DiTesco’s Weekly Echo #2

ditesco counter clockwiseHi everyone. I hope you all had a great week. I can not believe that a whole week has already gone by since I first published the #1 Weekly Echo as it hardly made it to the second page of my blog. Either that, or I have not been posting fast enough. Anyway, if anyone of you missed the previous roundup, you can always check it out on DiTesco’s Weekly Echo #1. Now for the weekly echo #2.

1) TweetDeck 3 Video Demonstration – Dragonblogger If you are a Tweetdeck fan, here’s a great video presentation of V0.3 new features
2) Ten reasons you suck at blogging – Potpolitics – A great attention grabbing headline
3) NASA photos: The Hubble is back – Mother Nature Network – Hubble reopens its eyes (photos of the undiscovered world – not anymore)
4) Sex Quotes – Influenza Bloggers – for adults only:)
5) This Week’s Top WOP: Was 9/11 an inside Job? – Asswass – (Conspiracy Theory)
6) Twitter Armour- Ultimate List of Power Tweeting Tools – ClethStudios – A very long list of Power Tweeting Tools
7) How to Stand Out in a Crowded Niche – Copyblogger – No niche is crowded enough
8) What will happen to paid links implemented using JavaScript? – Matt Cutts Video – Time to nofollow Javascript Links?
9) Case Study: Can You Launch a New Site With Twitter Alone? – chrisgarrett – The Power Of Twitter
10) and finally, The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World – cracked.com – Warning! This could make you sick, hope you won’t hate me for it:)

Have fun!


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