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Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great and productive week. Unfortunately can’t say that my week was that productive as my internet connection was not cooperating very well, due to an upgrade in services I requested. In addition, my favorite Twitter App (Hootsuite) is not working properly, this after upgrading my browser to version 3.6.17 of FireFox. Apparently, Hootsuite has an issue with this FF version and all I know is that they are working on a fix for it (hopefully soon). If you are experiencing the same problem, now you know 🙂

As usual, in no particular order:


Blogging/Social Web

  • Check out the new Facebook Send button!
  • How to Add Facebook Comments to Thesis Theme
  • 20 Ways to Tell If You Are Suffering From Google Addiction
  • 2 Blogging Myths: Traffic Measures Success and Content Is King
  • 11 Incredibly Simple Tips To Spice Up Your Blog
  • A Rookie’s Guide to Writing Kick-Ass Comments
  • The Power Of Social Networking: Have to Read it to Believe It!

Online Business/Marketing

WordPress Junkies Pop Of The Week

  • Using the new Facebook ‘Send’ button with WordPress
  • How To Add Your Optin Box Into Your Sidebar.php
  • Premium WordPress themes VS free

Do URL shorteners pass anchor text?

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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10 thoughts on “Speedlink V15/2011, URL Shorteners, Blogging, SEO, Social Web

  • I’m surprised URL shorteners are still as alive as they are. So many people hate using them for the obvious fact of not seeing what’s behind it first.

    • So true Dennis, and this is why my favorite Twitter app is Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows me to see the original source of the link first, thus knowing at the very least where it is taking me. Obviously I only do this from people I don’t know very well 🙂 I guess Matt can not undervalue too much shorteners because Google has their own, so it is somewhat surprising actually.

  • Google not only not caring about hidden links, but producing them themselves…irony?

  • Interesting Video Ditesco and a very good question post to matt back to the post lots of info to soak up so i better get started. Thanks for the heads bro and your support.

    • Hi Gary. LOL, I hear you. There are just so many great info out there that it is very difficult to narrow them down to my top picks. Obviously there are more, but these should be enough or I will create an “information overload”, haha. Thanks for stopping by

  • Hi diTesco

    Thanks for the information and keeping us up with everything. Appreciated. And I’m with you in wanting to know where the link is taking me too.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia. You are welcome as always thanks for stopping by. As far as the links are concerned, yeah, without doubt I always want to know where it taking me. Had a bad experience before about it and all kinds of weird things happened. Lesson to be learned.

  • Hi Ditesco,

    Great collection of links 🙂 That’s some work for me right now to read those interesting posts. Its funny that I have a post scheduled this week which is also based on this video of Matt.


    • Hi Jane. Thanks for stopping by. Indeed, this week was again packed with interesting posts and hopefully, some of them can be of value for you.

      Looking forward to reading your post about Matt’s video 🙂 That should be great! Let me know when its up 🙂

  • Hi DiTesco – Thanks for linking to the Facebook send button article! I updated it because the original plugin I was using added the send capability.

    Thanks for vid about URL shorteners and 301 redirects!

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