Hello! Yet another week has gone by and I must say that it was a pretty exciting week. Our traffic generation blogging contest officially closed yesterday and the “battle” is on. You have done a lot for all the participants and now it is time for the judges to make their move. Let’s wait and see who gets the #1 spot. Good luck to all.

Other stuff worth mentioning is that WordPressJunkies.net is now open for guest bloggers or contributors. The WordPress Social Network is growing, thanks to a very supportive community. We hope that you will find the time to visit us there soon :).

As usual and in no particular order:

Social Web/Blogging

Online Business/SEO/Marketing

  • Do You Have What it Takes to be an
    Effective Leader?
  • Camera Shy? Create a Video with PowerPoint 2010
  • Fine-Tuning WordPress for SEO
  • Use Online Feedback Sources to Gain Credibility
  • Choosing the Right Product to Promote
  • Facebook Tagging: Still A Tried & True Marketing Favorite


Shameless Recap/Promotions

How would a non-optimized site outrank a site which has done SEO?

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


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8 thoughts on “Speedlink V13/2011, Traffic Generation, SEO, Social Web

  • The online feedback article was interesting. I’d like to find more sites designed for that

  • DiTesco,

    Thanks, I do enjoy this post. I like to see what you have been up to…which is a lot! I am impressed. I also like to see what you have been reading. The WordPress Essentials…WordPress Best Practices Download is invaluable. Thank you.

  • Hey DiTesco, nice speedlink as always! I watched the Matt Cutts video earlier this morning and I found it quite interesting. If you look at the comments on YouTube it really makes you wonder how different people watch the video and “take-away” opposing views. I can’t even decide for myself which side of the fence I’m on right now. Hopefully, I’ll have it figured out by the end of the day 🙂

  • I found the lawsuits article very interesting, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on Wednesday 😉

  • Another week and another great list Ditesco will browse through them as soon as i get some time Thanks for the heads up

  • Hey DiTesco,

    Thanks for the linkluv my dear. 🙂

    Very interesting video from Matt Cutts. Funny how people still think that SEO is the end all – be all of getting ranked well. Sure, it’s still important and should not be neglected, but many other factors have to be implemented as well.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing these links. Some really goes ones this week. I may have to take a day off just read them. 😉


  • Hi DiTesco

    Playing catchup and find some really good posts to now go and check on. You have been busy with all your reading. Appreciate you taking the time to share all this information with us.

    I agree with Michele that SEO is important but not the be all and do all that some make it out to be. Other important aspects we should be concentrating on too imo.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  • I’ve just recently created a Facebook page that promotes my website and this “5 Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans” is no doubt very helpful as I go about my Fanpage promotion.

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