The Top 10 Key Elements That Makes A Website Great

Have you ever wondered what makes a great website? Most likely, you already found some information out there that tells you that to be a great website, you need quality content. You need things like videos, slide presentations, and even infographics. So, are these all you need to pass the test of having quality content? Maybe not.

If you are still not familiar with what the search engines believe to be “quality content”, then you should take a look at Google´s Webmaster Guidelines, and also get familiar with those of Bing´s. As a matter of fact, Bing recently mentioned that quality content is a primary ranking factor. All in all, the key is “improving user experience”.

Anyway, in addition to those resources mentioned above, recently published an infographic that highlights the 10 elements, a website requires to be great. Neil says that picking up just a few elements is not enough, rather, it’s a total package type of thing. You need to work on all of the elements in the infographic below. Obviously, implementing some of them will probably be better than nothing at all, however the goal is to make your website so great that people (not search engines bots) would want to come back and hopefully subscribe, purchase, or whatever action it is you are looking for them to do.

10 Key Elements Of A High Quality Website

high quality content website infographic



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  • Although all the things in the content are good and specially I have always focused on writing a quality content but I came across many micro niche blogs that have ruined the grammar and content quality but still rank good among their niche and I could not understand why.But I am pretty sure that they won’t last for long.

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