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Hi everyone! Aside from Google+, and FaceBook announcing it super awesome, innovative, Skype powered video chat (right), what else is new? I’m sure there are a lot, but frankly, the buzz has been basically centered in the social arena, primarily Google+, which is understandable. The “invite only” approach appears to be working… What do you think?

Another noteworthy news is WPJ’s (WordPress Junkies) launch of its new, awesome, rockin’ 62 WordPress Plugins, You Should Know About… If you haven’t heard about that, just click on the link 🙂

As usual, in no particular order:



Social Web/WordPress Community

Why aren’t the Google Toolbar PageRank values updated more often?

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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12 thoughts on “Speedlink V25/2011, SEO, WordPress Plugins, Online Business, Social Web

  • Interesting links. I watched Matt’s video before you (I think this is probably the first video of Matt I’m watching before you LOL).

    Loved Kristi’s post on Google+guide 🙂

    • LOL, Jane. Now how is that possible, watching Matt’s video before me 🙂 I though I had a direct line from him, lol.. Oh well…

      As for Kristi’s post, I agree. That got a lot of +1s..

      Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your weekend

  • Hi DiTesco,

    OK, just spent the last 45 minutes reading some of the articles you have listed here. Gotta get back to work! LOL

    Great list. Lots of Google+ ones of course. And that Entrepreneur video is pretty damn cool 😉 … just kidding (thanks btw!)

    The video by Andy Bailey surprised me the most. Very well put together. Definitely inspired me to get back over there and start submitting some articles!

    Thanks again my dear.

    • Haha, 45 minutes? I never seem to cease “stealing” your time, lol… The Entrepreneur video is really very inspiring and well put together. Believed it or not, I watched it again, and again, it gave me “goose” bumps… The message is something else.. thumbs up on that

      And yeah, Andy’s video is great. Not your normal “self” though, very professional, even the voice, lol.

  • Google is going to make its re-entrance into social networking, with Google Plus (Google+ or gPlus). There is no doubt that, it will take over facebook very soon, as facebook took over mySpace.

    • Hi Zarah. That’s very inspiring for Google, I am sure. Let’s see how Google+ will play along. I do like it very much 😉

  • I think the facebook skype thing was kind of expected. I can’t believe they hyped it up so much. I know there are a lot of skype fans out there, but I never thought it was that great or anything that special. Google may have 1 up on facebook if there video feature is solid.

    • Hi Ray. Yeah! I think that FB had to “hype” something and some sort of “counter measure” due to Google+ being dominant in the tabloids. I think it was not the right timing, but that’s my opinion…

      Thanks for stopping by

  • Some excellent posts this week! 🙂

  • Many thanks for including the Guest Post on Blazing Minds, much appreciated, I’m off to read some of the articles I’ve missed 😉

    • Hi Karen. you are welcome. That’s post is great and it is my kinda thing 😉

      enjoy the rest of your weekend

  • Great collection of links. I like the video of Matt Cutts regarding the Toolbar Pagerank explanation because I know a lot of bloggers who are curious why their pagerank update takes too long. Thankfully I can just send them to that video of Matt Cutts

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