Use Only Reputable Advertising Networks To Sell Your Ad Spaces

Read about this post (Are You Going to let Your Advertisers Ruin Your Blog?) recently on FamousBloggers and I have to admit that it is really an important aspect that many should be paying attention to, when it comes to selling ad spaces on your website. For that matter, whether you are doing a paid review, selling ad spaces, or anything else related, you should at the very least ensure that the advertiser is reliable, trustworthy and relevant to your niche. On a side note, the opposite is also true, and you should check your own “trustworthiness” as things could backfire. Advertisers can do the same thing (which they should), so keep an eye on things ;-). Reliable advertiser, reliable publisher, makes sense, right?

That said, I have decided to update an older post about where to sell ad spaces (banner ads) for your website. One of the advantages of selling ad spaces via reputable advertising networks is that they have controls in place to filter as much as possible the type of ads that they will be showing on your website. Think of them as your site’s ad space brokers, serving you ads, the best possible way. The downside of course about such networks is that, being your broker, you need to pay them a fee, for their services. Is it worth it? I think so, and unless you have a “pool” of your own advertisers, ad brokers are a good and safe way to go.

Following below are advertising networks, of which are all rated “green” by WOT (Web Of Trust), and Webutation. Clearly, BuySellAds (BSA) has established itself as one of the leaders in buying and selling ad spaces. They are known for being very strict in their selection process of publishers and unless you meet their requirements, you will not get approved (presently close to 3.000 approved publishers only). If however, you get approved, you will find that it can be very rewarding. You can use your funds to buy advertising or withdraw your money anytime, for a maximum of two times per month. No minimums to withdraw, earn 75% of revenues and paid promptly via PayPal. Highly recommended. (WOT: Excellent | Webutation: 100/100 | PR6) A very good advertising network that approves almost any website provided it is not “flagged” as spam. It is also an alternative for blogger users as some of the “other” competitors do not allow, unless you have your own domain name. One advantage of AdvertiseSpace, compared to other networks is that they have a referral program where you can receive 10% commission for every affiliate or advertiser you refer. Their drawback still remains on the lack of stats and poor reporting capabilities, which is really very annoying. Anyway, they are reliable and always pays promptly via PayPal (no complains). (WOT: Excellent | Webutation: 100/100 | PR5) Launched recently, Puxee is aiming to become one of the advertising network of choice for bloggers and advertisers. Very similar to BuySellAds, Puxee makes the process of buying and selling ad spaces simple by bridging the gap between publishers and advertisers. One of the main advantages to jump into Puxee right now is because it is just a little over two weeks old since they launched and the approval process is not only very quick, the requirements are not so strict (yet). The sooner you give them the opportunity, the better. For a certain period of time, you get featured on their main pages, thus easier for advertisers to see you. You earn 75% of the revenues and get paid via PayPal. WOT: Not Yet Rated (but marked safe by Google) | Webutation: 80/100 | PR0)

There you have it. These are my suggestions for now, considering my experience with them and based on their reputation. With the exception of Puxee, although I am taking them for a test drive, I highly recommend for you to use these networks first, should you decide to monetize your website via selling available ad spaces. Please note that this post covers only banner advertising networks and not “others”, such as Google’s Affiliate Network.

Have you used these networks before? Like them? Do you know of other advertising networks similar to the above that are worthwhile being recommended? I obviously do not know of all of them, so I’m counting on you to fill in the gap.

UPDATE: Got a comment for Andreas of Linknami today and although I do not have experience with them (yet), I decided to check them out. So far, they have the “reputation” required, so, as soon as I find out more (already signed up), I’ll make sure to share with you guys my experience with them.


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42 thoughts on “Use Only Reputable Advertising Networks To Sell Your Ad Spaces

  • Hi DiTesco

    Thanks for your recommendations. You are speaking from your own experience so that makes a difference. Makes it more real. Your ads don’t overwhelm your site like on some blogs.

    At the moment I don’t have ads on my site. Still thinking about if I will or not. I would want them to be related to my blog or at least to things that would assist bloggers. Maybe later when my blog is more established.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia. All in due time, isn’t it 🙂 It took me a while before I finally “found” which networks to choose when I decided to sell ad spaces. And you are right, it even feels better when you are recommending something you have a personal experience with. Makes all the difference 😉

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Those are really the good ones out there. AdvertiseSpace seem to approve blogs much more easier than buy sell ads. I don’t have the intention to sell any ads space yet as i think there is some criteria to meet if you want to attract advertisers.

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge.


    • Hi Lye. Yes, AdvertiseSpace has an approval process that is easier that BSA. Actually, I don’t think there is an Ad network more strict than BSA. As for the criteria, I don’t think that there is any specific, aside from having a good blog and not being considered as too spammy. Other than that, it is how you set the price of your ads and how compelling you write your description on these ad networks that sets the criteria.

  • I’ve outgrown advertisers for my personal blog but will consider them for my business blog…thanks for the suggestions!

    • Hi Barbara, I understand that you have a different approach as you have your own products and business to sell 🙂 In other blogs you might have, the suggestion could be easily implemented and would not collide with your main objectives.

  • Another ad network for blogs is, 80% payout, payment on demand. Additionally to fixed-monthly site-wide ads you can sell advertising spaces on individual pages only, which can generate more money for bloggers who post high quality content than with site-wide ads.

    • Hi Andreas. Thanks for dropping by. I know about Linknami for a while now and the only reason why I have not included it (yet) here is because I have no experience with the network. Now that you have reminded me of it, I will quickly remedy that situation. Will also go for a test drive and see how it goes. I have to admit that the “almost” everything being monetizable is very appealing 🙂

  • The ads sites you have listed are the ones I tell my clients to focus because of the trust factor..their are more..and one that contacted me this more about using their you just have to do your own research and go with what fits you..

    • Hi Coleman. Could not agree with you more. The suggestion I make here are the end result of a lot of research and personal experience so it s easier to recommend them to everyone. Trust factor is gaining momentum as I thing it is a way to filter out the good from the bad. It might not be totally accurate but it helps.

  • I’ve been trying to get accepted for since forever but they keep sayin my blog is too spammy for their network. 😀

    • Having looked at your blog I can say that you would gain approval to

    • Hi Dean. Looks like you are good with David (Puxee), so take advantage and give it a go 🙂

      As for BSA, I know they can be very complicated and if I were you, I’ll rest on it for a while and some 30 -60 days from now, to give them another go. Been to your website and nothing there seems to be “spammy” looking to me. Your WOT and webutaion rocks, so not sure why. Maybe it is an “insider” job, lol. Good luck!

  • I noticed you didn’t put text-link-ads as an option in your list. Have you had any experiences using TLA before? Just considering for myself at the moment which ad network to try.

    • Hi Ryan. Yeah! Of course I have “good” experience with text-link-ads and in particular with TLA (for text links – not banner ads). I totally recommend it if you want to go and try that route too. I have not mentioned it here as this post was specifically for “banner” advertising only and TLA, although they provide the service, is something more than that (like Linknami). Hope I clarified that one for you 😉

  • Puxee are still a new company but we have big ambitions!

    We want to work closely with our publishers and advertisers to ensure that both parties are getting a good deal.

    We love to see feedback like this, thanks.

    • Hi David. good to see you here and “vouching” for you services 🙂 I’m sure that it is just a matter of time until you achieve you set goals and hopefully within the process, I will benefit from it too ;-). Puxee looks very interesting and I like the interface, clean, easy to use and “grandma friendly”, lol. I wish you all success and your endeavor and if there is anything I can be of additional help with, please let me know.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    I have wondered how effective ads really are. I know almost everyone is displaying them, but I don’t even really see them. So if I ignore them, I’m guessing most everyone does.

    But I could be wrong about that. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to run ads until there is enough traffic for the “numbers game” to begin working.

    Thanks for the rundown, it’s something to think about.


    • Hi Rick. The type of ads I am talking about here is selling “virtual real estate”. It’s not your product, your services or any other type of affiliate link for that matter. It is a space you provide, sort of like renting an outdoor “billboard” for anyone to use.

      Most of the time, these type of ads are only for “brand awareness” and not specifically for “selling” anything. Obviously if it converts to that, all the better 🙂 I like to say that it is “cause and effect” scenario. One person clicks an ad, likes it, maybe talks about it and then another, another, and bam… the chain rolls or the “domino effect” initiates. Advertisers tend to “publicize” their brands rather than anything else and we are here to help them do that 😉 One of the things they want is to gain exposure and visibility, and advertising via this medium is one form of doing that.

      Are ads effective? Yes, but it all depends on how effective a campaign is managed. From an advertisers point of view, they would probably think that it is effective, otherwise they won’t be doing it. Remember the 80/20 rule? It also applies here. If of 100 visitors, 5 or so, clicks on an ad, it is already considered a good campaign. True that you, as well as many (including me), tend to ignore ads specially when we are visiting “someone’s” website that we are a regular of. But, that’s not always the case. I would probably click on an ad that really “calls” my attention. You know, great creative, good “call to action”, relevant to my interest, and etc.

      Whew, just my additional two cents, lol.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    I already use and they have been great. But I hear what you say about making sure they are reputable to ensure quality and relevant ads.

    As for, just recently signed up for an account. Haven’t placed an ad yet, although planning on it soon. I trust David’s work, so I have no doubt Puxee will prove to be a reliable and worth-while service to use.

    Heard of, although never really inquired into them. Will have to check them out … just because. 😉

    Thanks for the recommendations! You always share some awesome stuff!

    • Glad you trust me Michele.

      If you get any problems whilst using our service, you know how to contact me.

    • Hi Michele. I’m with you on David. Bumped into him several times already 🙂 Hence one of the reasons, why I think it is worthwhile jumping in Puxee now, than later, haha. Advertise space is great and I have had some good things going, but so far (all due respect to Puxee and AdSpace), BSA has been the one that has been providing me with a steady flow of passive income (+/- $300+ monthly) not only here, but on all other qualified websites I have. The “key” criteria is what I have mentioned to Lye.

      Anyway, I’m surprised you have not heard of them yet. You should also give them a try (I vouch for them 100%). I think your website qualifies and if for some “stupid” reason you get a negative response, let me know. I know of another way, to go around that 🙂

      • LOL…there goes that Ninja move I love! 😉

        Will definitely give them a both a shot and hopefully I won’t have to take you up on your offer… we’ll see. 🙂

        Thanks DiTesco!

  • Hi DiTesco! I recently have tried buysellads but was denied. They reasoned low monthly visitors. I will try AdvertiseSpace then Puxee, and see if they are less stringent on their approval process. Many Thanks !

    • Hi Claire. Just visited your website and “in principle” I really do not see why you got denied by BSA. Maybe you need those “numbers” crunching (Alexa, PR, RSS, Twitter Followers, Yahoo Links, etc).

      As for Puxee and AdvertiseSpace, give them a go. I think you might just make it. Good luck and let me know if you got in 😉

  • I use BSA on my primary blog and AdvertiseSpace on my smaller blogs which BSA rejected for not having enough traffic. I am surprised you didn’t list OIOPublisher which has a 90 / 100 WOT rating currently.

    • Hi Justin. No special reason why I have not listed OIOPublisher. Believe it or not, I have never used them before, hence the reason why it is not here. If I find the spare time, I will go there and see what they got (heard only good things about it) and maybe give it a go. Never know…

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well with you.

      And, BTW, your comment just gave me an excellent idea for another post 😉 Thanks, I’ll leave the suspense in due time to be revealed, haha

      • I haven’t used OIOPublisher either, I like that you keep 100% of the sale but you pay for the plugin which includes listing in their marketplace. Their marketplace is okay, not nearly as informational as BSA but on par with AdvertiseSpace. I did a lot of research into but haven’t used it.

        • OOhh! That was one of the other reasons (paying for the plugin) I have not yet plunged myself using OIO. I don’t have anything against paying for a plugin but I prefer them free 🙂 Just Kidding. Maybe one of these days, I’ll check it out.

  • Hi DT,

    This is an important point that should be taken seriously by any online entrepreneur.

    Any ad on your blog has YOUR signature on it, whether you pen one or not. We filter by associating. Even if you have a good reputation chances are it will take a hit if your ad space contains some less than worthy pitches.

    Your blog is your most treasured piece of virtual real estate. Take the time to make sure any ad being posted on your blog originates from a trusted source.

    Thanks for sharing the list and your insight DT.


    • Ryan, I could have just waited for your comment to write the post 🙂 You said it all and one that really called my attention is “we filter by associating”, sort of like “tell me whom you are with, and I’ll tell you who you are”, lol. Thanks for the great feedback, love it.

  • Advertising Space seem like a good one, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • That is something we sometimes ignore because we are just thinkng about making money but we must always remember that our blog is our brand and we need to protect it

    • HI Gary. Indeed, and I have to admit that in the beginning I too was guilty as charged. I guess that this is one of those things that we learn during our journey. Good thing is that one in a while someone reminds us of its importance 😉

  • Another quality post DiTesco!
    I never even knew that such sites existed!
    I’ve signed up at ButSellAds & submitted my website. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they accept it 🙂

  • I am also hesitant in buying/selling ads for my blog, do you think it would really be worth it and will I be able to choose which ads I would like to appear on the site?

    • Hi Lucy. I think if you are monetizing your site and if you don’t have any problems with running ads from competitors (you might have your own), then it is something definitely worth looking at. The above suggestions all give you the possibility to either pre-approve ads or be informed to approve it prior to being displayed. I use the second option as I like first to see the creatives and where the ads are pointing at. Good practice 🙂

  • Hi ditesco, do you still monitor on advertisespace? I’m still have their ad code on my blog, but it seems they not really active anymore, their twitter account seems off for long time (, even the their blog is down (, I’m thinking to remove their ad space

    • Hi Aditia. That’s interesting because I just got paid recently. Normally that would be an indication that they are still live. However, I’m going to look around and see what I can find out. The owner might be just in a Hiatus 🙂 Thanks for letting me know

  • Hi
    I have an outdoor traveling billboard business that I would love to enable more experienced sales people to see and get involved
    Do you have suggestions?

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