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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. This week, one of the most talked about topic was the official launch of Windows 8. Like anything else, before you do any kind of upgrade, check first to see if your device has the necessary ingredients. for compatibility and more. Also, if you are upgrading from XP or Vista, you may want to check out the Section 5 of Microsoft’s FAQs, as you will have to re-install all your apps in case you do the upgrade. Something to consider before you jump in the wagon. Have you upgraded yet? How do you like the news OS?

On a different note, if you are one of those that’s looking for an AdSense alternative, there is a new (well a bit new), kid on the block. If you have not heard about it yet, Yahoo/Bing Ad network has launched their very own contextual ad network for publishers, which essentially is very similar to that of AdSense. You may find more info about the network and apply here in case you are interested.

Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads

Finally, SEOmoz whiteboard Friday share some tips on ways to make your community *happy dance* their way into becoming lifelong fans. Watch the video and learn how to delight and surprise your community – one cupcake at a time!

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That’s it! Enjoy and have a great weekend.


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6 thoughts on “AdSense Alternative, Klout, Windows 8, Delight Your Community, Speedlink 42:2012

  • Fantastic. Thanks! I haven’t tried Windows 8 yet. Maybe I’ll read a few more reviews.. 🙂

  • Again a nice post Ditesco. I have read many reviews about Windows 8 and also i tried the developer preview which seemed really great. I am just hoping for the pric to come down lol.. Because i want to have a genuine copy and it is way too costly in my country as of now.

  • Thanks. I am looking forward to using Windows 8. Microsoft products always look promising so fingers crossed.

  • It seems like Windows 7 just came out not that long ago. I hear a lot of people and even businesses did upgrade to Windows 7 when it came out. This time around with Windows 8 I don’t think you will see as many upgrading especially businesses. Maybe a few that didn’t upgrade, but I think a lot of people are content with Windows 7. I know I am.

  • Windows 8 is really a nice OS but as its in beta mode so better will be to wait some time or Its your choice to take a preview .

  • Hi Ditesco,

    Thanks again for the brilliant wraps up and sharing the viable links. Especially on Win8.

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