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Hello! Another week has gone by and this time it was definitely more productive for me than the previous one. Had the chance to update some of my other websites and launched a new one just to join the ramadama dingdong fun. For those of you who do not know what this means, worry not, it does not mean anything actually, lol. It is a SEO contest launched recently by SERPd.com called 2011 Ass Kicking SEO Contest. Head over there if you want to find out more and maybe also join the challenge. If you do, let me know so we can can help each other out and boost our rankings, I think that’s allowed 🙂

As usual, in no particular order:


  • How To Ignore Google And Still Get Higher Search Rankings?
  • More guidance on building high-quality sites (anti-panda)
  • 8 Completely Free Tools That Will Catapult Your Link Building Efforts
  • What’s Coming in WordPress 3.2 (Features & Screenshots)
  • Complete Guide to Easy Blog SEO for Busy Bloggers

Blogging/Social Web

Online Business/Marketing/Traffic Generation

WordPress Junkies Pop Of The Week

  • How to Automatically Backup Your WordPress Site to Dropbox
  • 5 Effective SEO WordPress Plugins
  • Customizing the WordPress ReplyMe Plugin For Better Results
  • 7 Worthwhile WordPress Plugins

Can coding errors affect how a page is indexed?

That’s it. Enjoy, have a great week ahead and if you are a mom, happy mothers day!


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13 thoughts on “Speedlink V16/2011, SEO Contest, Social Web, StumbleUpon, Panda

  • I’m curious to see how your ramadama dingdong turns out, although I have no idea why…lol

    • Hi Dennis. Yeah, I am curious too, but I do know why, haha. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday

    • Hi John. You are welcome. All the best

  • Hi Francisco,

    Excellent roundup, I’m going to see all those WP related links – so many and interesting!

    Thanks so much for mentioning my StumbleUpon article!



    • You are welcome Gera. Your article was simply great, hence why it is here, lol. Keep up the good work and all the best

  • Hi DiTesco, great round-up filled with plenty of solid posts that I seemed to have missed somehow. I need to get over to WordPress Junkies!!
    I love the way you included the Summify link for the WP 3.2 post. I really enjoy those daily Summify updates.

    Thanks for including the wonderful guest post on my blog from James Pruitt. I’m so happy to have him join my guest blogging crew.

    I’ll come back to watch Matt’s video – after I spend some time on WP Junkies.

    On another note – I remember your post on CloudFlare and I’ve been talking to them on Twitter and Facebook. I understand that they have cpanel integration with HostGator (not on Blue Host yet) so I’m considering all the options, including the possibility of changing hosts for Nikki’s fashion blog. Thanks for introducing me to CloudFlare – I heard it here first 🙂 and the buzz is getting louder all over the web.

    • Hi Ileane. Happy Mother’s day 🙂

      I know, it is easy to miss some posts specially when there are a lot of great ones out there. It seems that everyone decided to publish only 5 star articles (as you mentioned in one of your tweets).

      Yeah, I know that CloudFlare is integrated with HostGator and another one, which I do not recall right now. The fact that it is integrated makes it easier and support enhanced, although those guys at CF as top notch. You can always give it a try on Nikki’s fashion blog and see how it goes. If it does not go well, just deactivate it. Remember that using CF does not require you to change host or anything like that. Let me know how it goes.

      Enjoy your day and have a great week ahead. BTW, thanks for dropping by at ramadama dingdong. You rock! Did you hear the song that I just published there, lol.

  • Great collection of some nice posts around the blogsphere… Few are old for me but gonna check all those left yet. Thanks 🙂

  • Thanks for showing my post on Kristi’s blog some love,. I really appreciate it.

  • Thanks for including my link Francisco

    LMAO only you know who I am at this point 😉

    • Haha, going banana today… in need for more swamp A$$ SEOing, lol. Take care my friend

  • I’m taking part in the SEO Idol contest, which looks to be pretty competitive (if you google the keyword we’re supposed to rank for, you get over 800,000 results), so it should be interesting…

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