How To Develop And Maintain A Successful Brand For Your Online Business

Creating a brand that is unique and memorable can become an online business’ most essential asset. In today’s society more than ever before, your brand is what defines you in the business world and in the public eye. Companies are remembered and regarded by their reputation among consumers and experts in the industry. This reputation is then tied directly with that company’s brand.

So, building and maintaining a successful brand is key to developing a company or business that is long-lived and profitable.

Your brand must project a consistent and distinguishing image for your business. Customers will be able to identify your company on your letterhead, your shipping boxes, or your POP displays from your image, so designing a unique and easily identifiable one is critical. Try following these few tips for designing and maintaining a successful and remarkable brand for your young business or company:

Make It Simple

Obviously, one of the more essential aspects of your brand is what your company’s logo actually looks like. Successful logos and brands are those that are simple and therefore easy to remember. Start with a clean and simple typeface and color scheme and use that for all corporate materials. If you have a limited design background, you should consider consulting a designer about developing and drafting your official brand and logo. Work with an expert to find something that communicates a clear and concise concept about your company, product, or business. All too often, entrepreneurs and business hopefuls execute brands and logos that are simply too complicated and convoluted for their consumers to latch on to and understand. Developing a concept and image that are clear and simplistic is essential to making that mark on your customers and standing out among the crowd.

Be Consistent

As with most things, consistency is the key to success. If you are constantly changing your company’s name, brand, logo, etc. it will be impossible for you to gain brand recognition and notability among consumers. Your brand should communicate specific things about your company and your company’s goals. Furthermore, every aspect of your brand should make your customers feel a specific way about your product and business. Be consistent with what you communicate through your branding and in need be, contact experiential marketing companies that can assist you with brand engagement. Consistency translates to consumers as reliability and trustworthiness. Remain consistent with your design and message to ensure that consumers will recognize your company more easily and so that consumers feel they can rely on your message and brand.

Know Your Audience/Customers

One of the most basic elements of brand development involves evaluating your audience and working to appeal to their interests. Your brand will never be successful if it is not delivering what your customers want. For this reason, before settling on a specific branding scheme, you must carefully evaluate your audience/customer base and determine what their interests are. You must know what drives your customers and what makes them purchase or endorse a product. Understanding these elements of your targeted audience, allows you to narrow your brand and be more specific with your marketing. Figure out what potential customers want, so that you can better deliver it. Knowing what you are selling and who you are selling it to is key to successful branding and successful business.

[note]This is a guest post from Carol Wilson who writes for business insurance guide. She contributes articles about a variety of marketing, business, stock market, small business topics. She can be contacted at: wilson.carol24 at gmail dot com.[/note]


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16 thoughts on “How To Develop And Maintain A Successful Brand For Your Online Business

  • Reputation is the most important and valuable asset of a business so it is very important to build your brand in a way that will make clients feel trust about your business and consistency is a must to make this happen, thanks for sharing another great article

    Regards Kostas

  • In my initial days, I just thought about the money that was flowing to my account and not branding but no I can see that branding matters a lot

  • Hello DiTesco –

    One technique I recommend for people looking to create a unique graphic brand while also creating a little social buzz is to run a design contest. The platform 99 Designs has yielded some great results – just be sure to offer a largest prize to draw the best designers.

    I also agree that one should be thoughtful from day one and develop a brand that endures future plans and growth. It is a bit like the enduring value of major brands like Coca Cola, Ford, Apple, and Starbucks among others.

    Great information… thank you!


  • Great great tips about branding. Consistency (more importantly in colors) is indeed the best key in any successful branding campaign.

  • I have been thinking about making a new logo for a while now. Although all these image creators and editors do a really good job, I have just never been much of a graphic design artist. One of these days I am going to give it a try again.

  • Great post about branding and this is a process that I am just going through at the moment as I move my business onto a more focussed platform.

    One thing to consider is your competition, you may come up with a name that portrays the essence of your companies mission but when you go to create the logo you realise that you cannot use the acronym as it is already registered by another company.

    They may not notice today but ultimately you need to think big and long term to drive your brand onwards and upwards


  • Hello DiTesco. Those three points are SO important yet so simple, like #1. I would, though, find a market and THEN get to know them. It’s finding that ‘buying’ market that’s difficult.

    • Once your brand have that reputation and the selling point.. You’ll definitely have your buying market.. There’s no shortcut in building a brand.. It may take years..

  • Consistency is the key. To me it has done wonders. It is the easiest way to make people remember you.

  • Hello DiTesco! How are you doing? I like this article cause it reminds me that everything is matter of time. Working with simplicity and consistence everyone can find a way to be successful. There are too many strategies to follow. I believe when you focus you can create ideas and find the way to the top. Thanks for sharing,

  • I agree a logo for a business should be easy to remember, of course it doesn’t mean a cheap logo that’s just simple, for example my logo, though it’s completed by it imply to others to remember as it looks unique and represent well for who and what my blog is all about, so for a business you not just need a simple design but also a unique and well-remembered design.

    • I agree. And BTW, I think your logo is awesome and as you said, simple but highly memorable. As it should be 🙂

  • hmmm, to sell any thing online your brand name is really important, right today I have saw a same question asked on forum, he says his product is really awesome but client is afraid to make a purchase because of no brand.

    it takes time to make, but it becomes very important.

  • DiTesco you have figured one very important thing consistency I have seen many people who keeps changing their designs logo and company name to achieve something perfect. Well things not become perfect if they start looking good. Logo and brand name only have two requirements simple and easy to remember. I will also advice that work on building the brand name rather than making a brand name.

  • Great post about branding and this is a process that I am just going through at the moment as I move my business onto a more focussed platform.

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  • hmmm, to sell any thing online your brand name is really important, right today I have saw a same question asked on forum, he says his product is really awesome but client is afraid to make a purchase because of no brand.

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