Devoted to evaluation, clients are employing search for in order to:

  • Research pre-purchase (57% Smartphone, 66% Tablet)
  • Locate stores (73% Smartphone, 42% Tablet)
  • Check prices (62% Smartphone, 52% Tablet)
  • Read evaluations regarding recent/future purchases (45% Smartphone, 56% Tablet)

Consider the advantages of this specific search for actions simply by determining the particular queries clients are generally asking then offering helpful staff to make available answers. Make certain to take into account their views.

Power To Relinquish Management – Today clients are in the driving seat. Unless you empower these people, you will probably never ever have the ability to convert them. Today’s determined clients speedily adjust from one route to another location. Frequently, they may begin purchase using one route, like a Smartphone, and then shift to a PC.

Carry out an audit of your unique way to buy having a goal in mind to make a sleek purchasing experience. If the purchaser is in one of your areas and chooses to obtain goods or maybe answers on the internet are they equipped to do that with a smart phone? If they discover something that interests them, will they have the ability to gain access to that from another device or place without any effort? Giving clients the power with the capability to navigate their preferred way to buy allows these people the control their moves.

Simplicity – Individuals are looking for options, comfort and power; and they want each of these on their own terms. One effect of employing a SoMoLo marketing campaign is that you make it simple for your clients to learn all things linked to your enterprise. If you don’t really encourage clients to discover your enterprise speedily, they will quickly move to a firm that can be discovered faster.

Search engines and other related services are seen as excellent solutions for managers/owners who are keen to put in resources in order to take their benefits.

For starters:

  • First, increase your internet presence so that clients utilize this to learn what you truly are.
  • Next, increase stuff that is hosted on these kinds of solutions. Web optimization can be too technical and usually needs the help of the pros.

For convenience sake, wherever it can be done, provide details in advance. This is an important suggestion: in the event that a person is completing a shopping cart deal and the same info is needed in many locations, then the customer shouldn’t have to key in several times the same info. A majority of organizations drives away clients since they compel them to comply with their programs.

Listening Skills – Be aware about what clients assert with regard to an individual, your goods, your competitors, along with your product collection. Decide on what can be realistically done to then produce a method that will achieve tracking the particular conversions. Whenever suitable, answer comments or apprehensions; don’t let yourself be very defensive if you want to attempt to fix a challenge or maybe correct wrong details. Acknowledge compliments. Use this to boost your service, to resolve problems and also strengthen good actions and deepen your ties with your clients.

Regional Edge – Consumers are considering discovering local alternatives. Position dependent answers just like Foursquare let clients to examine straight specific areas revealing to their network details about the experience they had. Check-in actions permit clients to learn about specials, review goods or maybe answers and also talk about their activities along with some others. Frequently these kinds of programs are generally linked to additional well-known public social networking programs.

In addition to improving your advertising and marketing solutions, it asserts your local place. You will discover solutions that can cause this action straightforward and achieving this will probably make certain your stuff unfolds upward inside local net searches. In case you have already offered your coupon codes, discount rates or maybe rates, contemplate building the offer in such a way as to lure local clients.

Common Problems to Avoid

  • Focusing on only mobile is probably the most prevalent of the problems.
  • Don’t design a strategy for your marketing without focusing on your customer. Customers don’t want to see the complexities of your marketing strategy; they want to get what you are offering when they are fully prepared and they expect everybody in your company to be aware about it.
  • Don’t explore SoLoMo tactics before you set your goal. Sometimes a brand will make a foray into the social field only because others are there. So have a strategy ready before going to a particular platform.
  • Don’t assign this strategy to a junior staff member. This may result in an effort that’s not appropriate.
  • Limited or maybe zero interior collaboration with a company is a huge blunder. Not only will it worsen the condition of a fragmented firm, it misses the extraordinary possibility of empowering workers and also boosting your merchandise considerably.
  • Lack of cooperation inside the firm permits practical silos to prevent talking about information. This results in a scenario where the right hand does not know what the right hand is up to. The result: poor client experience.
  • Not caring to set up advertising and marketing scheme results in a case of opportunity being missed.
  • Inactive presence on the social media. Poor attention reflects badly about the merchandise, and clients may go and try out your competitors.
  • A could-be circumstance might be a journal advertisement without a QR program code or perhaps a guide without a website link. The actual solutions already really exist, but if you fail to ensure that they are connected, it will again be a case of opportunity lost.
  • Avoid broadcasting self-promoting messages. Social business as well as SoLoMo is about assisting clients by giving them suitable content and best experiences. Self-promotion may sometimes put a client off.
  • Neglecting public social networking suggestions tend to make a vacuum so co-workers don’t know what to do with your brand’s public social networking. The outcome can be terrible. Without suggestions to understand everything you anticipate, workers have to generally find out themselves what they need to and not need to do. This can result in poor client interaction.
  • Often companies restrict access to public social networking conveniences at the workplace for many reasons. Many do this in order to restrict risk; others view it as a productivity-threat. The outcome is normally inferior productivity, or potential going to waste.
  • Organizations may have a plan set to gather evaluations, but don’t pay real attention or truly listen. They are more concerned with justifying than hearing. This could lead organizations on the wrong and eventually lose clients.

SoLoMo Trends for 2013

Search is becoming more social. Facebook has followed Google’s footsteps and has incorporated social in their search results. Pinterest has also become a major platform to source traffic.

A Morgan Stanley study claims that there will be 1.5 billion smart devices in use by the middle of 2013. Smart devices have become an expansion of the consumer. For more than half of these consumers, tablets or Smartphones have become indispensable.

comscore mobile study

Giant marketing firms will keep on promoting local offers and there will be continuous developments in local sharing. For example, Foursquare could be purchased by a big player like Facebook or Google.

As consumers keep on moving from platform to platform, appropriate communication will become increasingly essential. Thus an integrated approach to marketing will become imperative. Brands have to thus create great experiences for customers by tying up offerings through every SoLoMo venue smoothly.

Authority of SoLoMo Marketing

The authority of SoLoMo is the crossroads where local, mobile and social elements coincide. This shining spot holds loads of opportunities for brands. Taking advantage of this unique opportunity is challenging. It needs cultural configuration and discipline that is focused on the customer. Brands that are courageous enough to think in a different way and quickly adapt to fast changing client expectations can benefit greatly.

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