Speedlink 48/2011, Best Google+ Guide, SOPA, Blogging, SEO And More

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great week and (hopefully) preparing yourself for that much needed break towards the end of this year.

One noteworthy news I have been following is the “development” of the SOPA proposed bill, which vote has been delayed for apparently next week.  Stop Online Piracy Act has been a much debated subject in the past weeks and it is really interesting to see how this whole thing would unfold. Should this go through, it appears that many “websites” who infringes copyright could be blacklisted in 2012. Many argue that this could be a potential “disaster” and freedom of speech eventually hampered. We’ll see. How about you? What is your take on SOPA? Do you agree, disagree, or somewhere in between?

On a side note, I really don’t remember how I stumbled upon this document, but it is a collaborative document about How To Use Google+ which was written by 120+ users at the same time. If you are looking for a How To Google+ Guide, you may want to look at this one. It is awesome!

Anyway, and as usual, in no particular order.

Blogging/Online Business (tips and tools)

  • 5 Lessons From my Biggest Blog Fails of 2011 engage.tmgcustommedia.com
  • 5 New Twitter Changes Affecting Business Owners & Bloggers just-ask-kim.com
  • Quantity Equals Failure. Success Focuses on Quality! growmap.com
  • A Go-to Guide to Accepting Guest Postsbizchickblogs.com
  • Is Your Blog Ready to Generate An Income Online? basicblogtips.com


Social Web/Other Stuff

If I buy AdWords, will that cause my search rankings to rise? (short & straight to the point)

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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4 thoughts on “Speedlink 48/2011, Best Google+ Guide, SOPA, Blogging, SEO And More

  • LOL! I can’t help but laugh at the video. I guess it wasn’t really a dumb question, just a very amusing one that’s for sure.
    I remember how it was before I started blogging – keep in mind back in those days I didn’t like Google. I’ll tell you why.
    The company that I work for publishes our own technical books and journals. I would get “annoyed” because if you look up our company on Google – all these other re-sellers appear at the top of the page. Of course we get royalties from the re-sellers, but I didn’t think it was fair that they should come first in the listings. You see back then I didn’t know a thing about AdWords and I had no idea these guys were paying big bucks to run their ads on Google.
    So you see really, it’s not a dumb question after all. I was only laughing because it made me think about how naive I was to the world of Google back then. Keep in mind that was only 2 years ago 🙂
    I might just laugh myself to sleep with that one tonight.
    Thanks DiTesco for all you do. (including the link luv)!

  • Great round up Fransisco. Hesham’s artcile about the fatal error with the new version of WP actually helped me get through the problem a few days ago.
    I’ll be sure to check out other links you provided. Always great stuff. Thanks.

  • I have seen a few post about the online piracy act or bill circulating the last week or so. I find it a little confusing like most of the bills they come up with. I know Matt Cutts had some stop censorship thing up on his blog I assume is related to this thing. Nice links to run through too by the way.

  • Learning from mistakes will not only make us not repeat but achieve higher efficiency in the coming days! Thank you for presenting a good selection of links on various topics.

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