Visual Marketing Online: 3 Social Media Platforms You Should Be Utilising

Visual content is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience. Users are far more likely to interact with something which grabs their attention, and in the scrolling world of online media, there is no better way to do that than with an image or video. On Twitter images and videos receive far more interaction than a plain tweet. Facebook even gives additional importance to visual content or as they have labelled it: ‘edge weight’, meaning that images and videos are more likely to be positioned higher in your newsfeed.

The popularity of this type of content has led to the development of a variety of social media platforms which are entirely designed around this concept. Here are three of the most used:

1) Pinterest

Pinterest Visual Social Marketing

Pinterest is effectively a virtual pin board. The concept is that you create ‘boards’ on a thematic basis which you ‘pin’ relevant images to. Each user can make a variety of different boards based around their interests. Members can either follow individual boards, or opt to track everything that that a person chooses to pin. Dominated by females, this platform is the home of meaningful quotes, inspirational images, infographics and of course cute animal pictures. Images also can also act as link, so it is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your site.

Marketing techniques for Pinterest

As previously mentioned, Pinterest has a largely female user base which should be taken into consideration when utilising this site. Content which is emotionally weighted performs particularly well, so think about pictures which either pull on the heartstrings or make people laugh. Other types of material try include how to guides, for example a gym could create a 20 minute fitness plan. Keep branding simple but visible with your website or social media handles in the corner.

Pinterest also offer you the ability to nominate designated ‘pinners’. Trusted fans can be granted access to one of your boards which will increase the loyalty and engagement they have with your brand.

2) Instagram

instagram visual social

Instagram is probably the most well-known of these visual social networks. A simple but effective concept; users are able to upload images from their smart phone or PC to share within their community. In essence, it is a sort of visual Twitter and in turn uses similar processes to share content. Members are able to follow and be followed by other users, have a rolling newsfeed of the latest images and are also able to tag people using the ‘@’ sign and topics using the ‘#’. The draw of Instagram is also the ability to edit pictures and apply filters which enhance the appearance of the image. The filters give pictures an authentic, retro feel which appeals to many peoples penchant for nostalgia.

Marketing techniques for Instagram

Instagram users are already highly engaged and eager to think of new image ideas. Utilising this can get your client to market your product for you. For example, you can set up a competition which requires users to upload photos of them using your product in inventive ways. Ensure that you have clear branding on your promotional items and your brand will be displayed to the masses with little effort from your marketing team. Why not even offer the winners an item as a giveaway, ensuring that your business stays in their mind even longer? The beauty of Instagram is that you can track and measure user engagement with the simple, but eternally useful hashtag feature.

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3) Keek

Keek Visual Social

Keek is the newest member of the visual social networking community. Launched in 2011, it is already considerably popular with users. In August 2012 alone, it received 250 million page views; not bad for the baby of the family. Keek also lends itself to comparison Twitter offering users the ability to record visual ‘Tweets’, in effect a combination of this and YouTube. Members upload personal video clips, or ‘Keeks’ which must be no longer than 36 seconds long. They then share these with their followers. Users can track other ‘Keeks’ in their feed and also search topics using the increasingly popular hashtag resource.

Marketing techniques for Keek

Keek goes beyond a static image and requires you to think outside of the box. The amateur nature of ‘Keeks’ however means you do not need to employ expensive video production techniques to generate popularity. You can even get users to create videos for you, showing how they use your product or service. Short video clips have endless potential; why not encourage you employees to get involved with product placements and live demonstrations?

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Carla Froggatt

Carla Frogatt is a collaborator for Steel City Marketing a UK promotional gifts company situated in the heart of Sheffield. They provide inventive marketing packages to small and large clients across the UK. With over ten years in the business, they are confident in their ability to infuse your marketing campaign with fresh ideas and drive forward your intended aims to success. They can be found tweeting such advice @SteelCityM.

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  • In the end, social mediause is what you make out of it. But it can aid you in the dreaded job search process–not only in terms of a research tool, but in the fact that you never know where your fellow tweeps or followers may end up one day. Remember to keep at it and don’t be afraid to seek out interaction.

  • Pinterest is commonly used by several business to brand sales and products and it is also a good alternative for Facebook. And since it is now also a large social media sites that’s why you can also get potential customers from it.

  • Pinterest ia used by several business to brand sales and products and it is also a good alternative for Facebook. And since it is now also a large social media sites that’s why you can also get potential customers from it.

  • Very interesting post!
    Pinterest is common with marketing nowadays. It’s no doubt that Pintertest is very useful in marketing and promoting product. Actually, I have Instagram account and recently realize how amazing Instagram will help. It’s great social media that is simple but effective concept.

  • You have shared nice details over social media, these are better marketing techniques these days. Marketing with image is an great idea.

  • Social media is a huge source of traffic if done right. Instead of focusing on PPC and other paid traffic methods, targeting social media users can help you in the long run in building a strong brand image.

  • Great read and great advice! I think it’s also important to point out that the quality of the sites that link back to you matters more than the number of sites that link back to you. It’s better to have fewer inbound links from authoritative sites than more from low quality or scraper sites.

  • I’m using 2 at of the 3 Social Media Platforms You write about. I will now need to check out Keek.

    Thank You!!

  • Didn’t heard about “Keek” before, but seems quite interesting. Will spend some there to find out more about it.

  • Thanks, for info about 3 social media above.

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    • According to Matt Cutts, images do pass PageRank, so I guess that answers your question, right?

      • I mean, if we use many picture, reader will longer stay at our web, and search engine robot will think our webpages is good. such as this pages (your site), many nice picture …. and I (human) like it, and more time stay, so robot will also like ….

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  • I totally agree with your points. Visual effect is very strong than any text. Pinterest is a growing social media where people can share there images and links. It is a very helpful platform to bring traffic to your website.

  • Pinterest is common with promoting these days. It’s little doubt that Pintertest is incredibly helpful in promoting and promoting product

  • I have been avoiding all of these sites because I just haven’t seen the value in them, but after reading your article, I may have to create some accounts and see how it may be able to help our company. Thanks for the article.


  • Very creative ! I haven’t known that social media can be used this way to increase traffic and exposure for my business. Thanks a lot Carla.

    BTW, I’ve got to see this Keek guy, seems promising !

  • pinterest is very common for promoting. Thanks a lot for sharing. It really helpful.

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