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What is Headway?

Headway is a WP premium theme that has been recently launched creating an awful lot of buzz lately and is a serious contender to its peers. You might be asking why I am recommending this product as iBlogZone is proudly powered by Thesis and I love it. Thesis is great and if I ever move to a different framework, Headway will most definitely be my choice. The reason why I am telling you about this is because I am convinced that, done properly, there is an excellent opportunity for you to earn money while Headway is gaining more attention. No doubt that the top contenders will be battling for positions and competition is good as it strives the developers to “perfection” and at the end of the day, it will benefit us users.

What does Headway have to offer?

A great theme that you can customize visually. Headway users will be able to appreciate the ease of the drag and drop layout editor and the vast amount of options. With virtually unlimited design options, one of its strongest points is that users don’t have to know any coding or pay someone to do so to make a superb design unique and stand out.

Here are some of Headway’s main features:

  • Design your blog visually. Headway’s Visual Editor lets you do anything from creating a standard blog page to creating an e-commerce site. Yes, Headway can create unique layouts for each and every one of your pages. Rearrange header elements by simply dragging them on the screen, easy uploading of your own header image, turning on or off the display of elements such as your blog’s tagline or navigation links are among a few of what you can do with Headway.
  • Headway has a complete set of search engine optimization features compared to many other premium themes around. Automatic Slug Cleanup, Automatic URL Canonicalization, Integration with All-In-One SEO Pack, and much more. All this without any additional plugins needed.
  • Configuration Panel you can customize just about everything behind the scenes you can imagine. Add universal analytics or opt-in form scripts, integrate your Twitter account, set detailed options for post meta information (publication dates, author, etc.), add a favicon, and much more. Complete control

And much, much more.

Here’s an overview of Headway:

Why Promote Headway?

As I have mentioned, Headway is still relatively new and there are not a whole lot of people promoting it, compared to other well known themes. Promoting it now means having a slight advantage as you can be amongst the first to make it available to your audience. Considering the functionality, ease of use, affordable pricing, I am convinced that it will not be hard to generate some profits from this awesome theme. Several A-listers, such as Chris Garrett has recently announced that their website is now powered by Headway and this is just one proof that Headway is on to something good.

Headway is perfect for the average blogger (or webmaster) and developers. Combined with the power of WordPress and their ever growing forum support, anyone can have a wonderful looking website behind a framework that is easy to use, SEO friendly and no coding required (not less). That is very Powerful!

There you go, hopefully you are finding out about Headway via this post and should you be interested in promoting this awesome theme, you can reward me by signing up here :). Good luck and to your success.


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20 thoughts on “Make Money Online Promoting Headway

  • Hi DiTesco. I’m really impressed with Headway Theme. I don’t have much experience with CSS so this theme would be perfect for me. It would be great to see them load additional social networks like Google Buzz and Facebook soon.

    Thanks for the video link. Very nicely done.
    .-= Ileane @ Ms. Ileane Speaks invites you to check this out.. Web Browsers – What’s Yours? =-.

    • Hi Ileane. I agree, this is an excellent choice specially for people who are not too tech savvy. As for the additional social netwroks, I am sure they will address this in their upcoming version which I gather would be pretty soon. Stay tuned for that. As for the video link, I’m glad you liked it. Did you know that I have a whole article on how to do that? Check it out here if you want: Create Clickable Links In YouTube Videos

  • Quick FYI – Headway’s actually been out since July 2009 and there are almost 3,000 active users of it. So not quite the new theme… 😉
    .-= Danny Brown invites you to check this out.. The Art of Doing =-.

    • Thanks Danny for bringing this to my attention. Either way, 3000 active users is not a whole lot compared to the potential it brings. And maybe they have been active more recently despite being already in the market since 2009. This is probably why I have not heard about them before. Then again, my interest in WordPress did not start until recently 🙂 BTW, I noticed that your website is powered by Headway. Care to share your experience with us?

  • As I mentioned to you previously, I’m still looking for a new theme for my WP blog. From what I’ve seen and heard about Headway, it is certainly a theme to consider and now I’m more confused than ever:-) Since I’m not very tech savvy, I think many of features that Headway offers would make it quite easy to set up.

    Thanks for adding to my theme overload;-)
    .-= Robert invites you to check this out.. Even Affiliate Marketers Need A Little SEO =-.

    • Theme overload 🙂 There are indeed many features on Headway. I think of it as “BlogPress”, sort of a combination between blogger and wordpress. Very good for the non tech savvy.

  • I’m actually thinking between Headway, WooThemes and Thesis for a new project that I’m planning. But, oh well, we can always promote all! haha.

    • 🙂 Liane. True, why not promote them all. They are all good after all and each one has its own strengths, so heck.. go crazy and good luck to whatever it is you are planning, lol

  • If i change theme of my blog will go for it .Thanks, for sharing 🙂
    .-= Shabnam Sultan invites you to check this out.. How to stay motivated while blogging =-.

    • Hi Shabnam. Actually I am not trying to convince anyone to buy the theme here but rather promote it by joining their affiliate program so you can make money while there are still a few people who know about it. In any event, it is a good theme and definitely a good choice should you wish to change your theme in the future. Thanks for your comment

  • I actually installed Headway on my site earlier this month. One thing to note is your blog needs to be in the main directory and not a subdirectory for it to work best.

    So far I am really liking the theme. I still have to spend some time poking around the forums and faq pages for more information, but everything seems to be working just fine.
    .-= Anne Bender invites you to check this out.. Uh, Excuse Me? =-.

    • Wow, a real live testimonial. Thanks Anne for letting us know that you are satisfied with Headway. This will greatly enhance the credibility of this post. Thumbs up

      • Thanks Anne and frankly speaking, I was quite impressed with Headway with the easy of configuration, but that’s what I’ve heard so far and yet to try that myself, good to verify on that part.

        I just purchased Thesis this morning actually, don’t mind to get a Headway in near future as well, it’s all about testing & always love to learn more. 🙂

        Social/Blogging Tracker
        .-= Ching Ya invites you to check this out.. How to Import Twitter Favorites to Facebook Page =-.

        • Well done Ching. Thesis is awesome and I am loving every bit of it. If I can be of any help please let me know. I’ve learned a few tricks myself already and will be happy to give you a hand should you need it 🙂

  • I think it’s good to promote alternate themes besides just the ones you use that way you can give your readers some options. I just read up on Headway and Flexx while doing my review of the Income Blogging Guide Course, and they definitely look like good comparable themes to Thesis.
    .-= Kikolani invites you to check this out.. Income Blogging Guide Course Review =-.

    • Absolutely Kristi. Providing alternative themes for your readers is always a good approach and I am sure that users will appreciate it more than simply bombarding them with only one solution. I’m good with Thesis and Headway and not so sure yet about Flexx. Maybe I’ll give it a study. Thanks

      • They’re all about the same pricing wise. I like to skip straight to the showcases / galleries to see the potential of each theme design-wise, then check out what your options are in the admin dashboard.
        .-= Kikolani invites you to check this out.. Make Money Blogging =-.

  • I have meaning to improve my blogging experience. WordPress is the first and only one I have learnt about since I started, and having no background at writing blogs, it took a lot of time just to understand the basics.

    Headway’s Visual Editor : I am interested in the ecommerce element. I clicked on the link but it sends me to an empty page. Perhaps you may wish to update it.

    Best regards
    .-= Hanifa K. Cook invites you to check this out.. Collaborate At RealTime With Your Language Partner =-.

    • Hi Hanifa. Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it. With regards to the links, I have re-tested them all and they are working just fine. In any event please try this link if you are still having problems. If you do, please let me know. Headway Theme

  • hmm…I could have signed up for the same but I am still on google blogger. Hopefully…I too should be thinking on migrating to wordpress. WordPress really rocks! Thanks for this useful and feature rich post on headway theme. will recommend it to my friends 🙂
    .-= Aswani invites you to check this out.. – Play online bingo and win big money today =-.

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