Breaking: SponsoredTweets Lowers Payment Threshold

Well, I am not so sure how breaking this will be to you, but it certainly is for me. SponsoredTweets as you may all probably have heard of is a form to make money with Twitter. Ethics aside, sponsored tweets is a legitimate way to earn some additional income from your Twitter account, and there are several ways for you to maximize your earnings using this platform, while maintaining your reputation intact. You can find some information here or just about anywhere else out there on the sphere.

Making Money With Twitter Easier With SponsoredTweets

As I have explained before on my to make money online you must complete the cycle post, you can only conclude that you have actually made money once you get paid. Getting paid is the end result of your online business efforts and as you all know, the most difficult part to get paid is by reaching the minimum payout or threshold.

Up until recently, SponsoredTweets threshold was $50, an amount that does not seem high enough for some, but quite difficult to reach for many. This is particularly true if you have decided to use this form on multiple Twitter accounts. For long, there was a strong consensus from users of this program requesting Izea (owner of SponsoredTweets) to lower the minimum payout, alleging that other competitors have lower minimums, such as MyLikes ($2).

Hold and behold, Izea listened and today while checking one of my accounts, that was almost there, I decided to again to hit that “withdraw” button and to my surprise, the standard screen saying “you can withdraw via Paypal once your balance reaches $50 has disappeared. You are now allowed to withdraw your hard earned money under $50. Although I have tried to look for an official statement about this, I really did not go to that much of a trouble but rather, tested it in one of my accounts as mentioned earlier, to see how it works.

The Bad: To withdraw any amount under $50 (not sure if there is a new minimum), you will be charged a $2 flat fee. I guess this is a form Izea found to cover for the cost of transferring money to your Paypal account.

The Good: And I mean very good. The process of requesting the funds is so easy even my grandmother can do it 🙂 But that’s not the good part. The good part is, you get paid almost in Real Time (Twitter like). Yes, you get paid via Paypal minutes later after hitting the withdraw button. I have received confirmation from Paypal minutes later. No “catch” here. You request, you pay the fee (deducted from your balance) and you get paid. Cycle complete.

So, if you are one of those that have been struggling to reach the $50 threshold or those who believe that the money you earned should be available in your pocket, this change will in my opinion make many people happy.

That’s it. Are you immediately going to withdraw your money once you leave a comment here to tell us if you liked this move from Izea? Not a SponsoredTweet publisher yet? What are waiting for? Hit this shameless referral link to sign-up 🙂


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24 thoughts on “Breaking: SponsoredTweets Lowers Payment Threshold

  • This is excellent news for me I grabbed my 30 bucks and I am done with that site. That company consistantly screws the little guy.
    Did you know they pay their WEB celebs 75% or something and us 60%
    I’m done with mylikes also
    and adsense is next
    I can sell my own ads and have the money TODAY
    Thanks for sharing this GREAT news
    I will add the link @ bloggerluv 🙂
    I do like Ted but I don’t like any of their business practices treating people different for your own agenda is beyond LAME 🙂
    Hope all is well

    • Hi John. True that there are many companies, Izea included, that “screws” up the little guy and I think this is just part on almost any business endeavor. Unfortunately, this is how the game is played and one should consider if you want in or out. Don’t get me wrong, I totally concur with you that there should be more of a unified policy when it comes to certain business practices. After all, I always believed that it is better to have 10% of a million than 100% of nothing. Anyway, I am glad that you heard about this here first (that makes me happy 🙂 ). Hope all is well with you too and have a great weekend.

  • DiTesco, how cool is that! I have only $13.22 but I hit the “withdraw” button I got the same results as you. I’ll wait until I build the earnings up a little more but maybe I’m just saying this now because I’m still in shock.
    Thanks for letting me know about this, I consider it breaking news too 🙂

    • Hi Ileane. Good to know that this was “breaking” news for you too. Hearing this from someone as active as you are in the sphere makes me feel, errr, gooood, lol. You are right though, I think it is a good practice to wait a little longer and build up those earnings. The catch of $2 flat fee applies regardless of the amount you are withdrawing and that can cost an approximate 4% to as high as 15% in your case ;-). maybe not worth it yet.

      Hope all is well with you.

  • RT @ditesco: Breaking: SponsoredTweets Lowers Payment Threshold Sites is looking AWESOME 🙂 Thanks @izea

  • Great news. I’m yet to use Sponsoredtweets.
    I think mylikes is better then sponsored tweets.

    hanks for sharing this great News.


    • Hi Dev. You are welcome. Your preference for MyLikes over SponsoredTweets is interesting and if it works better for you that’s great. Any special reason why you prefer MyLikes?

      • One of the reason i like mylikes because of low payout and it’s just work better then sponsoredtweets.



  • News to me. Thanks for “breaking” the story. I have reached the $50 threshold a couple of times but this last time is going real slow for me. In fact, I do not think i sent out a sponsored tweet in the past 2 weeks. I think I might jumo in and get my 30 bucks or so. Although it has slowed down for me lately, I have a lot of referral residual revenue that comes in so I will stay with it for a while. Why not, i do not have to much to keep earning.

    • Hi Dan. That’s fanatastic that ST has been working pretty well for you. I think that it is a whole lot better now that they have lowered the minimum payout and thus will encourage even ore people to use ut, specially those that have been referred by you. Like you, I’m not leaving ST just yet. Will keep using them until it stops working for me. We’ll see

  • RT @ditesco: New Post: Breaking: SponsoredTweets Lowers Payment Threshold

  • RT @ditesco: New Post: Breaking: SponsoredTweets Lowers Payment Threshold

  • Brillient news. I wish more companies would lower their payout threshold. I don’t think I’ll rush to cash out just yet though, will wait til about $20 so the $2 fee doesn’t make a major dent in my earnings.

    • Hi Dean. That’s a wise idea. The fee is quite expensive for the amount you are talking about. The good thing now is you have the option to withdraw your earnings earlier. Whether you want to or not is for you to decide but knowing that you can at any moment withdraw it is good. Good luck

  • Thanks Ditesco as always you are the bearer of good news will have a look i am way off from the original $50 limit i gues more publishers will be signing up again thanks for the heads up

    • HI Gary. Good thing this is good news for you as it was for me. I think that this can bring in some added “referrals” if done properly 😉 The limit was slightly high considering not only the competition but also because of the amount of opportunities that one was presented with.

  • It’s news to me, too! I have a little over $30 and have been at this for a while. Lately the sponsors are not ones I feel fit me and my brand(?). And the last two wanted me to retweet twice instead of just once. Well, I’m sorry if no one is interested in your product. I actually just declined the second retweet (3rd overall) and received payment anyway. Oh well.

    My Likes doesn’t seem to be offering much of anything right now either. I’ll probably keep it around just in case (and since the payout is so low).

    • HI Anne. It is so great that this was news to you too. Actually there is another change on SponsoredTweets that I have not mentioned here (next post I am writing that compares ST with MyLikes), and that is starting this week, the minimum payouts for CPC Tweets have been increased for advertisers. This means that the minimum will now be $0,10 instead of the many $0,02 that have been available there.

      As for advertisers asking you to tweet 3 times, maybe you have your “clickwatch” turned on. This is actually you saying that you will retweet it again if a certain parameter has not been reached. You might want to check that out. But hey, if you declined the tweet and still received payment for it, all the better 🙂

  • Wow! How’d I miss this. Can’t believe IZEA hasn’t even mentioned on their blog or anything. I was peeping the blog yesterday for shiz and giggles and nothing about this. I went to bed last night thinking about posting a question on getsatisfaction about combining twitter accts. like they do the blogs on SS. It only makes since that they should. At least for us little guys. I have like 3 blogs on SS and it all goes into one acct. so why couldn’t they do that with sponztwts? Anyway I’ve had good luck with both. But I’m off to make another w/d just to see if it works. Thanks heard it here first via twitter.

    • Hi Lee. So it seems that Izea did post about it, just could not find it relatively quickly. See @Carri Bright’s response from Izea below.

  • Thanks for the post, DiTesco! I was pretty excited that we finally got this rolled out as well. The current plan is to also revisit the cash out amount in Sponsored Tweets, but that takes a bit more Dev time than simply adding a cash out fee like we have in PayPerPost and Sponzai.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that we did post about this on the Sponsored Tweets blog which is located at

    Keep providing feedback!

    All the Best,
    Carri Bright
    Communications Lead

    • Hi Carri. Thanks for your feedback and I really appreciate you taking the time to fill in the gap. I read the post and it also gave me some more surprises like the minimum CPC for advertisers being no less than than $0, 10, That’s awesome.

      Now if I beg to correct your response, I think that you were trying to say exactly the opposite of “The current plan is to also revisit the cash out amount in Sponsored Tweets”, right?

      • My pleasure!

        As far as I know, we are still talking about lowering the cash out minimum in the future. But in the mean time, we did want to add a way for people to access their funds more quickly.

        All the Best,

  • Brilliant news 🙂 i am yet to reach the minimum threshold.

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