A Blogging Community That Pays Off: Blog Engage

blogengageLiterally speaking, but first, a small introduction is warranted. Brian the founder and owner of BlogEngage, has been doing an excellent job on his website. If you still do not know or have not used BlogEngage (BE for short) before, then I really think you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Let’s run by them real quick.

What are you missing by not using BE? You are missing out:
* A Chance to build your community and network of friends
* A Chance to let a growing community of serious bloggers know about you
* A Chance to get your blog noticed
* A Chance to find excellent sources of information
* A Chance to drive more quality traffic to your websites
* A Chance to get dofollow backlinks (good juice:)
* And many more..
Oh! and Yes, a chance to make money online too.

Now that I got (hopefully) your attention about the opportunities you are missing out, let me tell you a little bit more about the money making opportunity that Brian has recently introduced. BE now has a revenue sharing program with Google’s AdSense Program. When creating your BE profile, you will have a spot where you can place your AdSense pub-xxxx number and immediately after that, all articles that you submit and viewed by others will give you the chance to earn 50% of AdSense clicks that are generated. Brian goes further by giving you the chance to increase this percentage to 75% and 100% (cool). Where else can you promote your blog, your articles and at the same time, give you the possibility of making money?

How does Blog Engage work?
Basically you submit links of articles to BE and engaged bloggers get to vote for them up or down. The more “up” votes you get, the closer you get pushed to the front page and when this happens, rest assured that it is instant traffic. It does not get any simpler than this. Go claim your profile now and be part of a serious community that literally, pays off:)

Heard of BlogEngage before? What do think about it? Share your experience and thoughts here with us.

BTW, have you seen the new BE button below? Why don’t you give it a try by voting for this awesome post right now, lol (have to be registered first).


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