Photo Niche Pin: Pinterest Marketing Strategies That Works!

Who says Pinterest is a must for bloggers?

I read that somewhere (can’t place my mind), and I’m still surprised with Pinterest’s impact and how it changed everything we know about photos.

Gone are the days when images were meant for graphic designs and Magazine ads. A time came when blogging became the ‘next’ profitable model, and beautiful photos were used to garnish blog posts. Then, all of a sudden, people started doing something different with photos.

You can get traffic by simply sharing a photo with other people. I used to share photos on Facebook, but I think a ‘feather’ has been added to this visual-marketing system.

Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers and social media marketers are not taking full advantage of Pinterest. Although, there are no ‘stony rules’ to marketing on this photo-sharing social network, but the concept is a bit different from other platforms.

What’s Photo Niche Pin?

I can beat my chest you haven’t seen the phrase elsewhere, or visit my blog and give me a spank, if you’ve. As a niche marketer, I understand the importance of market research and proper targeting. If you choose the wrong niche, with severe competition, you may as well quit marketing and find a safe, secured 9-5 job.

And since Pinterest is primarily about photos, it goes to show that what you share with other people has an impact on the success you get. There is no Pinterest marketer today, who is pinning and repining for the fun of it, we want to drive targeted traffic back to our blogs and take it up from there.

business with pinterest

Isn’t this the ultimate goal – build engaged audience, speak your mind, become an expert and make extra money to pay off debts, buy holidays to Greece and cruise the Atlantic Ocean?

We’ve so many desires and it’s very possible to achieve them – but it’s time to work-it-out. No time for excuses – action is KEY!

Creative Photo Sharing

“Photo-Niche-Pin” simply means sharing relevant photos which speaks the right language to target audience, and strengthens your brand, without distracting potential consumers. Does it sound clear?

In order words, when you share a photo on your Pinterest board, ensure it is relevant and suitable for the content you’ve on your blog. And because people will click-through to your blog from the photos pinned, having a strong blog with quality and valuable content is very vital.

And pinned photo is the “first impression” you create about your business. It shows you’re an expert in a particular niche, and not just some rip-offs’. If you’re passionate about your niche, then, study what people relate with, how they react to marketing offers that are incongruent with their taste.

If you’re a social media marketer, why pin an image about money making on your board. Prospects (followers) will see you as ‘one of those guys’ and run away. But when the photo is relevant, it could be the recent shots you took in a Social Media Conference. You would drive more targeted prospects, get more repins and grow your clientele-base, possibly.

Engage Prospects with Photo

A lot of photos shared on Pinterest don’t engage at all. When I got an invite from this social network, I was so happy and started pinning every image on my post. I even pinned my affiliate check which I scanned.

Did I get repins and traffic from this activity? Yes, I did, mostly because we were the first set to gain access to the member area, and no competition whatsoever. The joy of having a photo sharing site soaked everyone – we clicked, repined and took action as though it was necessary (sometimes, it’s not).

But you can make a BIG difference – before sharing a photo with target audience or whatever name you call them, put effective plans in place. Don’t assume it would work if you do it this way; nothing is as productive as building relationship with new and existing systems.

The photo you pinned is not to get thousands of traffic to your sales page, it’s about connecting, sharing, communicating and meeting the needs of these people, who visit social media networks on daily basis, but have burdens in their heart.

Real practical photos will always engage, while abstract and irrelevant photos would fail. It doesn’t matter what level of success Pinterest has brought you, it’s for a while unless you connect socially and build ‘lasting relationship’ with your fans.

Can you do this?

Yes, you can make Pinterest a healthy and effective marketing environment for all. Rather than employing marketing hype, and every manner of tricks just to drive traffic, focus on proven marketing strategies – Capture your reader, spoon-feed with valuable content, build relationship and market your products. If you can do this, success is sure. See you ahead!

Michael Chibuzor

Michael Chibuzor is a freelance Writer, producing quality web contents to help you grow your business. You can find him on his blog, where he provides SEO content marketing tips for writers.

17 thoughts on “Photo Niche Pin: Pinterest Marketing Strategies That Works!

  • Photos are big league eye candy Michael. Super way to engage people, because we simply can’t resist images, too reliant on our senses, we are. Thanks for sharing the helpful post.

    • You made my day Ryan, for the being the first to comment, I’m heading to your blog to give you a hook. Just kidding! I’m glad you enjoyed my post and understand the power of Pinterest and photos in our lives. Take care and I wish you good success in your business.

  • Pininterest IS addictive!

    Ever since I have got onto it, it gets tough to stay away and not go across at least once a day. Or then you get those notifications if they are enabled, about people pinning or liking your pins or boards.

    I guess it is good for your blog and you can even put up your latest pins on your own blog that change each time you pin new pictures. The visual impact of anything is effective and works wonders with people I think.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • It’s truly addictive, but we must watch how we spend our time in this awesome network. Too much of addiction is “BAD” for business! I’m so glad you shared your experience with Pinterest. Keep up the good work!

  • Pinterest is definitely a source of social trafficking that a lot of bloggers and websites aren’t using at all or very effectively. I think while Pinterest is huge already I think it will grow quite a bit more before it levels out a little.

    • Hey Steven, good to have you comment on my post. I feel so honored to have you read my piece, God bless you abundantly!

  • I’ve used pinterest to optimize my site and the result was amazing my site was jumped from #234 to #9 in few weeks time.

    The trick is we must got our website pinned and repinned by many people this is the hardest part. Most of pinterest users won’t doing repin when they aren’t like what we pinned.

    I do simple thing to outsource it on fiverr and got my site pinned by more than 70 people, I don’t know how can he did it just search by typing pinterest on fiverr and you will find it.

    As I know currently pinterest is best for SEO for these reason:
    1. Once our website pinned it has 3 backlinks counts
    2. Google interest in social media signal so it will not tagged as links farm
    3. Currently pinterest links are dofollow even the image
    4. Also support anchor text, it’s perfect for placing our keywords
    5. The President now pinning on Pinterest lol.

    • Great comment James. Good to know that Pinterest links are dofollow, that’s a win/win game for everyone. I’m glad you read my post. See you around!

  • Photos will always be a magnificent way to attract people. They trigger something that people cannot resist!! Thats for sure!! 😉

  • It’s true Ryan, people can easily get the attention with images. i can say i am Pinterest number 1 fan. I like the pictures of home decor and DIY fom their site.

  • What’s the best way to utilize pinterest if it’s not one of the big topics on there? We’ve been trying to figure out how to utilize this massive marketing tool in the best way possible but we still have lots of learning to do.

    • Yes, keep learning about Pinterest. Over time, you’ll master the art!

  • Photo Niche Pin – Pinterest Marketing Strategies That Works by @mikecoder @ditesco via @connectyou

  • Photo niche pin: Pinterest marketing strategies that work @diteseo

  • Photo Niche Pin: Pinterest Marketing Strategies That Works! via @DiTesco

  • In terms of branding I see a few companies doing well with contests on Pinterest such as Peugeot Panama. The key to doing well on Pinterest is to post pics that are visually compelling and offer value.

  • Thanks for posting this, Michael.
    While I understand your rational, I’m not sure I completely agree with you. I have read elsewhere (I don’t remember exactly) that it’s not really worth your time, especially if your a new blogger. Pinterest is pretty much a place for pictures to posted, and while they might be seen and re-pinned a thousand times, you might only have a couple people actually come to your actual website or end up sending you money. So while this would work if you already have a lot of followers, I wouldn’t suggest it to a new blogger.
    Thanks for the different point of view! 🙂

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