How Live Webinar Can Build An Engaged Blogging Tribe

“A tribe is a group of People connected to an idea, connected to a leader, connected to one another – Seth Godin

Live webinar (web-based seminar) can actually build an engaged blogging tribe – read on…

I’ve come to realize that blogging is more than waking up early and jamming your keyboard. There is more to it. Bloggers often complain about getting enough traffic. If only you understand the ‘real essence’ of starting an online business, you won’t bother about traffic. Truth is, we don’t actually need any traffic to succeed. What matters is how engaged and targeted the few people who come to our websites are.

By the time you understand what I’m trying to communicate in this post, you’ll concentrate in building a strong ‘tribe’ that are connected to your idea.

A lot of bloggers have good ideas; they want to change the world with their words. And believe me, there are creative bloggers and writers in today’s world. But few leaders exist.

Building a Tribe with Targeted Traffic

Online webinar has come to stay, and it was of recent bloggers and internet entrepreneurs started to organize and host a live webinar. And when you consider the impact of bringing people together, and how it enhances your business-life, you would be motivated to organize one.

But hosting a live webinar cannot be possible or effective if the attendees are untargeted. They don’t know the idea you’ve for them. In fact, when a group of people you’re targeting aren’t supportive of your ideology and opinions, there is nothing else you can do than to look elsewhere.

If you succeed in dragging them to your live webinar, the conversion rate in your offers would be less than 0.01%. The right way to make live webinar a success is to invite the right persons who have flair and intuition for your idea.

If your live webinar is about freelance writing, then the people you invite should be freelance writers, aspiring content marketers and maybe, copywriters. Affiliate marketers might not be interested in this coaching, so get out of the shelf and stick with the right people. Just know that much traffic is a burnout on your bandwidth space. Your hosting company will charge you more money for huge data transfer.

It’s better to drive 50 targeted people to live webinar, than 500 untargeted and irresponsible web users. Think about this!

Why Bloggers Should Build a Tribe

blogging tribeLive webinar is the hidden ‘spice’ to an engaged tribe. When people who are supportive of your idea come together to listen, learn and air their views in a particular topic, an avenue of success is already created. This is the only time when you could initiate a new marketing offer and make money easily.

When I started blogging, I thought I needed huge readership to succeed. I slapped a few Google AdSense ads on my sidebar and within the post with the hope of striking it big on my paycheck. After 3 months of extensive blogging and traffic generation, I earned $30 only.

That was the beginning of dejection and I decided to look elsewhere. If your niche is “internet marketing” niche, monetizing your blog with pay per click offers might not bring results – the reasons is because your readers are already acquainted with such offers. They understand you’ll get paid if they click. They don’t want you to succeed, because they’re not supportive of your idea.

But when you build a tribe, which of course takes time, this tribe will ‘trust’ and take your recommendations and advice to heart. You wouldn’t persuade them with hard-core marketing practices – a little nudge will do!

Engross Yourself in Adding Value Consistently

Consistent value delivery would result in strengthening your blogging tribe. Your audience might not believe your claims until you show the ‘stuffs’ you’re made of. If you claim to be knowledgeable in writing persuasive copy, why not show it in a live webinar.

Live webinar is not for every blogger and much as I know, it’s not an easy project to venture into. You need time, proper planning and some quality information to share. This information is the ‘idea’ that people can relate with. It’s the connecting-line between those targeted audience and your expertise.

They’ve read so much about you and all the valuable and helpful content you put out there. By hosting a live webinar where this group of persons meet you one on one in a virtual state, the ideal ‘room’ is made conducive and ventilated with an aura of quality, exceptional marketing trait and you’ll have left a sense of dignity in your reader’s mind.

The way to build engaged tribe is to deliver quality and consistently add value to what your readers already know. A lot of bloggers are struggling to make money, become famous and successfully market their expertise, because, they’ve neglected the demand of quality and helpful content. They approached blogging with half-baked mind and that’s resulted in perpetual failure and contempt.

How Live Webinar Builds Engaged Tribe

How Live Webinar Builds Engaged TribeAccording to Seth Godin, “A tribe is a group of People connected to an idea, connected to a leader, connected to one another”. From this particular quote from a respected content marketer, you need to have a unique idea which other people can connect to. If your idea is generic or common, people will not respect it.

Guest posting is powerful today, because it’s one great way to leverage quality traffic, and boost your personal blog. But a lot of people aren’t doing it well. I still see people write on “7 ways to drive traffic” and expect to get a “YES” approval from the A-list bloggers. The standard of getting featured on popular blogs has not changed.

These are real businesses offline that emigrated online. Nothing short of quality and value can make it to their homepage.

The idea you bring to the blogosphere defines you. People don’t connect with mediocre or average professionals. We all need the best, and that’s what your audience is seeking for. Think about something entirely off the course of people’s perception and host a live webinar around it.

The more responsive your attendees are, the juicier and stronger your blogging tribe would be afterwards. GoToMeeting coupons and GoToWebinar promotional code are great hot deals to help you save when you decide on third-party webinar services.

People Connect to a Thoughtful leader

Who is a leader and why must people follow you? In the concept of blogging and building a tribe, a leader is a person, not necessarily an “expert,” who understands her audience, the problem they’re facing and have made a decision to bring solution to that problem.

A leader respects her readers. Even when it’s not convenient, a leader should deliver value consistently. And most importantly, a leader should have an ‘idea’ that people can connect to. In the real sense, a leader should know better than her followers. Seth Godin, Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn, Brian Clark, Carol Tice etc. are all great leaders in their various content marketing fields.

You can join this group of thought-provoking and idealistic leaders by helping your readers build a better, more profitable and life-transforming business. Don’t put your bank account first, but bring your readers’ problem, need and wants to the limelight and give it a nudge up the solution-ladder. If you’ve determined to do this, people will connect with your idea, and ‘trust’ whatever you say, even when you’re damn wrong (but you don’t have to be).

Live Webinar For Engaged Tribe: Takeaway

Apart from connecting with your idea, respecting your words and opinion because you’re a leader, your tribe should also connect with one another. Until the nexus between fellow webinar attendees, blog readers and all is firm, you would still struggle to convince them.

Word of mouth marketing will get you the desired connection – just focus on quality delivery and superb customer service support. This is how to excel in this competitive blogging and e-commerce world. Take action on these tips and meet me at the top!

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