High Paying AdSense Keywords

If you landed here, let me tell you now that there are information out there about this subject that is outdated and totally unreliable. If you have seen this or something similar (partial list only):

High Paying Keywords:

pile of money
austin dwi $66.89
austin dwi attorney $58.30
san diego dui $42.83
dwi texas $40.89
dui attorneys $40.19
car accident lawyer $35.67
auto accident attorney $33.19
mesothelioma attorney $27.20
personal injury lawyer $26.72

Most likely, the following step will be to buy the full list of top paying keywords for only $19.99. My advice to you is not to buy any of this stuff as it is almost certain that it is a hoax. The only way you can make good money from AdSense is to produce quality content and expect people to click on your ads to achieve a good CTR. If you want you can always research keywords from google’s free keyword tool.

Just think for a second, how would you fit “mesothelioma attorney” on your site? If, and I mean if, you can actually fit this on an article, what makes you believe that the ads will generate high revenues for you? After conducting a lot of research, I came to a conclusion that most information about high paying keywords are a hoax and will only lead you to spending money or induce you to click on an ad where they will earn money.


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