Forget Guest posting? 3 ways to get top Bloggers to write about YOU

Bloggers or as I call them “interesting dealers” can’t help it.

They are attracted to FRESH relevant content like bees to FRESH flowers.

This is something that I found to be true with the top bloggers on the internet. It took me several months to realize this after researching the top blogs in 2012 for the International Blogger Championship Tournament #IBCT. However, a theory without proof is like an idea without action so I had to do more. I decided to interact with a handful of the top bloggers to prove my idea and well, here’s what I discovered:

You can get top bloggers write about YOU.

Yeah, I know. This doesn’t sound right does it? It should be the other way around right? You would think the up and coming bloggers are supposed to be writing about the top bloggers, right? Not so fast as Lee Corso would say. What I found was the top bloggers are on top for a handful of reasons here’s two:

  1. They are excellent at finding what is interesting and relevant to THEIR audience.
  2. They publish the best content on these topics FIRST.

This is what drives their success. Just like pollen drives bees.

So, how do you get a top blogger to write about you?

write for meI can’t say how excited I was to get bloggers in the top 2% to write about what I was doing. There are over 640 million websites on the internet, the big dogs are in the top 100,000. Here’s what I did to get them to write about me in 2012:

1. Get connected.

Part of my research was to stay updated on what the top bloggers were doing so I followed them on twitter, subscribed to their email lists, and basically just stayed active on their blogs.

If they posted something that I found interesting I would comment but I didn’t SWARM all of their posts or SPAM them with useless gratitude’s. I just stayed focused on the topic of discussion and tried to add value whenever I commented.

I would also share their articles on twitter and Google+. One of the techniques I found to get their attention is to be the first to share a post on social media. If an article has 25 re-tweets but no one has shared it on Google+ I would try to be the first to do so. Trust me bloggers know who shares their stuff.

Also, if they offered any free eBooks or downloads I would read every single word of their free stuff and watch all their videos. I would also buy their premium products whenever possible.

2. Do something BIG.

Unfortunately most people don’t take action and even less people think BIG. This is the BULK HEAD that traps people inside the sinking ship of failure. If you don’t take action how are you going to accomplish anything?

In a short matter of months I focused all my energy on becoming as prolific a writer as possible.

I wrote over 300 articles in 2012 for my own blogs covering hot topics like a spicy Mariana sauce. Some controversial rants, some comedic, and some completely brand new ideas like the #IBCT which introduces a concept I called competitive-comparative analysis.

I also published 3 ClickBank products of my own and offered free eBooks and video training courses.

By the time I was done with half of this stuff most of the top bloggers I followed knew who I was and many of them had followed me on twitter and added me to their circles on Google+.

3. Ask.

I’m not sure which cliché I should use to say this. Is it, “watch out for what you wish for” or “say it and it will be done?” Maybe it’s both?

No, it wasn’t that easy but basically that’s all it took once I had positioned my self where I knew the top bloggers would recognize me. However, it didn’t all go that smoothly.

I had to deal with rejection. I didn’t catch the eye of the top bloggers right away and that’s because I didn’t try to. I tried to catch the eye of the “almost” top bloggers first, the top 3-5 percenters.

It was the feedback that I got from their REJECTION that helped me better prepare how to approach the bloggers at the top. I can’t stress how important strategy is, it’s not about checkers folks, it’s ALL ABOUT chess. There is a HUGE difference.

So, what’s next? Is it time to forget about guest posting?

No way, I won’t forget about guest posting as obviously you’re reading this guest post but I also won’t forget the fact that top bloggers were writing about me before I ever got my first guest post published. I don’t say this to brag like a schmuck but to motivate you to think outside the box as you contemplate your next move for 2013. As they say where I’m from “Study long, study wrong.” My advise, don’t wait think GREAT and act today if you believe then you will ascend to greatness which is your only true potential. Reach higher and let your actions communicate your intentions this is what the top bloggers do and it’s also what they’ll notice AND write about.

33 thoughts on “Forget Guest posting? 3 ways to get top Bloggers to write about YOU

    • Ha haaaa!

      That’s one way to put it Marty.

      That’s why we’re here to DO BIG THINGS.

      It’s time to stop playing around.

      • I just took my sister to see the hobbit for her birthday I think I will use that thanks so much

  • Another great post contributed by Darnell Jackson. You have mentioned about very nice points Jackson, Guest posting is presently a trending healthy way to build do follow back links for our sites without getting penalized.
    I have a plan to concentrate more on guest blogging part in my blog.

  • Sounds like a lot of hard work. Not that I’m afraid of hard work or anything but I’d rather they notice me because of something that I’ve written rather than because I sucked up to them for the past several months.

    Call me crazy but I’ve actually boycotted their blogs ages ago because I found that for the most past they ignored not only my comments but the majority of their commentators. I have had a major discussion with a couple of the ProBloggers who thought it more important to ignore their commentators so they could go about their business of making money.

    • Thanks for reading AussieSire,


      Trust me I’m the last guy to suck up to anyone.

      Remember the title of this post, the point is I got them to write about ME.

      It’s chess not checkers.

      For best results use Strategy.

      • I’m quite familiar with chess, I’m actually quite good at it.

        I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective. I’m just not prepared to follow them, buy there products, comment on their posts which are normally ignored just so they will notice me.

        • You’re right AussieSire,

          It is all all a matter of perspective.

          I’ll never forget learning this:
          “In order to get what you’ve never had you have to do what you’ve never done.”

  • Thanks Sai,

    It’s all about strategy.Value > Volume

    I wouldn’t recommend guest posting to build back links.

    People are so thirsty for quality information so if you share something of value you can really benefit from high quality targeted traffic.

    This is the best reason to write guest posts.

  • Its always good if someone write for you.Its really a awesome post, thanks for sharing such nice article.You have done a great job.

  • I love the idea of flipping a usually thing like guest posting and getting your favorites bloggers to guest post for you, love it! We’re in the home improvement industry….time to get Holmes on Holmes to write a guest post for us! Ha, I know there is alot of work to do before getting to that, you’re an example of prolific you can be at blogging if you put your all into it. Cheers!

    • Thanks for reading Shannon,

      You can do it.

      You just have to find your angle and take action.

      Remember the heaviest objects can be lifter with ease if you use leverage.

      If you have ever watched the movie hunger games remember how important strategy was for success.

  • I just read another post that convinced me to learn how to guest post and then, yours suggests otherwise.. I read it all, this is a guest post after all, but I also see someone who works very hard. Especially if you actually wrote all 300 of those posts.
    Great Job. I only post every 2-3 days and that is my commitement, but I see now that its a little small. Do you also tweet, share, ping, and post articles to directories to backlink all your posts? Takes so much time.

    • Excellent questions Robert.

      No, I don’t intentionally “build back links” for articles after I write them.

      I do share them on social media after I have written them and post some comments on great blogs like this one.

      That’s about it though, no pinging or any of that stuff I agree with you it takes too much time and it’s not what I want to spend my time doing.

      I’d rather write another article.

      • thanks for that, I was thinking the backlinking was necessary to get google to rank you enough so your posts will be seen.
        I would prefer to just blog…
        The Bumbling Blogger

  • it was really difficult on my part to get traffic in the beginning because I know I am starting on a niche with already so many interesting writers. This however helped a lot!!

    • Thanks Kamil,

      This same approach will work for any niche. The real secret is to bring extreme value to your audience no matter how much work it takes.

  • Interesting thought Jackson!
    Do something big,is always the great deal to get top blogger write about you.

    • That’s it in a nut shell.

      …also find a way to share info that’s helpful to people, that’s what the #IBCT is all about learning from the BEST of the BEST.

  • Yes, I used to rely solely on search engines before but now I see it was a mistake. Networking works in real life and in virtual life too.

    • Well said Elena ,

      I could not have put it better.

      Thanks for adding this excellent point.

      It’s NOT about who YOU know it’s all about WHO knows you. 😉

  • Thanks for reading Taran,

    I’m trying to get the word out on what actually works we’re all in the same boat.

  • I thinks we are on the same boat. I am not really into guest blogging, but rather, I want to be more active in relating with other bloggers so I can promote them and get promoted as well.

    • Thanks for reading Sarah,

      Just remember what the top bloggers want.
      They are thirsty for interesting content like teenagers for attention or something lol.

      Do something BIG that you KNOW will catch their eye. This is the trick.

  • Darnell, you’ve got a really great perspective here.

    I think the takeaway for me is diversity. We shouldn’t keep all of our eggs in one basket.

    Thanks for a great post.

    • Thanks for Reading Adam,

      It’s a jungle out there, you have to use strategy to make it through.

  • Hey! Read your list. It looks great and I am looking to connect with a blogger that will help me boost clients to my site. I have been networking for a long time now and just haven’t found someone that does great work, your blog was outstanding compared to most. It wasn’t to much info but it wasn’t a little either.
    I am now following you on Twitter, and Hope we can connect soon.

    • Thanks for reading Brian.

      My favorite quote for 2013:

      Plan Plot Strategize

  • I think this is the best technique which I have read so far and this is possible if we play our cards well. If we are successful in doing so then it will surely help us to break many barriers and get a home run.Thanks for sharing this amazing article.

    • Thanks for reading Karlon,

      Yeah we just have to accept that we have to do something different if we want something different.

      Get out side of the box and think.

  • it is all about networking with the famous bloggers in your niche, If they are ready to share with you than your work is done, So before that do all what they want from you. Am i right Darnell Jackson?

    • Thanks for reading Rakesh Kumar,

      Yes, it is about networking.

      No, it’s not about doing all that “They” want unless “they” is your audience.

  • Hey Darnell,
    Nice post and Yes, Guest blogging is the best way to connect with other blogger and it also helps to make links with them also drives lots of traffic. Thanks for sharing this post.

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