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The world of project management is closed for us, ordinary people. Even if you visit a website for any online collaboration software and try to read it, you will probably understand nothing. Hence, why we decided to reveal this mystery a bit to those that have little or no knowledge about it.

Issue tracking software was first used by software developers. This was due to the specific of this work: each product had bugs, while being constructed, so that all the team is working on finding those bugs and fixing them. The more coordinated the team work is, the better the final product will be.

The communication of all team members upon bug fixing was lead in bug tracking systems. Later those systems started to be used in other activity fields, first of all in CRM and support. Here they already go by the name of issue trackers. And, at last, the advantages of the tracking systems started to be visible to other industries professionals. The demand stimulates the offer and finally different developers teams started to come up to the market with issue tracking software.

collaboration cycleNowadays the last generation issue tracking software is software that enables to create working process where each member of the team has voice. A team works upon tasks that are aimed at getting specific outcome on time. Usually this is lots of discussions, talks, mails, meetings. And what to do if members of the team are in different countries? This informational flow related to each task becomes a mess. It creates tones of work about work, trying to figure out what email is related to what or trying to find all the emails and files related to one project or task.

An issue tracking software makes it possible to create a task and then lead all the discussion around this task in a single application. Members of a working team exchange mails, bring corrections to the task, attach files and see the task progress. Cloud solutions store information on the server and it’s available to each team member at any time through the web application. Thus if you have a team, weather it is a small free-lance team or a department of an enterprise, you can make communication easier and get all the relevant information kept in one place and available to anyone at any moment when you use up-to-date issue tracking software.

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[note]AnastasiaAnastasia Chumakova: An online marketing manager and a blogger. She’s specialized in writing about issue tracking, task management and project management software. Her favorite PM method is agile and she prefers outcome-oriented approach. She thinks that the value of project management software is underestimated and puts efforts into making its use more popular.[/note]

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4 thoughts on “Issue Tracking Software For Noobs

  • Hi Anastasia, thanks for the interesting article. I love the idea of tracking software, especially if you’re working in large groups out of remote locations. There’s always the worry they you might be doing duplicate work or maybe even re doing something that was already finalized. Definitely an interesting tool for small business with a lower budget looking to maintain productivity and project organization.

    • Hi Brian. I agree with you. These type of tools are really great to get yourself organized. As it so seems, the popularity of them are not as it is suppose to be as there are still some that do not understand well how they work. I guess it really depends a lot on ones needs 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my friend

    • Thank you for noticing my article, Brian, and for considering it useful. I will go check up your article and probably we could work together later.

  • This is pretty useful, and it can be applied to almost any project. Not just for bug fixing! I’m not sure if you’re familiar with “Do” but it’s an online task manager type application where you can collaborate with others on a project. You can assign tasks to specific people, get reminders, ect. I’m currently using it myself right now, but was looking to get some freelance/outsourcers for a project and plan on using this to organize things!

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