Speedlink V39/2011, Google Buzz, Social Web, SEO, And Surviving The Blog

Hello everyone. How was your week? Hope all went well. Mine was pretty good, having successfully sold a website and less problems with sites being hacked. Can say it was calm 🙂

Anyway, noteworthy news this week I guess falls upon Google officially announcing to take down Google Buzz, after some 18 months since inception. Jaiku and Google Labs are other services that they will shut down by January of 2012 (Google Labs shut down last 14th). They said that they prefer to focus on products that change people’s lives, so my guess is that Google+ will be one their major objectives, which reportedly has now over 40 million users. How about that?

So what do you think about these moves by Google? Would love to hear your views.

On a side note. If you have heard about Kiesha’s “surviving the blog contest”, you may want to welcome and look at the official blogs that were set up by the teams that are part of this unique contest. Head over to CrimsonSoapBox.com and TheNextGoal.com, and see what these guys are up to. Then Kiesha would appreciate if you can take a moment of your time to vote.

Anyway, as usual, in no particular order:

Blogging/Online Business


Social Web/Other Stuff

What steps can I take to diagnose a drop in ranking?

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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7 thoughts on “Speedlink V39/2011, Google Buzz, Social Web, SEO, And Surviving The Blog

  • Hi DiTesco, I was always a fan of Google Buzz and I really think it helped Google lay the ground work for creating Google +. Let’s hope they don’t let people add Twitterfeeds and do a lot of auto-posting because this is what makes Google + unique right now.
    Thanks for the video, always good to hear these insights from the Google Spam team.

    • Hi Ileane. I totally agree with you on G+. I too hope that they don’t allow any auto posting of some kind, as it will be too noisy. I think there are other networks that already allow for that, so yeah.. right now that is what makes them somewhat unique. Thanks for stopping by

  • I love watching Matt Cutts and I always learn new thing through his videos. Thank you for sharing this one Sir.

  • Great mashup!! I was so busy this week that i couldn’t keep up with the latest posts!! Your mashup will help 😉

    btw, I love the video part of your weekly mashup 🙂

  • Thank for sharing this unique video of Matt Cutts. I can watch it whole day. Invaluable experience:)

  • Matt’s video tutorial always provide some cutting edge info and I do agree with you francisco and ileane that if google+ has that same features in twitter, then it’ll be a disaster.

  • Its said that they are taking down Google buzz, but this product has never picked up and now with Google+ there are not much use of it as you can do these things with Google+ also.

    I think it is an indication of a unique Google account home page, which might be advanced version of iGoogle, how great it would be if we log in and see all updates on every product of Google on a single page….

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