10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

Nowadays ordinary people usually use Instagram for … photographing their food and cats! And not all businessmen understand that Instagram is not just a “cool” app, but also a unique opportunity for business.

Besides today, the visual information better meets our needs. Perhaps you did not notice, but the images are playing a much more important role than textual information. When we go out to the Internet, photography particularly attracts our attention. Text does not have such a powerful effect on us. That’s why Instagram has today a huge success. Suppose I have convinced you. But how exactly can you use instagram for business? Why should consumers know what we ate for dinner?

If you take anything away from this article then take this: do not make your pictures boring. People do not just want to see products or people. There needs to be something about the photo that acts as a hook or that is interesting.

In this article, you’ll learn…

  • Why you should use Instagram for business
  • 10 creative ideas of how to do it

1 – Show the viewer your products

Do not make them adverts. Just show people your products in action. If you sell bicycles then show them flying through the air on large jumps or show a rider holding onto the back of a truck. If you sell licorices then show people the tree that it comes from besides a packet of your licorice.

Burberry Red Bull Instagram

Referring to the experience of the “great”. 155-year-old fashion house Burberry has always moved with the times in terms of social media. Burberry started using Instagram almost immediately, and now the company has more than 350,000 subscribers. The fashion house is not just showing  clothes and advertising photographs, processed by filters. Photographer Mike Kus presented the pictures from September fashion shows in London in his Instagram feed. He did in real time, so the fans were able to get pictures from the demonstrations before they could appear anywhere else.

2 – Show the viewer how your products are made

If you have a sowing factory, you could show time delay pictures of the product being made. If you have a windows factory, you can show how the plastic strips move through the factory and become something else.

Starbucks company one of the first began to use the service to share photos and today has more than 200,000 followers. In its account Starbucks covers internal work processes and shares them with the world: talking about new flavors of coffee, development technologies and testing.

Instagram - Starbucks

3 – Introduce your viewer to your workplace

If you have high-tech equipment, then show people pictures of it. If you have a factory full of weird and wonderful machines, then show people them in action. Let people see how your product is made. If you just sell the item then show them cartons of your products stacked up to the roof.

4 – Demonstrate your products in action to the viewer

If you sell lawn mowers then show it cutting through really high grass. If you sell knives then show it cutting through a tin bucket or tin can.

Red Bull InstagramRed Bull has never been easy energetic drink. Many years of effective PR-campaign have made Red Bull a  brand of special lifestyle. Today, Red Bull sponsors many extreme events, from which brings stunning Instagram photo reports.

5 – Give the viewer something secret like a sneak preview of a new product

If you sell security equipment then show your most recent up and coming security device. Show people something that is not on the market yet, but that you are bringing out soon.

6 – Show the viewer fun things that have been done with your products

If you sell clothes then tell people that your largest sizes are selling well and then have a picture Photo-shopped showing large clothes hanging from electricity lines. If you sell ice cream, then show a picture of a kid with a double scoop ice cream cone.

7 – Take the viewer with you on a staff trip

Have photos of your staff with their uniform on enjoying a day in a funfair, and have shots of them in the hall of mirrors, etc. Try having a fancy dress party with loads of pictures of your staff having really good fun.

8 – Introduce the viewer to your employees

Don’t be boring about it though. People do not want to see your employees, but they will tolerate an interesting picture. Try adding captions to their pictures such as having your janitor painting a wall with a caption, “We have asked John six times in four days to fit the office carpet, let’s see how he’s doing”. If you have an on-site chef, then show a picture of him/her flipping three pancakes at once.

9 – Show the viewer something amazing about your product

If you make glass vases then show fifty of them holding up a tractor. If you sell cheese, then show time delay pictures of a wheel of cheese eating competition.

10 – Make your viewer laugh with something involving your product

If you make shoes then show a kitten trying to climb out of one. If you sell non-stick pans then show a baby trying to wear it as a hat.

That’s it! Some creative ways to increase your exposure and hopefully generate more sales by using Instagram creatively for business. Do you have more ideas you can share?

Korah Morrison

Korah Morrison is a writer on EssayWritingServices.com and she writes on different topics related to smm, internet marketing and seo.

13 thoughts on “10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

  • Hey Korah,

    I always tell everyone to hop on the istagram train because it has so much momentum. If you do it right, then your products are propelled none stop and are viral. I like two of your points, which are really one: creating a window into your company .

    EVERYONE is interested into how companies work?

  • Today, people do want some insight into the companies they patronize. It’s the culture of the information age to want to connect on some kind of personal-feeling level. Instagram definitely makes it easy to give some behind the scenes footage to your customers and hopefully develop more of a persona for your brand by doing so.

  • Even if your business doesn’t afford the opportunity to share as many insightful photos, it’s still an interesting way to connect with others. You can call out users in comments and build your own presence.

  • Hey Korah,

    Really great points for promotion through Instagram. Till now I was considering it a place to share pics for fun only. I would love to follow your tips for business promotion.

  • Hi,
    A mind blowing article. It was so professional revealing all the talents of how good a business man can be if he uses “apps” as “tool” to earn and just not only earn but have the remarkable growth.:) It can be so much out of question to use just an app into business, but your article put forwards not only the question but an apt answer to it. That too in the best manner possible. 🙂 Its great to learn from you. Thanks for the nuggets.:)

  • Hi,
    FAB! To know the fact how fun turns into business and earns profit,growth and customers for you.:) It was professionalism with remarkable intelligence, and making most out of the sources present. Its using best of the apps into business and without taking much work pressure. 🙂

  • It’s funny, I’ve NEVER thought of Instagram as a marketing tool until now. Between instagram, memes and pinterest, image marketing is taking on a whole new form. Thanks for sharing your insight Korah

  • Everyone saluted the rising sun. This proverb has been proved once again. Before a few month, there was a great news about Pinterest everywhere on Internt. And today, Pinterest is not very much in news because of Instagram. This just proves, that if one thing is in trend, we should just follow it and make maximum efforts we can to settle things and promote things. You gave some really nice tips about what all can be done using Instagram for your business. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Great post, Korah!

    Although Instagram has yet to make any real waves in social media marketing where I’m from, it’s a fairly powerful everywhere else. You’ve made a comprehensive guide here. We’ll be recommending this as required reading for our new interns.

    Thanks, Korah. 🙂

  • Showing the viewer how the products are made & Demonstrating products in action to the viewers is truly amazing thing. If you do it right, then your products are propelled none stop and are viral, I would love to follow your tips for business promotion. . Nice post, thanks for sharing.

  • I agree with all the suggestions and really liked all the examples you provided.

    One issue we’ve encountered when using Instagram for business is the difficulty/annoyance of managing a corporate account on a phone that also has your personal Instagram account (which is pretty much always).

    There is no built-in functionality (unless I’m missing something) to easily toggle between accounts. Without an online web interface as an alternative, I hope to see this introduced as a new feature in an update sometime soon!

  • Hi Korah
    Interesting post, Vanessa. I love how people devised ways to stay connected with the use of technology, and I can certainly see that Instagram is one of the best ones. I will certainly look into how it can help my venture gain more supporters. So thanks for given Important information.

  • Hi Korah
    Very useful tips. I agree with your Article. I am in the promotional products industry and Instagram is a great way to show some creativity in a industry where it is expected. Great tips. Thanks for share Tips.

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