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In my last guest post, I wrote about picking the right theme for your blog, and in this one I’m going to show you some of my favorite sites for downloading premium themes that you can use. Before jumping into my favorite premium themes directories, I also wanted to cover the differences between the different types of WordPress themes out there.

Free WordPress Themes

There are literally millions of WordPress themes out there for you to choose from, and many of them are free. The reason there are so many free themes out there is because they are mostly used for building backlinks. By this I mean you will find a link at the bottom footer of the theme that usually says something like “Theme designed by”, and it will link to their sites. Some sites will offer just about any kind of theme, even responsive themes, just to get links backs, mentions and free publicity. Either way, if you aren’t too concerned about your wordpress theme and just want to throw a free one up on your site, there are millions of them out there to choose from. Just make sure you know the important facts about free WordPress themes first.

Premium WordPress Themes

With a premium theme you are starting to get serious and are demanding the visual attention of your audience. Premium themes aren’t free, but they are usually under $100. Some of the best sites online are based off premium themes, it’s just a matter of finding the right design and feel for your site and content. Once you purchase your premium theme, you can contact a WordPress designer to customize the look and feel to make it even more original.

Custom WordPress Themes

The most expensive option, but also the best… a full custom WordPress design is what every blogger dreams of. Depending on who you go with, the pricing can heavily vary. I always wanted to make a lasting impression with my blog at, so I always went with a custom design. The current design is made by the team at StudioPress Themes (aff), and would probably run a few thousand dollars for something similar. Depending on the complexities of your design and who you go with, you can get a custom theme for your blog for a few hundred of a few thousand dollars.

Top Sites for Premium WordPress Themes

Now it’s time to list some of my favorite sites for access to premium WordPress themes. Many of these sites offer monthly or annual memberships which allow you to access all of their themes for one low price, which is always a great option.

Mojo Themes

mojo themes

Studio Press


Elegant Themes

elegant themes

App Themes

app themes

Theme Junkie

Theme Forest

theme forest

What’s Your Favorite Premium Themes Site?

No matter what type of niche or blog theme you decide to go with, don’t forget that the real value lies in the quality of your blog content. As long as you are providing a valuable experience to your readers and blogging on a consistent basis, they will keep coming back for more as you build up your blog and brand for many years to come.

Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at and, as well as the author of Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger on Amazon.

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  • Hey Zac,

    The shared Premium Themes Sites are really so awesome with lots of awesome themes for wordpress, I love most StudioPress and ThemeForest from them. And never tried others, thanks for the post.

  • Hi Zac, No mention of Thesis..I am using Thesis and a skin from Thesis Awasome on my blog but also do own Elegant Themes and Studiopress themes…..they do create some beautiful themes…

  • Very Very Useful post and i love to find themes on themeforest for my clients. I suggest you to please make a post where and how to get custom theme in detail. Well thanks for this post.

  • If you are really serious with your business or blog and really wants to give your audience best then to invest in purchasing of design is not a big deal. Your site’s theme put strong impression on your visitors and they pretend about it before reading on it. You give good information. Thanks.

  • Hi its important to select a good theme for your which should suite your blog needs. The main thing look out in a theme is its typograpghy and clean nature.

  • Hey!

    It sounds quite interesting what you wrote about feeds. Themes should be highly featured in a website or particular one. premium WordPress themes are so good for websites uses. I am working for this on my company web also also so this will be good for me to choosing me a really better one.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Hi Zac,

    Yes – I do agree. When it comes to WordPress themes you need to be ever vigilant and up to date with new sources of themes. Every now and then there is a new amazing theme that pops up somewhere – and if you can find one of these little golden nuggets without too many people using the theme it’s definitely going to be worth the effort staying up to date.

  • Hi Zac,
    I have used Thesis and Studio Press. I have more experience with Studio Press. I find it very flexible and intuitive. I may try something else in the near future

  • The new responsive themes are really nice. I love the way the implement the @media queries. There is a free one coincidentally called responsive (search it on WordPress). It’s actually a free theme if i recall correctly and it is incredibly simplistic but at the same time a clean and profession design.

  • Hello Zac, I’ve been using Thesis theme and don’t have an issue with this theme. I think, it’s up to the mark. However, you have come up with great information.

  • Word Press has great themes, specially the premium ones are just great. They come out with new and wonderful themes which looks pretty good. A good theme surely attracts readers.

  • I am in the process of starting a new auto detail resource website and these themes will come in handy.


  • StudioPress themes have always been my favourite always. Their themes are worth the penny! Also, I feel developers should focus more on themes rather then any thing else too. It is so profound to see how things can change in one go! It is also important to differentiate the bad & best themes around the corner.

  • Premium Theme companies mentioned in this list offer high quality WP themes and I personally prefer StudioPress, because of their high quality themes. Nice writeup Zac.

  • These are all awesome places for you to buy themes. I wish I could afford a StudioPress theme. I am going to save up my money and most likely buy one of theirs. They look incredible, but they all look great really.

  • I always prefer to buy premium WordPress themes because their quality is so good. The websites which you have mention here, all are top class. For getting free wordpress themes, smashingmagazine is also good option.

  • Although there are plenty of premium WordPress themes sellers, my favorite is always Studiopress. Their themes are great in both the design and the code. Once you try them, you will fall in love immediately.

  • Hello Zac! I’m all for giving my readers the best possible experience they can achieve while visiting my site so themes and plugins are of utmost importance to me apart from relevant content of course 🙂 The resources you provided here will surely supplement my growing collection of themes Thanks a lot!

  • Your theme should depict who you are the kind of business you are engaged in. Thanks for sharing these resource sites, I specifically like premium themes because they are streamlined and very professional looking.

  • Hi Zac! WordPress undoubtedly has the best themes available for our perusal. I purchased some premium themes and you really nailed it when you mentioned that this is a great way to demand the visual attention of our readers. Thanks for sharing!

  • You might consider adding woothemes, obox, ithenes, upthemes, wpzoom, templatic, themefuse to the list. Cheers for great content.

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