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Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great week.

This week, what called my attention more, aside from the Gadaffi issue, which I prefer not to elaborate, was Wall Street Journal’s report about yet another attempt from Microsoft to acquire Yahoo. You all know that in 2008, Microsoft launch an unsolicited US$44.6-billion mega takeover bid for Yahoo. Such bid was rejected by Yahoo! founder and CEO at the time, Jerry Yang (WTF?). Since, Yahoo!’s shares have lost nearly 44% in value and should Microsoft be successful this time, that would be an awesome discount 🙂 Or, they are just lucky. What do you think? Do you feel that Microsoft will succeed this time and if they do, what will that add to users experience? Lot of questions, really. We’ll see.

Another noteworthy news is Bing saying that they are still using meta keyword tags as ranking signals. Thing is that they are using it to identify spammers, and not to improve rankings. So, if you are using meta keywords, you might want to read SearchEngineLand’s post about it.

As usual, in no particular order:

Blogging/Online Business

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Social Web/Other Stuff

How does Google determine page speed?

Google is really obsessed with speed, as should you. In case you missed it, here’s one (free) proven way to increase your WordPress site speed dramatically.

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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10 thoughts on “Speedlink V40/2011, SEO, Social Web, Blogging, Bing And Microsoft

  • The Yahoo/Microsoft issue is a good one, At some point Yahoo has to give in. After all what else are they going to do. The bigger question is can microsoft/bing and yahoo together ever make something that can even come close to challenging Google. That is what I am waiting to see. (Somehow I doubt it. If Google is ever taken over, it will be by some company with new tech that non of us have heard of yet.)

    Anyhow, Thanks for including my link here.

    Looks like some good articles. I am certainly going to check out the one about metatags, because of course you can use them and not “abuse” them and I wonder if you can still be unjustly singled out of you do.

    • Hi Steve. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts about Yahoo! Yahoo is still an interesting company as they do have a pretty good international based business. they do own 40+% of Alibaba group. Which BTW, appears to also be interested in buying Yahoo. Now all this gets confusing as it appears that Google too in on the race. Doubt it will ever get approved though.. We’ll see

  • Francisco Thanks for adding my link man.. I Appreciate that. Some great posts here.. I’ll be busy haha

    I watched that Google vid last week,, great info.

    • John. You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by mate. Always good to see you around 🙂

  • Microsoft taking over Yahoo . Will not make a dent in Google’s dominance. I was never a fan of the Yahoo search engine. I had a blog log account. Which Yahoo have now scrapped. I thought Yahoo pipes was interesting. And I have a Yahoo email account. That I think is better than Google mail. In terms of reliability.

    • Hi Paul. I hear you on Yahoo’s getting of a lot of properties. I actually started with MyBlogLog and was surprised to see that they ditched it. go figure..

  • “Only one in one hundred sites are affected by site speed”

    This makes sense with anecdotal experience. Few of my sites are blazing fast (a couple are), but I haven’t noticed any real issue with traffic from search one way or another. It might be affecting bounce rate or time on sight, haven’t checked for correlation on those.

    Don’t be surprised to see me a little more often for a while. I’m finding my time for blogging comes and goes, but that’s ok, it’s gonna work out well in the end.

    • Hi Dave. What’s up my friend. Really good to see you here. Anyway, I agree with you. Fr now I think that site speed affects more the users and consequently the bounce rate of a website. I for one do not really have that much patience in waiting for a site to load, unless I know the owner of it and really want to see what he/she is up to 🙂

  • Kind of crazy for Microsoft to spend that kind of money on Yahoo. I doubt it would bring about anything much better. Yahoo and Bing/MSN are both kind of boring. Their news is alright sometimes, but nothing exciting in new technology or popularity. Ever since Yahoo search went to powered by Bing the results are not as good as they used to be. Microsoft should save their money or spend it on something else.

    • Hi Ray. We will really never figure out what this big guns are after when it comes to Yahoo. I see what you mean about MS spending that much money on Yahoo. I’m sure that it is worth the effort for them. After all, this will be their second attempt and we are talking billions… Something to think about 🙂

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