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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. If you are interested even a bit about SEO, you probably have noticed that there are predictions, new tips, etc. on what to expect for 2013. While there are some really good stuff out there, I really think that one of the ways to know about SEO is to get educated, specially if you are not following the trends as closely as some that are directly involved in the industry. While there are many SEO resources out there, some of you probably don’t know that the two major search engines have great resources of their own. Google’s Webmaster Academy is one of them, and recently, Bing has started their Bing Webmaster Tools Overview Webinar. Bing’s webinars promises to be quite interesting, and in case you are interested, you can register here for free. Want to know about authority building? That’s scheduled for January 24. Highly recommended.

The Varying Effectiveness of Social Proof

I really like Rand’s whiteboard Friday. They are short, simple and effective. This week, Rand talks about how social proof can be a wildly effective form of marketing. Numbers are good, but …

On another front, there has been some crazy developments this week. Danny Sullivan or Search Engine Land, reports that there are actually webmasters that are going as far as requesting StumbleUpon for link removals. Really! What’s the point of asking when anyone can put a link back in there again? Go figure… And to finalize, WebProNews reports a scary thought of some organizations actually charging money for you to link to them. Yep, that’s the other way around. Imagine if that goes viral? I will have to stop doing my speedlink every week, or I’ll go broke really fast, lol. See more details about this story, here.

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7 thoughts on “Bing Webmaster Webinars, Social Proof Effectiveness, SEO Crazy, Speedlink 2:2013

  • I agree social proof is very effective.You have shared such a nice post, great video.

  • I listen and watch your video again and again but I could not catch every word because my English is not very good. Is that possible if you can give me subtitle. This requirement may be difficult but I hope you can hope as I am really interested in you post, especially your video.

  • This video and this post is very informative. Social proof has always been proven to be really effective.

  • They’re going to charge money for me linking to them 😀 Yeah, I like to see their chance of that happening, They would have a lot more luck paying me to remove my link 😉

    And asking Stumble to remove links? Where to people get these ideas from? Oh yeah, that’s right, it usually comes about because of something the guys at Google has said or done.

    • Hi Sire. Happy New Year:) I hear you on both counts.. These weird things are happening right in the beginning of this year.. Wonder what’s coming up next, LOL. And yeah, I like the other way around better.. paying me to remove their links, haha.. Good one

      • And so they should because it costs us time to do it and time is money. It’s like those guys who left comments on our blog who now want it removed because they believe it’s now hurting their ratings. Usually they paid someone to leave it so they may as well pay me to remove it 😉

  • Excellent post. You really dialed that in. It’s the simple principles that worked for people that have already been where we are heading and desire to be that we should pay close attention to.Thanks for keeping it real and I always look forward to your next post!
    Thanks for share it.

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