Droodly: Buy And Sell Any Advertisements Via Auction

For those of you who have chosen to sell ad spaces as one of your business models or income stream, Droodly is a network that might be of interest to you. Essentially, Droodly is a service that provides an auction and bidding platform for people who want to buy and sell advertising space. The interesting bit is that, they go beyond just Ad Spaces. You can sell advertisements from several medium sources, and if you use your creativity right, the possibilities can be very appealing. Sell Ad Spaces, Videos, Blog Posts, Social Media, etc, on just about any topic related websites imaginable.

Anyway, as far as Ad Spaces is concerned, you probably know, that I have been using BuySellAds, AdvertiseSpace and Komoona as my preferred networks for this type of income stream. Aside from being an alternative to those networks, what called my attention about Droodly is that, it does not use up any of your virtual real estate unless you actually have a successful winning bid. This goes true for anything else you decide to put up for auction.

I joined the service some days ago and gave them a test drive. I set up a test auction for 7 days and already, I was successful with my first attempt (banner ad now live here and payment received). Not bad.

Droodly review

How Does The Droodly Auction Work?

I won’t go into much detail here as their interface is really easy to use and more information are available on the help section. Basically, what you have to do is create and promote an auction and wait for the bids to start rolling in. As with anything else, provide a good description of your auction and ensure that your pricing is adequate. Perhaps you can set up a lower start bid, to lure more people in. You can also establish a reserve price and a BIN (Buy It Now). Reserve is good if you want to establish a minimum winning bid.

Don’t forget to provide all the relevant details of your auction and all the associated rules, terms, and conditions. As an example, you should clearly mention what you will accept and what you will not accept in terms of payments, format, size, and content. If you accept advertisements only from a certain geographic area, etc.. The more information you provide upfront, the smoother your auction will be.

[note]NOTE: Successful bids are managed directly by you and the winner. If your auction is successful, all communications, payment arrangements, etc. are between you and the winner. This is actually great because you don’t have to wait for thresholds or anything similar. Run the auction, be successful, get paid, and serve. Risk Free from payments :).[/note]

Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, there’s nothing to loose by joining the service and taking it for a test drive, if this business model is something that appeals to you. Setting up an auction does not require you to put up anything upfront on your website, so there won’t be anything there saying “buy this ad” or something similar if you don’t like it. In addition, at this moment, the fee for using their platform is a big fat zero. I know, what’s the catch right? Well, according to them, they will eventually be charging a small fee for using their service, but for now, since they are in beta, it is free. My guess is that they are using this to “attract” people to use their site.

Another aspect you can consider using Droodly is for your online marketing campaign. The opposite is also appealing, as you may find some good deals for advertising or perhaps even for link  building ;-). As I said before, there are many different types of website topics that may suit your need. For example, if you are related to the travel industry, you can put up an ad on any related site about that awesome holidays to dubai package you are offering. You can buy a banner, a sponsored review and more..

And did I mention that there is also a referral program? Can’t beat that. Successfully referring people to sign up for a Droodly account (shameless referral link), entitles you to a 40% commission during one year, for every fee the person you referred pays Droodly. And it does not stop there, there is also a 2nd tier commission override.

That’s it! What do you think? Have you heard of this service before? Do you know of any other service that is similar to this? I will certainly appreciate your feedback.


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17 thoughts on “Droodly: Buy And Sell Any Advertisements Via Auction

  • Going to sign up now through your shameless link 🙂 I wanna run a test for my blog and another niche site. Sounds interesting and if they implement a fee based on percentage of money you make it will be OK ( I hate paying for something a fixed price if I don’t know how much will I make, lol)

    • Hi Brankica. My guess is that they will charge a small success fee based on a % of the amount won. Maybe they will have a minimum and a maximum amount as well. I really don’t know yet as they have not hinted much about it. Anyway, I would love to see how it goes for you. It is interesting and depending on the popularity the site gets, I think there is money to be made 🙂 thanks for stopping by

      • I wonder if you have ever been sued by apple for using iblog as your domain name?! *biggrin*

        • Hmmm, never did think about it 🙂 I can sell it to them though if they want, lol

  • Looks like your one of the lucky ones. I just checked out the latest auctions ending soon and only one of them has a bid and it was for 50 cents.

    I think they need to drive more advertisers to the site before it becomes a quality option.

    thanks for the post I’ll keep an eye on auctions to see if things pickup.

    • Hi Jason. Yeah, luck does play its part too 🙂 As for the amount of advertisers, I hear you. The more it attracts users the better marketplace it will be. This is actually one of their strong selling point at this time, where the fees are waived, so it is an interesting place to keep a close eye on. Maybe more of these type of sites will appear in the future.. We’ll see, only time will tell 🙂

  • Hi DiTesco,
    This sounds like a awesome service. It allows you to set all the parameters that you require. Can’t beat the current price! I can see a lot of value coming back from the auction too. Definitely going to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hi Ann. I hear you on their current price. It is great, but surely it is only for a limited time. Might as well take advantage of it while it is still that way 🙂 BTW, Sharp eye on the added value. If we are on the same radar, the previous auction I held generated a bit of traffic to my site 😉

  • Looks a good win, I will check it out (with your link though). Need to see how many advertisers they will able to get, or how fast that community can grow.

    • Hi Sanjeev. I agree with you. The faster they attract more people to use their platform the better it is going to be for everybody. I am doing my share of it 🙂 Anyway, it does not hurt to give it a go. Since you are not going to “display” anything on your site until something over there happens, nothing to loose, right?

      • Nothing to loose and If we can bag a good deal there nothing better than that.

        • Absolutely. That exactly the whole idea 😉

  • Hey DiTesco great article,

    I love BuySellAds, I made an account a while ago in order to see whats happening inside and how they operate things, they seem very organized but the only problem with BuySellAds is that its to hard to get your website/blog accepted by them.

    I tried Puxee though they have lower restrictions, going to try Komoona.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Sayed. Yeah, you are rigt about BSA. It is not easy to get accepted and perhaps this is one of the reasons why they are successful. Less publishers but “quality” ones, which attracts more advertisers. Puxee is a great network but since they are relatively new, it will take a bit more of time until they find the “sweet spot” 🙂

  • This could be useful for sites with a lot of traffic. It’s nice to see alternatives to Adsense!

    • Hi Darren. Indeed, the more alternatives we have to monetize or make money online, the better 🙂 Thanks for stopping by

      • Hi Francisco,
        I want to change the monetization method of my blog from adsense and affiliate banners to selling advertising space but I want to be able to have adsense or affiliate banners to the locked ad zones when there is no advertiser instead of a banner saying “Advertise here” or a blank space.

        Droodly seems to be a good option but it’s new so there will not be a lot of advertisers right now. Do you know any established marketplace like BuySellAdds that have the above features?
        Thanks for your valuable help…

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