Improving Online Conversion For Dummies – free ebook

Recently released by Google,  this free eBook though aimed primarily at users of Google AdWords, has content which is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to improve their website conversions. If you are planning to advertise one day with Google’s AdWords PPC program, or simply want to know more about the subject, improving your online conversion for dummies will get you started.

Having read it myself, I found that there are some important things highlighted on these eBook that is equally true for not only AdWords users (advertisers) but also for publishers. Here are some excerpts of those that I found to be extremely important.

In any endeavor you undertake, in everything you do, goals are the key to success. If you don’t have a clear target to aim for, you’re probably going to miss.

By making decisions based on your goals, you’re not only finding out what works for you, but also you’re finding out what your custom­ers want. And that’s the best way to run a business!

Whether someone buys something you’re selling, signs up for a service, or simply clicks on a link, you need to identify what success is for your website. That’s your first step.

All true, isn’t it? These all have a very important message for us as online marketers, bloggers, publishers or advertisers.

What Is A Conversion Anyway?

A conversion occurs when a click on your link or ad leads directly to user behavior you deem valuable. It could be a:

  • Purchase/Sale (to determine ROI).
  • Lead (how many users request a follow up call).
  • Sign-up (for subscriptions or newsletters).
  • Page View (track how many pages users looked at or how long they stayed on your site).

So what’s in this eBook?

conversion for dummies

About Improving Conversion Rates For Dummies

Millions of people click on Google AdWords ads every day. ‘Improving Online Conversions for Dummies’ explains how you can make sure your ads show on searches that are most likely to convert into sales. Understand which ad clicks and impressions lead to conversions, better apportion your marketing spend and even develop your own conversion attribution model. Discover the secrets to getting more bang for your buck with this ebook!

As I said, it is mostly geared towards AdWords users but there are sections which I think could be of value for anyone regardless of which side you stand. In certain occasions, you might find yourself in both situations, a publisher and an AdWords user.

  • Bounce rates: How to identify them and what can be done to reduce them.
  • Website Optimizer: How to setup an A/B split test which can improve a website’s performance dramatically. A full chapter is dedicated to this (chapter 3).

Improving Online Conversions for Dummies is laid out in a typical “dummies” style with comprehensive and easy to follow instructions. The book has been crafted by Wiley Publications, the same owner of the branded imprint “for dummies” series. As you all know, most of the “for dummies” series are paid versions. This one however, comes with the compliments of Google.

On a side note, you might also be interested in reading how to use your most viewed articles to increase conversion.

To your success!


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29 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Online Conversions (For Dummies)

  • I didn’t know there was one for Adwords. I’ve tried to take the time to go through Googles training modules but this sounds like it is a different spin on those. Excellent resource for those lost Adwords users like me.

    • Hello Melinda. If you in to AdWords, this eBook is a good resource indeed. Hope you find it useful for you. Thanks for stopping by

  • first all, thanks, fransisco. because i got to know about this fabulous book from you for first time. and while reading your post i’ve already downloaded it. secondly thans to google as we are getting it for free. in this article you have expose many things very clearly which is very helpful. you told about the goal setting, beneficiary of this nice book which will help me to concentrate on reading this. before reading this article i wasn’t very clear about conversions which is bit clear to me. thanks again, and any thanks giving word is not enough for this article.

    • Hi Rahul. Don’t mention it. As you said, the credit goes for Google which was the one who prepared and made this available for everyone. I merely “intermediated” it for them 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad you liked it and I hope you find it useful. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

      • Hi Francisco, I’ve gone through 7 pages of it and it’s really awesome. I’ll give it full attention this Sunday. I know it must help me.

  • Great point, DiTesco. It is really beautiful and i will try it now. Thanks for your sharing.

    • You are welcome Ryan. Hope it proves to be useful for you.

  • I knew that google had an ebook out about search engine optimization and how to make your on-page seo better and more helpful in terms of search engine rankings, but this is the first time I heard of this ebook from Google.
    I guess it doesn’t hurt reading it. Thanks diTesco!

    • Hi Alex. Indeed, it won’t hurt you reading it. At the most you either get bored 🙂 or you find something that is useful and increase your knowledge database. I suggest you do read it, specially chapter 3 which I think is the most interesting part of the eBook. Have fun and thanks for stopping by.

  • Seems to be a pretty helpful book for Internet Marketers. I had never heard of it. Thanks for sharing DiTesco

    • You are welcome Alex. Let me know what you think about it after you have read it. Would live to hear your opinion.

  • Thanks for sharing. Right now, I am trying to master wordpress and I have a got a very nice ebook for the same. I will certainly be looking at this book in near future. Keep informing..

    • Hi Aswani. That’s interesting, you trying to master WP at this moment. Does this mean you are thinking of doing the move? If so, I highly recommend it buddy. You know I was in Blogger for a long time and since I moved I don’t even think about going back. The things you can with WP is just absolutely crazy, specially if you are in online business. Thanks for stopping by

  • Hi DiTesco,
    A truer word has never been spoken “In any endeavor you undertake, in everything you do, goals are the key to success. If you don’t have a clear target to aim for, you’re probably going to miss.”
    That alone would be worth the price of the book. Not a big fan of adwords but the Dummies series is truly excellent. Well worth checking out.

    • I agree Pete and I myself am guilty of not having set up my goals at earlier stages. Maybe the reason why I did not was because I was not really into any online endeavors as serious as what I thought it would be. Now I know and I set up my goals prior to any startup I am thinking of doing. Read your post BTW, great

  • A very important topic and an interesting approach DiTesco. Conversion rate is on my mind a lot lately, and it’s certainty a lot more than traffic.

    I find it highly relevant to communicate using the channels that attract the right readers for me. Don’t write on a cooking forum if you have a blog about computers. That way, the bounce rate goes down and the conversion rate goes up.

  • Thanks for sharing! I’ve been trying to read about adwords but I still really don’t get it hahaha. I’ve been into Adsense more. Which is better between the two?

    • Hi Rachel. Welcome! I noticed this is your first time. AdSense and AdWords are different and one is not better than the other. AdWords are advertisers who place ads on Google and AdSense is for publishers who display the ads coming from AdWords. Got it 😉

  • Always loved Dummies for its best writing format. This one would definitely helpful for webmasters. Have read ‘landing page optimization’ by Tim Ash. Nice one but no so good for newbies. Hope this will be helpful and practical. Thanks Francisco.

    • Hello. This eBook has been written in pretty good and practical format (I think) and since it is from Google, there is always something “interesting” that one may get from it. Hope you like it

      • Francisco, Already read half of it and that’s definitely full of information. Not for newbie but even experts can learn many things with it.

  • Hi DiTesco

    This sounds like a good resource. Especially as you said it can be used not only for Google Adwords which I am not doing, but for other things too. Thanks for the recommendation. Will defintely take a look as I do need help with learning to market my products on-line. Offline is going well 🙂

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia. Good to know that your products are doing well offline. That is absolutely great as if your customers are happy with the product (which I’m sure they are), the next step will be to purchase them online once they ran out 🙂 Also, them being satisfied, they would most likely recommend your products to friends, families, etc. Best thing is “word of mouth”. Keep it up and I hope you do learn something form this eBook.

  • Hi Francisco,
    This will be helpful for me by the time I’ll use Adsense in my blog. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m having a very hard time with conversion!
    About a month ago my bounce rate increased to 70%, I paid for some professional design, and some new features implemented into my site, and my bounce rate is still up at 63% !

    I might grab this book within this month if it continues like that, cause its been getting me so frustrated 🙁

    • Hi Amr. 7% reduction in your bounce rate for doing some changes and implementing new features in your website is absolutely great. So to show you that every thing counts and provided you keep pumping those “killer” articles, I’m sure that your bounce rate will improve further. Obviously, conversion and bounce rates although similar are different and you have to set up your own goals for conversion. For example, just by having users visit your site regardless of how long they stay could be considered a conversion for you.

  • Very good tutorial.I like the way this has been crafted. Keep up the great work. Retweeted

  • My conversion rate for Adwords on my blog is TERRIBLE. I’m refusing to take all the blame though. The ads that are getting displayed aren’t really all that relevant to most of my readers. Sure, it’s related to my topic (photography), but not everyone wants to go to art college.

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