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Hi everyone. This week was marked by the huge success of LinkedIn’s IPO. LinkedIn is probably one of the few social networks with a growing community of 100 million plus professionals, and if you are not yet a member of this community, you should seriously consider being a part of it as this is not your traditional social network. In this week’s SpeedLink, there is an article which I particularly draw your attention upon, should you wish to know more about LinkedIn and, how they can drive traffic to your website.

Anyway, in no particular order:

Blogging/Online Business


Social Web

  • How Using Twitter Lists Can Help Your Business
  • Why I Share What I Share
  • Twitter Addiction [Infographic] | Morning of a Twitter Addict (are you one? – very funny)
  • Why Are You Concerned About Alexa Rank?

WordPress Junkies Top Of The Week

  • Track Load Times Using Google’s Page Speed API
  • How to Create, Modify and Utilize Child Themes in WordPress
  • 12 extremely helpful WordPress cheatsheets

How does Google handle pages with content that changes on each page load?

That’s it! Have a great week ahead.


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25 thoughts on “Speedlink V19/2011, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Social Web, Online Business

  • Information is concise yet to the point.
    Today social networking is very important for anyone.
    Thank You!

  • Hi Ditesco,

    This week, I read very less number of blogs, since I was pretty tight with other blog projects and my research. So indeed almost 90% of the links are unread by me. I have gotta check them out. Thanks for the compilation.

    And, thanks for mentioning my guest post at another-blogger.


    • Hmmm, blog projects? Sounds like you are up to something nice 🙂 Care to give us a peak, lol. Just kidding. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • As always a great selection of articles in this weeks speedlink, may take me a little time to get through them all, but I’ve got nothing else to do tonight, so I’m off for a bit of informative reading 😉

    • HI Karen. Sorry for the delay, otherwise I would have told you watch out for that “insomnia”, LOL. Hope you had a great read and found something useful to you. All the best and a great week ahead

  • I see 4 I’m eager to read, thanks!

    What happened to subscribe to comments?

    • Hi Dennis. I took subscribe to comments off and replaced it with “reply me”. Hopefully you will get this one via email 🙂 Let me know if you do. Want to make sure it is working.. all the best

      • Receive but a little disappointed, I like to receive all of them.

  • You’re right about Linkin. I’ve just joined weeks ago and I can see lots of activities going on.

    • Thanks Alexis. LinkedIn can boost your traffic if you use it properly. Join groups with the same interest as you and feel the difference 😉

  • I’ve been a member of LinkedIn almost since the day it appeared and so far I’m really content with it. Thanks for reading suggestions. I’ve read most of the articles from your Social Web and SEO lists, but I never seen any from the Blogging/Online Business lists. I started to check them out already and I gotta say they are great. Have no idea how I could miss them.

    • Welcome Bob and thanks for taking the time to comment. Appreciate it.

  • I’ve been using Linked In for quite some time now, and I do like it. Overall though I limit the time I devote to any social networking site because I do feel that aside from a handful of joint ventures that there isn’t a direct financial gain associated with spending too much time on these sites. I know that makes me sounds like a “money grubber,” but I try to concentrate my efforts more on getting email subscribers than on building my connections on LinkedIn. Of course doing both would be nice, but there never seems to be enough time for that.

    • Hi Tina. Good to see you here 🙂 I hear you about spending too much time on social networks. I think that all of them have their pros and cons, and obviously there is some benefit in being there to build relationships, make connections and why not, find potential business opportunities. Although this is the case, I myself, do not spend too much time on LinkedIn and FaceBook and prefer Twitter to connect with people.

  • While Facebook and Twitter may hold the limelight to social media today, LinkedIn is now entering the competition, Upon browsing the internet I found out that Linkedin has 75 million members as of December 2010. This is actually an indication that it has a potential in getting more subscribers/users, actually I used LinkedIn as my online portfolio.

  • It’s easy to see the mammoth IPOs of these companies and see it as a repeat of the dot com madness of the late 90s, but I think the key difference is that both Facebook and LinkedIn have both reached profitability, unlike any of the failed dot com companies of the 90s.

    • Hi Alex. I agree with you, although I am not sure that the valuation given to both these companies are adequate. They do have a lot of revenue potential and despite being profitable, their valuation still needs to be justified in the long run. Let’s hope they stay here with us for a long time 😉

  • LinkedIn is set apart from the rest of the social media sites in that people primarily use it for professional reasons like networking and business help instead of purely just for socializing like Facebook and Twitter. I was surprised to see LinkedIn go public this early and to go public before Facebook.

  • I have an account at LinkedIn but honestly, I don’t use it that much. Why? because here in our country, Philippines, LinkedIn seems to be not being use that much in terms of businesses and personal social networking stuffs. People and businesses here seems to be concentrating more into Facebook and Twitter since most of our fellow Filipinos uses those 2 sites much more than LinkedIn.

    But of course, I will enhance and leverage my LinkedIn as much as possible.

    • Hi Ron. Thanks for the heads up about the use of LinkedIn in the Philippines. Did not know that Twitter and FB where more popular.

  • Hi DiTesco, thanks for spreading my article 😉
    I believe you spend much time to collect all the articles and all of them are worth to read and full of high quality information.

    • Welcome Latief. Good to see you back and active 😉

  • Hi DiTesco

    I’m playing catchup this week. Been writing articles for a new site I hope to have up in the next week or two. All the research and writing has been enjoyable but very time consuming.

    So thanks for the roundup. Makes life easier 🙂 Have a great week and DiTesco.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia. I am with you on the “catching” up thing. Been tied up with “offline ” issues 🙂 Good to know that you are on your way to launching another site. Can’t wait to see that one. Let me know when its up. I will do as much as I can to help you give it a push. BTW, my recent article about managing multiple websites might interest you. See CommentLuv below 🙂

  • LinkedIn is truly the best social site for professionals. I have had great success with it.

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