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Hi everyone! This week, all the buzz has been basically surrounded (no pun intended) with Google’s brand new Google+ Project. Although it is very new, I was fortunate enough to get some invites from friends that allowed me (+DiTesco) to have quick access to the service and mind you I do not reside in the US (thank you all). So that’s that for the roll out not being international. So far I have to admit that I like what I see, and among other things, I think it is really very easy to use. Got my “circles” all neatly organized :). If you are already a Google+ user, what are your first impressions?

On a side note, an due to G+, this week I have two videos, instead of the normal “one” Webmaster video. The second video, shared by +Ileane and +Neesa, is simply hilarious and a must see (PG Rated). It is Hitler’s rants about Facebook and Google+. Please note that no offense is intended here, this is just a joke…

Anyway, in no particular order.

Blogging/Online Business


Social Web

Should I add nofollow to banner ads?

Hitler Rants About Facebook and Google Plus

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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17 thoughts on “Speedlink V24/2011, Google+, SEO, Online Business, Blogging

  • Hi Francisco,

    I’m running behind these past weeks from important articles / news – I was moving and hate that!

    I couldn’t try yet the G+ invitations, now they are over, and more for non-US residents.
    I’ve seen lot of buzz with new Google “Facebook” will see this new service. Visiting these special videos and articles…and the social web ones!

    Enjoy a great weekend 🙂


    • Hi Gera. I hope you are over your “moving” stuff… I hate that too and most likely everyone does 🙂

      Anyway, with the exception of the Google+ project, there was no big loss this week, that you can not recover from easily, haha.

      thanks for stopping by

  • DiTesco, I’m thoroughly enjoying Google+ and learning my way around the interface. I hear that Facebook has some “really big” announcement coming next week but somehow I can’t imagine what they can come up with to top this. Google + is really cool.

    The Hitler parody is hilarious as always!

    Each time I listen to one of Matt’s videos I feel like I’m the only one who catches on to something subtle that others might miss. This time for me it was that he didn’t appear to have any problem with the fact that people are selling links. It’s funny how we can sometimes get turned around because I always hear people saying that Google doesn’t like paid links but clearly he is even giving advice for how use them the right way. That’s why it’s such a great idea that you put his videos in Speedlink every week. I always tell people if they want to get educated about SEO – this is the place to do so!
    Thanks, great job as always!

    • Hi Ileane. Yeah, I having so much fun on G+ too that even with the “buzz” about FB does not give me that much of a turn on. BTW, the “something big” is rumored to be FB launching video chat powered by Skype. As you know Microsoft recently bought Skype and they have a pretty good stake on FB. Let’s see… The irony of this whole social media thing is that everyone s talking about Google+ being FB lke, but the post above from Engineers of Fb trying to dub G+ circles proves that Google is on to something…

      As for Matts Video, you are right Ileane and it takes a “sharp eye” to understand the message (there is always one)… You hit on it spot on.. Just tag a paid link “nofollow” and you are good to go. Thanks for stopping by.. have a great weekend

      • Franciso,

        I don’t see what is special about FB launching video chat? Don’t we have it already in Gtalk and Gmail chat?


  • Thanks for these links DiTesco. I haven’t heard much about Google + but it sounds interesting. I just hope can compete against Facebook. Anyway, I’m going to check out some of the blogging/online business websites now. Have a nice weekend.

  • You know I still don’t know what I feel about Google +1. I read a really interesting blog yesterday that said that it was a little bit like the ‘like’ button on Facebook and that it would be very good for the blogging world in the sense that it would be really easy to promote blogs and would be much more affective than Facebook as a promotion tool. I think I agree but not completely, I’ll wait till I’ve used it for a few months and then I’ll come back with my verdict!

  • Great video you have here DiTesco. I like how HITLER rants about it LOL. I am still on my moment of testing and playing around Google +.

  • Haha, I’m going to have to read up on how to manage online anger. Seems like it’s going to be an interesting one.

    And the 39 tips on Google+… perfect timing! I’m going to have to time myself. I spent WAY to much time on it yesterday. 😉

    Great list as always. Won’t get to read them all, but as usual get my weekly video, Matt Cutts, fix. 😀

    Thanks for including me DiTesco. You are too awesome.


    • Hi Michele. You seemed to have picked the “right” choices to read… LOL

      Welcome on your awesome post, it is a must read 😉 As for G+, I hear you.. I probably did the same thing, spend way too much time on it… I had some fun though, figuring how things work 🙂

  • I always hear about this google+1 but still, i am not able to use it… Maybe because I am not familiar with the features of it…Anyway, thanks for posting it…

  • Well now maybe the heat is on with Facebook. Who knows, I have a feeling we might see a bit more competition between the two. Anyone know if Google Plus has gone public or when it will? I thought I read something about it being open now, but haven’t had the opportunity to check that. Google seems to be big with the webmaster/site owner world, where Facebook seems catered to the average person. If Google can target the average person rather than the webmaster techie they might do alright. I will definitely be watching this to see what becomes of it.

    • Hi Ray. Not sure if G+ is now open (don’t think so), but the invitation process is actually easier than that of the previous “wave”. Anyway, from what I can see right now, I believe that G+ may just “grab” a good portion of users, in particular those that are somewhat bored or tired or “other” networks. We’ll see how this plays along 🙂

  • Thank you for mentioning my up coming ebook Di, I appreciate it.

    • You are welcome John. Let us know as soon as it goes live.. I am dying to take a peek at it 🙂 thanks for stopping by and hope your “dusting” is going well

  • Awesome videos.I never miss any of Matt Cutts. I think Google + will give full competition to Facebook and also threat to Flickr.After launched by Google the first day response was outstanding and immediately Google shut down the service…..

  • Thanks for the great list 🙂 And I was laughing like a lunatic, when I watched the Hitler rant video. Very very hilarious and you made my evening.


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