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26 thoughts on “Why the New Year May Mean Time for a New Logo

  • Hi Amanda, one of the most exciting things about owning a website is design and logos.; I’m extremely excited as this year we are hoping to launch a new theme in time for the new year’s celebration. I’m very happy with how it’s currently looking now it’s just a matter of finishing up all the small details with regarding to integrating the blog and forums.

    • Wonderful! I would have to agree–logos and website design is one of the most exciting things in business. As you can see from some of the examples in my article (I was particularly shocked when I saw the old Microsoft logo), it can make a huge difference. Good luck!

  • Hi Amanda,

    Consistency is key, both for your logo or marketing campaign overall.

    You program potential customers each time you use the same logo, the same message. It’s a subconscious thing. Folks respond after seeing your brand again, and again, and again, as long as the brand doe not change.

    If you feel it’s time for a change and your business seems to be lagging, change the logo. If business is booming, don’t change it. If it’s not broke no need to fix, for switching things up for the sake of it or because of a date on a calendar has led to more failure than one can imagine.

    Thanks for sharing your super helpful tips Amanda.


  • That’s a great point that I didn’t really make: If it’s not broke no need to fix. It’s definitely exciting to create different and new company logos, but it’s important that a company doesn’t go overboard. You’re right when you say that you want people to recognize your the same logo again and again. If you keep changing it, you’re defeating the purpose of a logo altogether…

    Thanks so much for reading!

  • It’s easier for me to write than to create a logo. I can sit in front of my computer and come up with ten articles to post in a single day, but not come up with a single logo. How do you make that switch in your head? It’s the same creative juice, right?

  • I think that writing and designing are actually quite different. I am the same way as you–I can write pretty easily, but design is not my forte. You may want to consider hiring someone to be your designer. Have some ideas in your head about what you want the logo to look like–shape, color, size–and let the professional figure something creative out. If you don’t want to hire someone, see if you know anyone who has that eye for art. I’ve even seen some companies hold contests.

    Does anyone else have any better ideas?

  • Hi,

    No doubt in that a perfect logo can become symbol of interest of customer from my point of view if your company perform well then you should make a good and attractive logo for your company and your all points are great to use but i impressed with point #1 which you mentioned like that “”Target Audience.””

    • Absolutely. I think businesses sometimes create a logo that they think looks right, but really it should be all about the audience!

  • These tips are very useful to get the best from the logo promotion. This post is useful for both beginners who want to enter into business as well as those who are planning to modify to get the maximum from the logo.

  • Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for the reminder. I am terrible when it comes to logo and what i currently have is really not anywhere close to being a professional logo. So reading your post kind of reminded me of that and perhaps this would be a good opportunity for me to get a professional log for the blog. Thanks.

    • I think a lot of businesses are scared to hire a professional because it seems so easy. It seems like something you could definitely do on your own; however it’s harder than people think! I know if I were creating a logo I would at least want the opinion of a professional. Good luck!

  • A logo can certainly have a big impact in a brand and the image of a business but many times we don’t understand the importance of a logo and how it can effect the decisions of a client or a visitor, thanks for the tips Amanda!

  • Companies evolve and so does their key message. Their services change to meet the growing demands of their customers.

    Some of the best logos are purely typography and one colour.

  • Yes it’s better idea to redesign and change the blog on changing for new year I totally redesign my blog and It will be back with new flavor on Christmas.

    • That’s great! I think this is the perfect time of the year to change up a logo.

      • Yes off course it’s like a Christmas gift for my blog lovers :O

  • A logo is one of the most important aspects marketing because it sticks to your customers pretty well and provides them with a way to remember your company. My only issue is finding someone to create a logo for pretty cheap. If anyone knows someone who can create logos for a cheap price then please reply to my comment. Thanks.

  • Amanda,

    Great article on Logos. I thought it was a great idea to simply ask your customers what they think of your new logo ideas. they may even know someone who creates great logos or they might suggest something really cool you could do for your design.

    As of right now, I still don’t have a logo. I want to spend the time and money on content and marketing my blog and I’m afraid if I don’t spend the proper amount of time and money choosing a logo right now, that I’ll end up having to redo it 6 to 12 months from now and then I’ll have to worry about re-branding!


    Jupiter Jim

    • I think you’re definitely right. The time to create a logo is now! Definitely ask your customers. I know if a company owner asked me for my opinion I’d love to help. It would also be fun to vote on a logo. Good luck!

  • Hi Amanda,

    Great post, Darwin would be proud; to see things evolve. Change is here to stay and we need to keep up with the tide. Plus, who wants old furniture sitting around there house right?


    • Totally. Thanks for reading!

  • Hi Amanda,

    Thanks to the wonderful 🙂 article,

    A good logo will convert every people to stay long time on the site or buy more from the E com based store etc…, because the quality of the site or business are practically start from the logo and the common people feel they landed quality based one.

    Am wondering some logo’s exposes the whole concept of the business without explaining more about it by words.

    According to my personal, am not big in buying online as I bought many things in the past if the logo part attract me, so logo part is a must thing no matter whether you are dealing small business/big organizational based business.

    • Logos are definitely important. I think you bring up a good point when you say that it’s difficult to explain the whole concept of a business through a logo. This is absolutely true, and pretty much impossible. However, this is the goal! You want to try and show you’re a cool company or a serious company by picking appropriate colors, etc. Thanks for the great comment!

  • It is better to stick to simple logos until you find a right one. Nice post.

  • Because it’s new year, I think new logos are much appreciated. Everything wanted to have brand new for a new starting point of the year.

    • I would tend to agree. Things are generally slow for companies (unless you’re in retail) around the holidays, so it’s a great time to dive into some logo design work.

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